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This description seems to fit so many teenage piano students who appear at our piano studio doors, doesn’t it?! It is our job as piano teachers to give our piano students the skills they need to succeed. Is it okay to teach these type of students a song by rote as long as note reading and theory is covered through a lesson book or the lead sheets?
We have just opened a new music school in Kenya, and your articles have given us so many great ideas to try out. I have had a couple of students like Paul and unfortunately I could not keep them engaged enough to practice. I have had 11 years old students that have learned the Suzuki method and plays songs beautifully but are so limited as they cannot read any music, do not know basic theory, and do not even know chords to play a basic lead sheet. Chords on the piano are the foundation for playing playing often requires you to to play several chords to create a rhythm pattern.
Pattern Piano and Keyboard claims to teach anyone to play the piano by ear using “rhythmic patterns”.

Continue on his quest to learn every Mumford and Sons song from memory and ignore note-reading and technique completely? Ignore his passion for pop and give him a beginners method book to give him a “proper grounding”? Spend hours combing our studio shelves for supplementary material that would suit his tastes while limping through quick explanations of the theory behind what he is playing?
By adjusting your teaching slightly to accommodate his interests and style, while maintaining his passion for piano, you’ll quickly begin to love his weekly lesson… and maybe even improve your own play-by-ear skills along the way! Teach rhythm patterns Each rhythm pattern is a group of notes that should be seen and learned as a unit.
It’s a great way to introduce note reading to someone who has previously only played by ear. Piano Lessons Online announces release of new iPod Video Compatible Piano Lessons podcast available on iTunes. His parents notice his aptitude and interest and do what seems natural… sign him up for piano lessons!

But does that mean we throw all technique and theory out the window and wile away his piano lesson hours simply picking out melodies by ear? Having a great ear can really be a benefit… as long as it is also paired with the ability to use the score as a tool. You only have one clef to worry about, there is still the opportunity for improv and self-expression in the left hand, and the results are as immediate (and maybe even more so!) than playing by ear. Go on the hunt for music that satisfies his need for a gratifying sound… but that also has the opportunity to work on the technical aspects of playing the piano. Or do we plunk him into an old adult method book and listen as he slogs his way through “When the Saints Go Marching In”?
Include eye-based learning by having Paul notate bits of melody he picks out by ear, by learning scores by sight and then improvising on them by ear, by asking ear-based questions about his score (When you hear this part, where is it on your score?) etc.

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