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With jazz, each musician is in himself a composer telling a story straight from his heart in so personal a way that the story can never be told the same way twice.
The sheet music score of a classical piece is the complete set of instructions for recreating the feeling that the composer wishes to arouse in the listener?page after page of drama, tragedy, comedy, romance, bellows of war, crashes of thunder leaping off the page in rich, startling, impressively ornate notation. In this jazz chart for Gershwin?s ?Summertime,? notes are provided that give the basic melody. Because jazz has been so progressive, so forward-looking, it has evolved with astonishing quickness. Indeed, ?swing? as a musical term had to be around since the days of ragtime although there is virtually no reference to swing from those times except for a single song recorded in 1912 by a white singer named Elida Morris called ?The Trolley Car Swing? written by Joe Young (lyrics) and Bert Grant (music). The only thing I don?t like about the second clip is that they dressed the musicians and dancers in domestic help uniforms which is not only demeaning but completely inaccurate.
The first true jazz band to record was the Original Dixieland Jass Band in 1917 out of New Orleans (although the recordings were done in New York). There has been a charge of racism that the first jazz band to record was white and there may be some merit to the charge but from I can gather, the first jazzman offered a recording contract was a Creole of color named Freddie Keppard whom most people today would instantly identify as a black man. Art Blakeney (left), Ory (center) and Louis Armstrong pal it up backstage at the 1948 Dixieland Jubilee. By the 1920s, ragtime was an all but forgotten musical form despite the face that raggy elements still abounded in the music of the 20s.
Another type of jazz that often typifies the 20s nowadays is ?corn jazz.? Corn was popular among the younger white kids primarily the college set.
The third type of jazz in the 20s was ?swing jazz.? This should not be confused with the swing era jazz although that type of swing is an outgrowth of the 20s swing jazz.

2.This is linked to the fact that even the hottest black swing bands of that era played sweet and corn jazz as well.
Perhaps the best swing band recordings of the 20s would be Louis Armstrong?s Hot Five and Jelly Roll Morton?s Red Hot Peppers (both of which featured the incomparable Kid Ory playing tailgate trombone).
Of course the Hawaiian strain of music would meld with the jazz of that era to produce some interesting hybrids as Mr. Ive always been a fan of the 20s swing jazz, something I would enjoy looking into a little deeper. I had an idea for a thread like this last year using my own research and assignments from class and never acted on it, lol.
Thanks for taking the time and trouble to explain the birth of jass so clearly, Lord Larehip.
There are two types of music: the first type is the blues and the second type is all the other stuff. The progression of jazz from Buddy Bolden and Kid Ory to Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus was so godawful quick that it would be like classical music going from Bach to Stravinsky in the space of 50 years!
I'm a long-term fan of jazz in almost any of its styles and periods, but have never been that understanding of the earliest roots of the genre, so the your first two posts have been fascinating. This is easily the best thing that I?ve read on MB for ages, though I have to admit that so far I?ve only skimmed the text and dipped into a couple of your clips.
I've always thought that the development of jazz would have been impossible without the blues but there's a lot more to it than that. You have to register before you can post and participate in our discussions with over 70,000 other registered members.

I'm fairly well-versed on jazz from the swing era on., but I'm still really looking forward to it. It helps me with an itroduction to a genre so gopefully in a few weeks i can reply with my thoughts and opinions on music ive listened to!!!!!!!
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Today I?m going to read it all properly - and I?m already wondering what the next installment will tell us. Per its name, it must have started off as a physical component of music such as the sway of the body to a rhythm. This swaying was caused by a certain timing issue in the music called swing-feel which was linked inherently to syncopated rhythm.
In standard march meter or in classical music, a 1-2 beat was simply counted ONE-two-ONE-two-ONE-two.
Notice how 2 gets a certain emphasize that causes the even timing to become sort of ragged. It causes the body to sway and hence imparts a feeling of swinging the body…swing-feel.

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