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The Museum of Modern Art is located in Midtown Manhattan, on 53rd St., between 5th and 6th Ave, a few blocks south of Central Park.
MoMA has nearly 150,000 individual items and is considered one of world’s best collections of modern art masterpieces.
The number of works of art on display is so broad that a complete and detailed visit could take a day or more.
On the fifth floor there is an excellent collection of works by Picasso (Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907, Girl Before a Mirror, 1932, Three Musicians, 1921) and paintings by Miro (The Birth of the World, 1925), Dali (The Persistence of Memory, 1931), Matisse (The Piano Lesson, 1916, The Dance (I) 1909), Monet (Agapanthus, 1926), van Gogh (Starry Night, 1889), Rousseau (The Dream, 1910), Kahlo (Fulang-Chang and I, 1937-39), and others. Among the highlights, the magnificence of works such as "The Dream" by Rousseau and Picasso’s "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" and "Girl before a mirror" largely exceeded my expectations. As strange as it may be 'Minna Pamela Gilligan' I have a real sense of loyalty for my name. My Mum had this ONE mix tape that she would play over and over in the car when I was young.
Our little town has a population of 1460 people (just looked it up) a general store, Fire Station and a Train Station. I suppose some of these choices are really all encompassing and essentially apply to everyone but it's hard to think of incredibly specific things that caused huge revelations.
Now that I don't have to worry about my essay, I can solely focus on Studio work, on writing, on faffing around listening to music, on going out, on staying in, on going to Savers, on the things that I want to do.
Freedom is slippery and subjective so when it comes in an ever so small dose after you finish an essay or clock off your shift at your part time job - embrace it and really do with it what you will, so to speak.
It's funny, I knew this couple who had been together so long and were so in love that they could say things like "I'm breaking up with you" sarcastically as a joke and it was so fine, like the prospect of them ever breaking up was so ridiculous that it was reduced to mere hilarity. It's uncertain times like these when I'm particularly drawn to 'old favourite' artworks of mine, because at heart when it comes to art I'm romantic, the painters of these images are long dead and they remain unchanged in their state, making me feel the same sense of comfortable wonderment every time I see them (albeit reproduced). On second thoughts, this is a pretty disparate list - there are thousands more I'd like to post, but too much of a good thing is.. One of my favourite Janis Joplin songs is 'Get it While You Can' which has been somewhat of a mantra for me the past few days. After finishing a major work I'm always busting to start another, to try and keep that high consistent - but unfortunately I think art making is an ebb and flow, or rather a series of highs and lows that reach a peak upon the completion of a work then ease away again only to come back stronger and more urgently in the form of another idea. Just following up from my plug for this exhibition yesterday - I made this invitation to hand out around the studios. For Uni today I dressed up in an outfit I would have worn if I was meeting the President of the United States in the 1960s because the Premier of the State was coming to visit our studios. I'm currently riding the wave of a Karen Carpenter obsession after I watched this super movie last night 'Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story' directed by Todd Haynes. Gilligan Grant Gallery is at 1B Stanley St Collingwood (Just off Smith Street) and the opening goes from 6 till 8 this Friday then runs until June 25th.
After a while you do so many drawings you can hardly tell the ones that are successful from the ones that aren't any more. After 1948 Matisse was prevented from painting by ill health but, although confined to bed, he produced a number of works known as gouaches decoupees.
Matisse's daughter Mme Duthuit said that her father made many drawings of snails at this time and that the idea for this work came out of these.
I am continuing on with a series about the artists I love and who have influenced me in some way. Henri Matisse, 1869-1954, has been one of my main influences among modern artists in the use of color and in line drawing.
I first saw Matisse’s work in NYC at the Museum of Modern Art when I was a young teenager, probably around 13 or 14.
Yet another fantastic image that combines the idea of space with the flatness of pattern, color, composition and contrast.
