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The PianoBox II General MIDI Sound Module includes 128 realistic sounding instruments, 100 variation sounds, 9 drum sets, a sound effects set and 100 drum patterns.
Many USB keyboards don't include built in sounds, which means you can't play the keyboard without starting up your computer. You can also connect the PianoBox II to your computer using a USB MIDI Interface such as the MidiFace II Thru.
If you are a guitar player, you can use the Direct Input to connect your guitar, and practice songs and riffs by using the PianoBox drum patterns as a drum machine.
Ideal for use with keyboards, your computer, or as a stand alone drum machine, the PianoBox provides an easy way to get realistic playback with zero latency. Just connect the MIDI Out from your keyboard to the MIDI IN on the PianoBox II and you can easily play different instruments sounds. If you are relying on your computer for sounds for your keyboard, you will experience latency, or a delay between when you strike a key and when you hear the sound -- and then the sound may not be very good!
The PianoBox II is GM compatible, which means it will work with virtually any music software, such as Finale, Sibelius, Band in a Box, Sonar, Cubase or Pro Tools. Now, with the RD-64 Digital Piano, stage and studio players can enjoy Roland’s acclaimed piano features in a compact, travel-friendly instrument. Rocketing the RD legacy into its next generation, the new RD-800 offers a sleek, updated look and many improvements in sound, feel, and versatility.

88 weighted keys, a host a extra sounds and features and is sure to give the competition a run for its money.
At your fingers is the authentic tone and touch of an acoustic grand, plus a large selection of versatile sounds for performing in a variety of situations.
It features a 120-watt amplifier with convenient 3-band EQ, new Output Select and Shape switch features, plus a Subwoofer output for extra low end. You can use the easily accessible top mounted control panel to select an instrument sound, adjust the reverb and control the volume.
Just connect the PianoBox II and start playback -- no more worries about latency, MIDI tracks getting out of sync or trying to figure out how to set up soft synths. SuperNATURAL® Piano technology powers ultra-expressive acoustic piano tones, while the 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides a true weighted-action playing feel. The selection of world-class acoustic pianos has been expanded and enhanced, while the 88-note keyboard features our latest flagship hammer-action design for a premium weighted touch. Optional extras include a matching timber stand and a 3 pedal unit which provides the same functions as a grand piano.
The intelligent rhythm feature makes it simple to create incredible music, providing dynamic, sophisticated accompaniments that automatically follow your performances in real time.
The advanced rhythm feature further expands the joy of playing the piano, providing dynamic, sophisticated accompaniments that automatically follow your performances in real time.

As the PianoBox II is General MIDI compatible, you can even control the instrument sounds from your keyboard. Also onboard is a selection of SuperNATURAL-based vintage EPs, plus essential clav and organ tones.
Piano sounds based on SuperNATURAL technology, a newly developed Ivory Feel-G keyboard with Escapement, a unique Sound Focus feature, and more. A variety of authentic vintage electric pianos are also on board, plus organs, synths, and many other pro sounds for augmenting your live performances. The PianoBox II offers zero latency playback, and it sounds much better than the sounds built into your computer.
Onstage operation is effortless with the ultra-intuitive interface, which includes a color display, a generous array of dedicated controls, and the new Tone Color function for dramatic sound manipulation from a single knob.
Streamlined and mobile, the RD-64 delivers piano-action performance and impressive versatility for live playing, on-the-go composing, home studios, teaching labs, and beyond.
Filled with Roland’s best piano features and much more, the RD-800 delivers top performance and maximum stage versatility in one impressive instrument.

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