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Follow the touch typing tutorials steps and choose the method that suits you the best: Traditional typing tutor practice a€“ learn typing with our moderated and structured touch typing tutorials and keypad tutorials. This site could well be the best electronic typing tutor I've ever seen -- it blows away Mavis Beacon and pretty much every other digital typing training I've tried in the last couple of decades. The site is all the more amazing because it's free (you can circumvent ads by paying a one-time $10 fee) and you can even skip registration if you want to (though registering gets statistics and saves your place).
Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions News provided by The Associated Press. Since the release of Rapid Typing Tutor 3.0, there have been several enhancements to the general user interface. The third button in the left pane of the Rapid Typing application lets you customize your typing exercises. Another way that you can create a course is to click on the "plus" (+) icon next to the main course text box displayed in the lower part of the left pane. After you complete your typing lesson, you can click on the second icon in the left pane of the general application (that looks like a graph) and this button will activate a statistics window that will summarize your typing results. TapTyping has a comprehensive curriculum with courses ranging from Beginner, focusing on the A through Z keys; to Advanced focusing on tough patterns, symbols, and numbers. I think that typing app is gonna help me, Im spending way too much time right now fixing typos and it’s so frustrating!! It is easy to remember where they are and the proper fingers to use, because it is simply like counting on your fingers, in reverse! Sense-lang Typing Tutor: There is more than one way to practice touch typing and become a fast and efficient touch typist.

It starts with basic lessons on the home keys and neighboring keys, then continues with capitalization, punctuation and numbers. I use about four fingers in total and I've developed my own crazy finger patterns which make me look virtually illiterate when I need to type in front of more classically trained touch typing co-workers.
The site is clean, the lessons are superb, and you can step through them in logical order (learn a row at a time, move on to punctuation, throw in numbers, then speed drills, etc) or skip around and work on whatever suits your fancy.
If becoming a better typist is one of your career-improvement goals, you can do a lot worse than TypingWeb. Dave has previously worked at Microsoft and has written about technology for a long list of magazines that include PC World and Wired.
Thanks to Ardeshir Abasi- Added support right-left interface.- Fixed bug with "Wait cursor" on the some dialog boxes. In other words, there are several features you will encounter as you use Rapid Typing Tutor 3.0 that are not explained in the User’s Guide (that you see when you click F1 while using the application). Specifically, you first create a course and then by clicking the top icon in the course (highlighted above in red) you can create lessons that designate the course. This button, when clicked, opens a dialog box that lets you create a course by typing in the name of the course. It will show the date, title characters per minute, accuracy level, and duration of the lesson. If you click on this button, a dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the present course you are using. Everything looks perfect in the iPad except the On-Screen Virtual Keyboard which seems to be a little hard for starters, hence its recommended to download the Tap Typing App which is a Typing Tutor for your ipad device.

It also includes practice lessons using poetry, prose, and problem keys, and advanced typing tests. There are also typing games, short stories and headlines to retype, and detailed reports on your progress. In the dialog box that appears, type in the lesson name and new section you want to cover and then click OK to save. You can observe your progress and spot your weaknesses so that you can re-take lessons and hone your skills.
Just above the virtual keyboard you will see a text box that shows you the lesson that you are completing.
Remember that you most likely will want to delete individual lessons from within courses but not delete courses because they potentially have many lessons you have completed, along with saved statistics and performance information. When setting up a course, simply click on the third icon in the left pane of the application’s general display. The left pane of this window shows course information and the right pane shows information about the text you will be typing, as well as properties of the text.

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