As Matisse aged he moved into a period where his emphasis was almost purely on color, shape and composition. As Matisse neared the end of his life he was confined to both a wheelchair and to a bed at various times. I took my daughters to Europe in 2003 and made a stop at the Matisse Museum in Nice, France. Have you come across this poem by Mohja Kahf about Matisse paintings and the women in them?
Thanks Michelle, I love these artists and think everyone should have a chance to see their work.

Pierre Schneider's book is considered to be one of the best comprehensive books on Matisse. In the summer of 1905, Matisse and Derain painted together at Collioure in 'a golden light that eliminates shadows.' Using pure complementary colours applied in flat, vigorous strokes they achieved an equivalent rather than a description of light. Matisse painted Open Window, Collioure from the view out the window of his apartment in Collioure, on the southern coast of France. A detail of Collioure shows Matisse's thick luxurious paint application, with just enough detail to identify the objects.
The short dabs of paint produce a sense of rhythmic motion that accounts for the swaying masts of the boats.
The museum was established in 1929, and it has operated at its current location since 1939.
Of course, not all the collection is on display, but in any visit one may find some of the most famous and representative examples of modern and contemporary art of the western world. However, for those with little time, it is possible to focus the visit to some sections of the museum to view the most outstanding works within 2-3 hours.
In the sculpture garden there are several shallow reflecting pools and 18 sculptures by various artists, including works by Picasso (She-Goat, 1950), Maillol (The River, 1948), Miro (Moonbird, 1966), and others. Within the vast collection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, prints and films at the Museum of Modern Art there are works of exceptional complexity and sophistication, possibly more within the scope of understanding and interpretation of the initiated.
Conversely, Dali’s "The Persistence of Memory" left a bit of a want; it is a smaller and a lesser impressive painting than what I had in mind.
It was one of those days where everything and everyone has the audacity to exist around you, jiggling their legs in the corner of your eye or asking you to do things you don't want to do or just generally saying things you do not want to hear. I think I wrote about this here once before, but the significance of them in my life is incredible.
This trip was incredibly influential on me, I was made fully aware of art, of the existence of a wider world outside my little suburban haven.
This is weird and has definitely played a massive part in the kind of person I am and the kind of things that I want for myself in the future. But it's what I've been thinking about lately - ultimately I want to get up in the morning and sort of be able to choose what period of time I'm in..
This does not make for exciting blog posts so in a vain attempt to make it up to you here is a playlist I made tonight. Once again I find myself incredibly tired and inarticulate so I'm going to do anther one of these quizzes that Yalei posts on her blog. When you open the card, you see the little boy and he's saying "I SKIPPED MY PIANO LESSON", which is funny in a sense that I always try and make friends skip class with me and go to the park. I'm not necessarily talking about sex but just thinking about being young and how important it is not to take it (youth, having the world at our fingertips etc) for granted - the usual stuff y'know. I dressed for the 1950s vibes, pinning my hair and wearing my (faux) fur coat which was nice, I've been living in the 70s for a while so it felt good to be among the familiar faces of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. This doesn't mean a lot however it did get me thinking about wisdom and how one goes about getting it. You could experience everything under the sun but still not be wise, however another could live in a little house in a little town leaving only for groceries once a week and have the wisdom of a thousand elephants. I was all excited and had my hair all bee hived up to perhaps shake his hand and pretend I was actually meeting the President of the United States at the White house in the 60s but he just walked right on by us all on his way through with his little entourage holding his umbrella for him. I could hear these people coming a mile away but their bark sure was louder than their bite.
It's filmed using BARBIE DOLLS as the main characters but it's not insensitive or crass or anything it's actually brilliant and I got all teary and it's just so good. Interestingly, the first letter from each of those three words (bad, art and day) spells BAD.
