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In 2001 was released Mein Herz brennt, the opening track of the Mutter album, a subtle balance of everything that Rammstein has produced best: powerful guitars, sublime orchestration and enigmatic lyrics. The artwork realized by Dirk Rudolph fits particularly well the new piano version of Mein Herz brennt, recorded with Sven Helbig: simple, strange and fascinating… "Pure pain" (Sven Helbig). During the composition of the album Mutter, Till first choosed "Sandmann" as the title of the song that was finally released under the name "Mein Herz brennt" in 2001. The main character of this novel, Nathaniel, was marked in his childhood by the lawyer Coppelius that he identifies as the Sandman and the murderer of his father. The evil beings also appear in both texts, wether they are Coppelius' owls or "schwarze Feen".
Till gives in Mein Herz brennt a very personal vision of the Sandman, which is the narrator of the text, largely inspired by Hoffmann.
We have been given the opportunity to talk with Sven Helbig, a musician and a composer who worked with Rammstein for a few years.
I wanted to take all the scary aspects away and make you feel Till?s longing and desperation. For example, for the little yodel in Roter Sand, I had to walk days thru the mountains of Appenzell [a mountainous region, ed] in Switzerland until I found a 92 years old grandfather, who still can do this old, sad yodel. As a composer, what were the difficulties and traps to avoid to make a good piano version of such a powerful and loved song? You have probably already seen the video for Mein Herz brennt (Piano version) directed by Zoran Bihac.
If you want to know more about Sven Helbig, you can visit on its official website or follow him on Facebook.
We have been given the opportunity to talk with Zoran Bihac, a German director who creates commercials and videoclips. A friend of mine who was working at the management at that time, proposed me to them… Well, to Emu [Emanuel Fialik, the former manager, until 2010, ed].
My aim was to find something that can show totalitarism, as a metaphor, and using that powerful marching-groove.
Every time we come together, a little bit, but as you know, there is also that song saying "out of sight out of mind". It is good to freeze, only then you can break the ice and improvise, which, in my opinion, is the most important in filmmaking… This project [Mein Herz brennt, ed] is the best example for it.
Does the band keep an eye on what you're doing during the video editing, or do they just check the final version?
You have to present the offline version, and it takes a while until everybody has seen it, and until they judge. Rammstein just released Videos 1995-2012 in blu-ray, but many fans are disappointed because most of the videos are not in HD. I also have my videos, I mastered them on old Betacam SP, may be one is on Digi-Betacam [better quality than Betacam SP, but still not HD, ed]. Eugenio Recuenco is very upset by this situation, as he publicly stated that Rammstein has fooled him, and a small controversy is born. Now the person, who has overpainted it, did another painting, because he liked that subject so much. After that, I learn you made a copy of the old painting, and that you still want to show it to the world. I don't know, you always can do better… It was a hard job for everybody… I don't know if any video can fulfil a Rammstein expectation.
What is interesting is that if you take the Piano version separately, as a unique video, it has a totally different meaning, don't you think?
Something in Till's eyes tells us that he's not only acting, but also expressing very personal stuff, about his artist status and the character he created for Rammstein.
All I can tell you about it, is that they are fucking real… I also asked him about it, he told me that it comes from Flake's treatment to him on stage… But he had a smile in his face… and I think I have to think of an own version, or you, or maybe better not. So between Links 2-3-4, Mein Teil, Rosenrot and the two Mein Herz brennt, what's your favourite video? It is like with children, you love all of them… but Mein Herz brennt (Piano version) is the new born. Oh I hope this as well, and if I could, I would propose them a trilogy… Let's see where our roads will lead us.

