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Rolands hyllade SuperNATURAL-baserade pianoljudmotor utvecklas vidare med Acoustic Projection-teknologin i HP505.
Den enkla och intuitiva kontrollpanelen ger snabb åtkomst till alla HP507s funktioner och applikationer.
Reviews on digital pianos costing 2000 – 2500 EUR (year 2012) confirm that in this price range the products from Roland, Kawai and Yamaha are just excellent ones, and everyone to his taste prefers the one or the other product depending on personal feeling of the dynamic key touch and the sound of the principal piano tone. Let me first summarize how I came to my decision, to emphasize all the good things of the Roland HP 505. As I never played piano before but played electric organ in the past, I followed the recommendations from pianists as published all over in the digital piano internet discussion forums. As I seriously now want to learn playing piano and know that I am biased by my organ experience, I gave highest priority to carefully follow this recommendation. I was searching for a peaceful sound, good to play some dolce and warming music, of course still providing also some exhilarant spring season mood. Touch and sound decided for a Roland HP 503, but the promise to get an even better (the best available) keyboard from Roland with the HP 505, and to get an even better loud speaker system delivered made me spent some more money and finally blindly bought the HP 505. Similar critics on the unfruitful organization of the sound blocks can be applied to all other sound banks as well.
The difference in sustain is so extreme, that I contacted the Roland service because I first thought my digital piano would not work correctly. The HP505 is an excellent digital piano which I really enjoy and would hardly like to exchange for another digital piano – used simply as a piano and not in desire to change any sound within a song or to frequently change sounds from song to song. As recommended, I tried to myself compare the pianos in a store, in order to find out what individually would be the best for me.

It is about the additional features besides the key touch and grand piano sounds, the other things for which I also paid for.
It is so extreme, that playing a scale from the low to the high tones sounds as if you would change the instrument in between. Around scale point three I find all the volume settings between very quietly practicing and already bothering my neighbors. A good piano sound and minimum of 4 touch sensitivity levels (pp, mp, mf and f) are also important. I could clearly feel on the Roland keyboard of a HP 503 the extra weight of the keys and necessary extra force for the key strokes (in comparison to an organ keyboard), and most important: for me it felt very well balanced, while the Yamaha keyboard of a CLP 430 behaved somehow imprecise as if some wiggly springs below the keys would slightly impact the up and down movement of the keys. It would be very helpful to group all Piano sounds in a block (uninterrupted from layered and synthesizer sounds), all Pipe and Church Organ sounds in a block, all E-Organ sounds in a block, all brass instruments in a block, etc. You can call this again a feature, but I do not see the point to suffer it, if it would be so beautiful in a digital piano to hide it and just hear the swinging string harmonics.
Also, the last used sound settings are not memorized after powering off and on the equipment. So, comparing the Yamaha and the Roland I quickly found my decision: I am the fortunate owner of a Roland HP 505, now. It is to be pointed out, that this especially applies to people who are learning to play piano.
This are features, which usually have been implemented on other electronic instruments already 20 years ago. Actually I can´t say how it behaves up to the top of the volume scale, scale points 8 or 10?

If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. Practicing every day for hours, I actually prefer this sound to sound no 1, because it sounds exactly the same beautiful but without the quite noticeable reverb of sound no 1.
But not changing from no 7 to no 32 and back because they are separated so far from each other. Again: why is it not possible to at least provide a parameter in the settings which would let me choose if I want this or not? It is disappointing to still not find such simple things on a brand new and costly > 2000 EUR valued equipment. If I power on the piano I would like to be welcomed with this sound, because practicing is what I do all the day. Such bad organization of the sound banks really annoys and unnecessarily depreciates the otherwise excellent experience with this digital piano. Anything louder than 4 will for sure make me see my neighbors quickly, but preventing me from this is the reason to have a digital piano and not an acoustic one.
If I then from time to time want to present myself and just listen to my advances in piano playing, I could still change to the reverberation concert grand. Having in the HP 505 the more powerful speaker system, especially more speakers, is really a win to the HP 503, but precise volume adjustment capability in the lower range should still be a serious focus of a digital home piano.

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