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The idea for this book comes from students who are able to play music at the piano far more complex than they are able to read from sheet music. Musicians play music, which is memorized, as well as reading through literature (sheet music) for work or pleasure.
Thus I teach all students to play complex pieces in simplified versions, or by number, or by ear, or by memory. I insist students memorize these pieces so that they can look at the piano keys, not the printed page. The reason for this is simple: beginning sheet music is necessarily boring and limited in scope.
How one gets the information for the music is irrelevant, what matters is that the player knows which keys to push when. Or, think of a driver with a road map: one consults the page and then drives, for to do both at once is a recipe for disaster. It's the same with music: what matters is that the player knows what to do, not how they have acquired the information.
Select the pieces you really want to play, and play them every day, even if you only have time to play each piece once per day. Select several songs and then alternate between them so that you don't get bored with each one. Learn the notes (which piano keys) first, regardless of fingering: learn what you must do, then find out how to do it. Strange as it may sound, think of your efforts to learn the piano as a sort of theater company.

Fingers, like actors, are difficult to control and sometimes may seem to have minds of their own. Research shows that it takes a baby more than 2000 repetitions of a simple motion to master it. Remember this baby with the cup, and be easy on yourself as you try to master the motions of the piano.
Unless you allow yourself unlimited attempts, you will not be able to master the piece you want to play. Leave the field after five minutes of play, if you must, but return again the next round just as determined as you were.
EASY CLASSICAL PIANO Sturdily bound, durable, colorful 89 page illustrated song book, and removable numbered stickers. YOURSELF PIANO This video will have you playing chords (three piano keys played with the left hand) and fun, familiar songs with both hands right away.
They learn sheet music as well, but they start by playing the great masterpieces in however humble a fashion. Learn the notes, the keys, and then memorize, and then play the piece from memory, never referring to the printed page. The great singer Pavarotti, for example, cannot read sheet music, and relies on coaches who sing and play his part until the great tenor is sure of what to do.
Mastering even a simple song requires a lot of repetition until the song and hand movements and fingering are almost beyond second nature. This is perhaps the most important tip of all: you cannot master the hand movements unless you can look at your hands, and you can't do that until you can look away from the printed page.

I can't tell you how many people have stuck it out through the first year, and begin to see results, the most happy of which is that you have a wonderful hobby for the rest of your life.
Use these divisions so that you can master each small section, and then later put these together like the squares of a quilt. The solution to this anarchy is rehearsal, or repetition, wherein each finger is made to understand their role by means of repetition. Grabbing a cup without dropping it, for example, is a task that takes many tries before it can be executed with spilling the contents. Play, don't talk, don't think, just play the section you want to play, again, and again, until you tire of it, and then come back and do it again. This fun, easy-to-understand music activity book is the best way to start children reading music.
Play only the music that you love, otherwise you won't put yourself through the work necessary to master it.
Remind yourself constantly that the printed page is absolutely irrelevant once it is memorized. The winners at learning the piano are the personification of persistence, no matter how humble their abilities.
Select small sections and then memorize each section, later stitching the sections together like squares in a quilt.

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