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Turn Your Love Of Playing Piano Into A Good Living By Becoming A Piano Teacher in your community!
Piano: Making a Living & Loving It,a€? and it includes all the tips, tricks and techniques youa€™ll need to set up your piano teaching business, starting today!
Helpful templates you can print, copy or modify as neededa€”for Assignment Sheets and Lesson Calendars, etc. If you ever see a child student becoming overwhelmed during individual lessons, these games can help make learning fun. Wea€™re so excited to get this amazing piano-teaching digital book in your hands, wea€™re offering an especially sweet deal for a very limited time. Or, for a limited time, you can order the Ebook PLUS MP3 audio files (you can listen to the book with mp3 files) for just $39. Whatever works best for you, we just want to make sure you have the chance to enjoy this amazing package of tips, tricks and techniques on how to make a good living as a successful piano teachera€”just like youa€™ve always dreamed. If you’re looking to build your piano studio, teach outside of those typical after school hours or change things up and challenge yourself, then adult piano students is your niche market to explore!  With the right approach, a keen sense of what it is your adult students want from their lessons, and the ability to continue to provide approachable and stimulating challenges for your students, you are sure to find a richly rewarding teaching experience. Use the player below to listen to today’s podcast, or check out our iTunes page to download it to your iPod.
Piano Kids Need to Know What those Ticks Mean:  Setting a metronome to tick away incessantly in the background while your piano students play, without having them understand what each tick means, will do nothing but annoy them and eventually cause them to simply tune it out. Great idea to have students move something besides their fingers to the tick of the metronome. I have found that a critical element in teaching metronome use is to start using it from day one. Private lesson students do similar activities, in addition to using the metronome with their songs. My students generally HATE the metronome… but absolutely LOVE playing with a drum loop! Pro-metronome is a great app to use…its free and now that I have an Ipad, the kids love seeing the giant metronome on my piano. I’m pretty sure they would love to practice to Petronome, which is a metronome in where you can select and play along with different animals to keep your beat in time. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Finally, from the world-leader in piano education, comes an interactive CD-ROM that teaches piano from the very beginning.
Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing.

November 2, 2015 : By TrevorToday, Andrea and I are launching (what we’ve decided to refer to as) the Second Season of the Teach Piano Today podcast.
And we also wanted to continue to build the community we have created here on the Teach Piano Today blog, bringing teachers even closer together by experimenting with a format that lets our readers have a voice (literally).
On the Teach Piano Today Helpline page, you can leave us a voice message (how fun is that!) with your pressing piano teaching questions. On future podcast episodes, we’ll lead a discussion with guest experts who will have a chance to hear your message and provide insights into your pressing piano teaching questions.
Anyone with a computer with a built-in mic (which is just about everyone) can leave us a message. Note: On the Helpline Page you are able to preview your voice message before submitting it. Previous Post: Next Post4 Responses to The Teach Piano Today Helpline Is Ready For Your Questions!
The world's most famous maker of guitars, bass, amplifiers and musical equipment is now on di-arezzo! More than 600 scores from the editions Leduc and Heugel in a 5 euro selection until October 31st! Further informationDescription:Seasoned piano educator Gail Smith offers this beginning-level piano method employing gospel, Christmas and sacred tunes.
With di-arezzo the greatest catalogue of scores online, enjoy playing music and improve your musical skills : a large choice of scores, accessories, tuition books and instruments in stock or available within a few days, always at the best price, including a fast delivery at low shipping cost all over the world !Feel free to contact our customer service, manned by professionnal musicians, if you need any guidance.
As Editor of the Clavier Companion magazine, he’s no stranger to the world of piano… or the world of adult piano students. I am just starting to teach piano after finishing my Grade 10 Royal Conservatory practical exam. I use GarageBand all the time during lessons and will just turn on one of the prerecorded drum loops – especially great for putting some hip-hop into Hanon! While we loved interviewing exciting guests with unique perspectives and stories last year, this time around we wanted to make the podcast more about you… the readers.
Then, in the comments section that follows each podcast episode, we’ll elicit responses from the Teach Piano Today community to keep the help coming. In addition to your question, you can tell us a little about yourself, a lot about yourself… or nothing about yourself at all (you don’t even have to leave your name if you don’t want to). We believe that the simple idea of actually hearing the voices of other teachers will make the piano teaching world that much smaller and that much stronger. You can simply start talking and it will record you ?? Look forward to receiving your message!

In the past 10 years, Ia€™ve been fortunate enough to teach thousands of piano players worldwide, ranging from 3 to 91 years old.
Through his uber-successful group programs at Southern Methodist University he’s had the opportunity to share his love of piano with hundreds of adult students. We look forward to hearing your question ?? We don’t know the exact posting schedule, but it will be regularly!
And, as an accomplished player for over 30 years, my DVD courses have been sold in more than 90 countries. Includes an interactive song player that let's you see exactly how each song should be played. Carefully sequenced exercises and arrangements allow the student to progress gradually from simple arrangements to more elaborate settings, gradually incorporating right and left hand fills and patterns. More importantly, through this EBook, Ia€™m fully dedicated to helping you reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible. In order to illustrate various arranging concepts, some tunes are shown in two settings-one simple, the other more complex. And now, with this exclusive package, I can show you how YOU can become a successful piano teacher, too! This is a great book to be used with or without lessons to learn the art of piano improvisation. By: Gail Smith) - God Is So Good - Halleluia - He Cares (Gail Smith) - He Is Lord - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Holy, Holy, Holy (John Dykes, Arr. By: Gail Smith) - Praise God From Whom All Blessings (Old 100th) (Thomas Ken) - Rock Of Ages (Thomas Hastings, Arr.
By: Gail Smith) - Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (William Bradbury) - Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (William Bradbury, Arr.
By: Gail Smith) - Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus (George Webb) - Standing On The Promises (R. By: Gail Smith) - The First Noel - The Just (Gail Smith) - The Lord Is My Shepherd (Gail Smith) - The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want - The Trinity (Gail Smith) - Train Up A Child (Gail Smith) - Trust (Gail Smith) - Trust And Obey (Daniel B. By: Gail Smith) - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Lowell Mason) - When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Arr.

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