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Powered by Roland's expressive SuperNATURAL piano engine, the RD-64 stage piano's 64 keys are fully weighted with escapement -- yet it weighs only 28 pounds. Roland RD-64 Portable Digital PianoPreviously, the only avenue to an authentic piano sound and touch was a large, heavy, and hard-to-carry keyboard.
Streamlined and Travel ReadyWith the RD-64, gigging players now have access to a compact, weighted-action stage piano that's as easy to transport as a synthesizer. Ivory Feel-G KeyboardThe 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard in the RD-64 incorporates Roland's most advanced sensor technology, escapement mechanism, and Ivory Feel features. Effects and MoreOnboard effects include a high-quality stereo reverb, plus EFX 1 and EFX 2 processors that provide sweetening specifically tailored to each of the RD-64's tone categories. Sign up to the Roland UK monthly newsletter and look forward to the latest gear news, artist-related features, how-to guides and much more in your inbox. This channel provides information of the Roland's best quality electronic musical instruments. Equipped with great sounds and intelligent features that can make you sound like a solo concert pianist or an entire ensemble, the FP-7 is your ticket to a dynamic and exciting musical world.
This well-built, real-feel pedal comes with a non-slip rubber plate — essential when performing on hardwood or slip-prone surfaces — and an extended cable (2.2m) for stacked multi-keyboard setups. This is the RD-300GX, RD-300SX, FP-7, FP-4, and V-Piano driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista(TM) 64-bit Operating Systems. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. List of compatible external CD-ROM drives for use with Roland Digital Pianos HP-207, HP-203, RG-3, and FP-7.
Designed for the serious gigging musician, the Roland RD-300NX is a toned-down version of RD-700NX. The Roland FP-7F digital piano comes with excellent features and sounds that allows for enhanced creativity.
When it comes to Roland, the portable pianos doesn’t necessarily means they are cheap and for beginners, unlike few other brands. Roland has a range of pianos that target various piano players depending on their needs and budget. Those of you who are looking for a solid product to be used as a gigging piano, and not willing to go in for a Casio or Yamaha, can check out the heavier RD-700NX.
Creating a digital piano that sounds and feels as close to an acoustic piano is not an easy task, but most manufacturers do put in their efforts to give you a piano that combines the best of both the worlds – digital as well as acoustic. Imagine, a keyboard so well crafted to imitate an old style upright piano, that its sound could fool blindfolded piano players. This may sound a bit like a hype but then this is what you could expect when playing a Roland stage piano. Roland stage pianos have been perfected right down to finer details as the key clacks, hammer strikes, responsive midrange, ringing bass, and superior treble response.

Also imagine if the controls of your stage piano felt so smooth and natural that you hated to remove your hands from the keyboard, especially if all the main controls were close at hand and easily accessed.
Great sounding reverbs, chorus, effects as well as split and layering functions may be created with little effort on your part. Roland stage pianos are pricier than most other brands but are well worth every penny because of their superior features.
Travel-friendly and affordable, the FP-50 Portable Roland Digital Piano brings you top-class piano performance along with many other great features to enhance your playing enjoyment. Now, with the Roland RD-64 Digital Piano, stage and studio players can enjoy Roland's acclaimed piano features in a compact, travel-friendly instrument. The streamlined, lightweight design fits easily in small vehicles and takes up less space on crowded stages, plus it makes fly dates less costly and more convenient for touring musicians.
The rich, ultra-responsive sounds have a wide dynamic range with seamless variations in tone, delivering pro results for stage playing and studio recording. This gives you the superior touch, sensitivity, and appearance of the keyboards found in the flagship 88-note pianos, right down to the unique key material that replicates the authentic texture and moisture-absorbing properties of real ivory and ebony. By plugging in via Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit, the RD-64 gives you a mobile, weighted-action keyboard to use with the popular tablet computer. The intricate details of a real piano have been captured, including hammer and damper noise, and string and key-off resonance.
Its a lightweight stage piano that still sounds and plays up to your professional standards. Its available in black and white finishes, and comes with an optional RPU-3 triple-pedal unit and an optional matching KSC-44 stand. It comes with the acclaimed Supernatural Piano engine and a deluxe Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement. Roland has a very good lineup of pianos that can be used by beginners though, but mostly for use by experienced players and those looking for a better quality product. The Roland FP-4F is a good digital piano for practicing or learning, and comes with a nice piano feel. At your fingers is the authentic tone and touch of an acoustic grand, plus a large selection of versatile sounds for performing in a variety of situations. SuperNATURAL Piano technology powers ultra-expressive acoustic piano tones, while the 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides a true weighted-action playing feel.
It also works great as a high-quality, space-saving keyboard for home studios, teaching labs, and mobile composing. Also onboard are a number of clav and organ sounds, giving performing keyboardists the essential sounds they need for playing a wide range of music styles. Combined with the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, the Ivory Feel-G offers expressivity and performance that rivals high-end instruments.
There’s also a full complement of other instruments onboard, so you can sound like a complete ensemble.
But if you are looking for the best keyboard touch, with additional features, and don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars more, you can check out the Roland FP-7F.

The intelligent rhythm feature makes it simple to create incredible music, providing dynamic, sophisticated accompaniments that automatically follow your performances in real time. Also onboard is a selection of SuperNATURAL-based vintage EPs, plus essential clav and organ tones. The optional CB-61L Carrying Bag is a perfect match for the RD-64, providing durable protection when you're on the move. A two-band EQ is provided for overall sound shaping, with easy adjustment on the fly via two convenient knobs. And with its compact, stylish design and built-in speaker system, the FP-50 is always ready to go wherever you want to play. Stereo RCA inputs allow you to connect a music player for live backing tracks and practicing.
My only complaint is the sound output volume between the piano settings and the organ settings, no way to balance other that physical volume change on each use.
You get dedicated knobs, road-worthy metal panels with tough plastic endcaps, and an angled rear panel so you can easily see all its jacks from the front of the keyboard. The keys are ivory feel and have a good touch (though not like the Roland FP-7F) and suitable for learning or for piano practicing at home. Streamlined and mobile, the RD-64 delivers piano-action performance and impressive versatility for live playing, on-the-go composing, home studios, teaching labs, and beyond. I initially thought the Casio was better in terms of with it could do, and I'm sure for some it will be.
For me the ep's sounded too boxy and fake, and I wondered who long I could handle the stark white color. The limited range of the Rd's 64 for notes had me worried, but I went for it anyway and I'm really happy with it so far.
The ep's sound amazing live and the velocity switching is very smooth, it almost feels like you're playing the real thing. This is not the keyboard a organ player would be interested it but it fills that slot well.
I do think the top rotors on the leslie sim accelerate to fast, and the bottons are a bit far away for real organ playing, not a deal breaker for me.. They seem to be at a lower volume than the other samples too, so you have to give yourself more head room on the PA, or amp. So all in all I'm very pleased with it, my band loves the sounds and are exited for the new material it leads itself to. This is for people who need and quick and easy board with great vintage sounds to hit some dates with.

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