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I understand the urge to tinker, but when there are cheap and better alternatives, you really have to gauge how much of your time is worth 25 bucks. The first Oscillator will be set to a sine wave. The 2nd oscillator will also be set to a sine wave that will be pitched down an octave (-12s). To achieve a wider and smoother sound we will add in a chorus effect with an intensity set around 45%. It is possible but very complicated if you want it to work properly (or impossible depending in how many buttons you need).

If you can get your hand on a multimeter it is not hard to figure out where you need to solder.
It may not look like much on a single aspect of the project, but getting 10 dollars everywhere can make a difference at the end. You can adjust the Time Fall slider to your liking as to how quick you want your sound to decay. Keywiz looks like a very cheap option, but i would choose the gamepad version if i were you (help for SFIV, and other pc games).You could hack a gamepad (I personally hacked 2 xbox 360 controllers).

In the following tutorial I will show you how to make the keyboard sound from I Don’t Mind by Usher featuring Juicy J. And of course presets for the sound will be included!To recreate the sound we will be using Logics ES2 synthesizer.

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