If you want to know more about Zoran Bihac and his work, you can visit his Vimeo website, or follow him on Facebook. The video was directed and shot beautifully, taking the viewer on a journey that really makes them think of a variety of different meanings. I had known of the band growing up as I had listened to quite a lot of rock and heavy metal music.
My first experience was Rammstein was truly a beautiful one… I absolutely loved being on set and communicating with everyone.
Some are born with it, some can build it and some will always be long and lean as much as they try.a€?The science behind it all basically comes down to genetics so when you next see her, kick Grandma in the shins!
The answer is two key exercises: Squats and Lunges (and all 100,000,000 variations of them!) a€?They work the front and backs of your thighs and your butt all together. Points of contact – Toes (Knees for beginners but stay stretched out long), Elbows and Fore Arms.
In addition to the traditional remixes present on each Rammstein single, the band proposes another new song, Gib mir deine Augen recorded during the Liebe ist fur alle da sessions in 2009.
Therefore, Hoffmann modifies the character of the Sandman, who terrorizes the children rather than just make them fall asleep. If Till voluntarily occults a big part of Hoffmann's story, both texts have lexical fields and topics in common.
Coppelius' shenanigans, presented as a demon, are often described as "infernal" by Nathanael. Till was also inspired by other elements of the German culture, such as "Das Sandmannchen" (The Little Sandman), a 1950s German TV show for children. I did two remixes for them before, Mann gegen Mann [Musensohn remix, ed] and Ohne dich [Sacred mix, played with a church organ, ed]. The band (through the voice of Paul Landers) has already discussed the possibility of working on a Rammstein orchestral album. He worked with many companies and artists including Turntablerocker or Beatsteaks, and of course Rammstein. In that time I had a huge success with a funny commercial, where an Asian is whipping another Asian ass. As a Saul Bass fan [an American graphist, ed] I was thinking about Spartacus (from Kubrick of course), when the romans attack the slaves, and of his film Phase IV, where ants are attacking scientists, and of Bunuel, Un chien andalou.
I told him so, but he answered with the fact of a special bird, that is making arty nests for the female birds, just to impress them… And isn't that a very good motivation for making art?
Sometimes they already know with whom they want to work, like Jonas Akerlund [director for Pussy or Mein Land, for example, ed], or Eugenio, and sometimes there's a pitch, and you have to have the right idea. They had their stuff on old Betacam SP [a non-HD video format, ed] and if you shoot in this format, then you can't get the real HD.
Eugenio Recuenco shot a first version of it, and then the band called you to finish the job. As I have seen Eugenio's photos with the band, I thought, "Man, he should make a video… He is the one". Can we hope the same thing for Mein Herz brennt in the future, as it seems there is a ton of unexploited footage?
I did not know them personally until the videoshoot, where I was introduced to the team by Eugenio Recuenco. The band wasn't fully satisfied with the first version shot be Eugenio Recuenco in December 2011.
I sensed there was a bit of language barrier, as I was the only American on set, and with the two teams being from different countries I imagine the communication must have been a bit difficult ! If your back is weak you might have rounded shoulders given the appearance of a smaller bust. In order to honour this "unexploited treasure" (Paul Landers), the band decided to release it as a single in 2012.
The text of the demo (played live once at the Knaack Klub in 2000, before the album release) tells the story of a man who kills the sandman and stole his scalp to fool children.
This inversion gave Till the idea of writing a text where a monster visits the children about to fall asleep, in order to steal their hot tears, and then inject them into his veins. He is the director of several videos of the band, such as Links 2-3-4, Mein Teil, Rosenrot or Mein Herz brennt.
Then they asked me to do a treatment for Links 2-3-4, which was difficult, because that song was controversial, even if the Rammstein position is clear in this song.

In my opinion, some of my lost pitches would have been better videos, but I will not tell which ones (laugh).
Furthermore, there was no complain at all, until he was not allowed to put his version on his website. While people were packing and undressing, we shot with Till this version, in only three takes. Till's final text is more elusive and takes root in the classic German literature, inspired by the version of the Sandman given by Ernst T. The heart too: Nathanael falls in love with Olympia, a girl who lives across the street, and feels the need to "scratch his chest" in order to defend her. These "ghosts" resemble those of Mein Herz brennt, which interfere in children's dreams, like Olympia in the spirit of Nathanael.
Ich habe euch etwas mitgebracht", an expression very close to the chorus of Mein Herz brennt. I was allowed to use the church organ between 1 and 5 am in the night, and we could not find the switch for the light.
I recorded the piano with another player, because I thought my playing would not be good enough. We organised our discussion around three main topics: general speaking, Mein Herz brennt (Explicit Version) and Mein Herz brennt (Piano Version).
I felt like this was what I was meant to be doing, and connecting with these kinds of people. The gesture is the same in Mein Herz brennt, where the monster rip off his heart from his chest. There was a meeting with Ollie and Paul, and they checked on me, I checked on them, and Emu checked on me, I checked on Emu… Then we were sure about the fact that we didn't want to see the band performing.
I know that not everybody loved it, but it opened the visual world of Rammstein, which is the most important thing. Later, there was this call, I have been asked to check the edit… I saw it and they asked me if I can change the edit. But he did not wanted it, he just wanted to be named for his footage, which, to say the truth, never is 70% of this video. As you get the money for your work, I have the fucking right to say: I don't want that someone sees that painting of my person, because it does not represent me. The funny thing is, that his makeup is just the almost wiped out makeup from the scenes before.
As we all have very busy schedules, I do keep in touch with their management team and had the pleasure of seeing them again when they were last in NYC! Hoffmann, a romantic writer and composer of the early nineteenth century, in his novel "Der Sandmann". Finally when Olympia (actually an automaton) is dismembered by its creators, the heart of Nathanael literally burns, and that lead him to madness and death.
I tried, but I couldn't, it was very beautiful scenes and pictures, but not enough for that long song.
The birth of a band, rising from flames that they have stoked… and walk away from the place where they where raised by their nightmares.
Then I asked Till to fill the words with bipolarity, show both, hate and love, fear and joy. Also, nobody told me that he did not know that the band was not happy with his video, and that they wanted to rework on it with his material. And then leaving us, the final smoke, the spirit, which happens in the same time… Because Till's solo performance [the Piano version, ed] can happen in the same time while they walk towards us. First, thinking that was enough, I added more scenes, to give Eugenio's wonderful pictures another guideline… not knowing where it will lead. Trying to hate, but with a smile, and trying to smile, with hate… Wow, what he delivered was real feelings. We wanted to do a video, like it would be his last one, the farewell of the actor to his audience.

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