I absolutely fell in love with the idea that the patterns could be equal in importance to the spatial depiction. The fauvist result is a continuous with Matisse's concern for the sensation, the emotional response to the world with a minimum of optical information about it. The objects in Matisse's paintings are important because the scene and its contents are essential to the feeling that he wanted to convey. It’s time to head to the Museum of Modern Art for a whole day of perusing famous paintings and remarkable sculptures.
In my opinion, two areas of the museum are particularly interesting, and a must for every visitor; those are the fifth floor and the sculpture garden at the ground level.

Overall, a visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York is certainly an awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience.
My Dad is a garden designer and my Mum a florist so I suppose from when I was very little I was trained to notice not only the beauty of plants, but the health, the placement, the aesthetic qualities. Obviously I'm not going to tell you where I live on my blog but it's somewhere between suburbia and and rural fringes, about an hours north of Melbourne. I have most of my books from childhood, and the music from my childhood consisted of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Counting Crows and the Indigo Girls which I still listen to today. It depends largely on your perception of people and situations and the ability of your mind to be able to categorize them and look at them objectively sort of outside yourself. If there is one person who I would just die to know what they looked like it would be her when she was young. Bad art days are when you sleep in because it's so unbearably cold outside and when you finally get up you can't for the life of you figure out an outfit you want to wear, your hair's not looking so good either (one might even say: 'bad'). When I got home I had them framed and they are great reminders of both his genius and a fantastic family adventure. When a neighbouring collector showed them some south seas pictures by Gauguin, they saw their theories of subjective colour confirmed, and fauvism was born.
It is not just an internal state of mind that his paintings communicate but rather an emotional response to the physical world, to the scene depicted. In my visit, I enjoyed seeing some personal favorite paintings that I previously knew about from books or other publications, which I was keen to see “up close and real”.
Instead I got out the sticky tape and the finger paint and did some vicious cutting, sticking and ripping to make the above works. I travel into the city everyday and I enjoy the city but I love having that distance from it. Sure, there's feelings of love and lust and excitement but really, if you're not free to do what you want to do then there's none of that. It's late and I'm tired and you know those times when you feel like every song that plays on the radio or every little comment people make is directly relational to you and your innermost private worries - including the aforementioned relationship break down of two people I don't even really know that well and what it means for all of us out there.
I feel like I among many others create some kind of illusion of being so by making broad sweeping statements with words and phrases included like 'life' and 'I think this is why'. You get to the studio at about 1.00, just in time for lunch so you waste another hour then FINALLY you pick up a texta and the result is disastrous. I drowned my sorrows in free beer and fudge at the Student Gallery opening afterward then on my way home listened to this playlist which is just generally pretty ridiculous. Matisse's painting did not evolve into the purely abstract even though he has abstracted the essence of his subject for his purpose. It's a huge expanse of land encompassing everything and anything from restaurants called 'Nancy's Diner' to the most beautiful beach houses of the Hamptons and everything in between. I mean something has gotta come from my hoarding tendencies - I have clothes from pretty much every decade in the 20th century and need occasion to wear them. I don't think anyone I know, including myself, has freedom in its entirety - which is sort of okay - perhaps it's impossible to truly be free when in amongst all these things I can do like paint and talk and dance I still have to get to work at 8.30 on the weekends. To 'get it while you can' you must engage fully with others and the world instead of just existing in your own space - you have plenty of time to do that in a hospital bed or in an old people's home or something. Thanks to my parents I live in a beautiful house with a beautiful garden that they designed and built all themselves. We're out, we're alive, healthy and able and I wanna soak up as much of the world that I can, you know, while I can. I think wisdom is an innate ability to be truly empathetic, that is, to understand why others do what they do and why they make the decisions that they make. N Lee Bakery is where I got my lunch today and I always go there and it's brilliant, on Smith Street just near my Aunty's gallery where it just so happens that I am in an exhibition, opening THIS Friday night at 6pm. I ate Oreos for breakfast and gave my pizza to a homeless man and saw my first Andy Warhol.

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