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With over 10 million units sold just within 30 days of release, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly the best-selling Android smartphones of 2013. Samsung released the Galaxy S4 in the market in April and the handset has already found its way into the hands of millions of customers worldwide. The product description of the sliding Bluetooth Keyboard for Galaxy S4 says, "This Bluetooth Slide-out Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy S4 provides quick access to all controls, features, camera, and ports. The sliding Bluetooth Keyboard pairs over Bluetooth connectivity and features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which also has LED back light, which allows you to type even in the dark. Lengthy chatting sessions, emails and social media updates are easy with the Keyboard Cover. By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and their respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email, phone, post, SMS or MMS with information on products, services and offers. The Samsung keyboard cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ provides you with the tools for ultimate productivity.
What’s more, the clip on function on the back of the protective cover means it’s completely practical, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.
This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 9 , Chrome , Safari and newer browsers. XBase Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard Case Features Turn your Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" into a a portable laptop complete with protective case using the XBase Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard case.

By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and our respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email with information on products, services and offers. The rather odd-looking physical keyboard cover leaked last week has turned out to be a real thing. Except for a few BlackBerry handsets, physical keyboards have all but disappeared, and Samsung seems to be trying to bring them back in vogue. The moment the user snaps on the keyboard, the smartphone automatically recognizes and also adjusts the user interface accordingly. The Keyboard cover will go on sale next month, priced around $80 or Rs 5,200 approximately.
The all-touch handset now has a slider keyboard for those who want the convenience of a physical keyboard without switching to other smartphones with a keyboard. Many customers are attracted to its 4.99-inch display while other picks the phone for its speedy performance. The sliding Bluetooth Keyboard is powered by a 280 mAh lithium rechargeable battery that charges within 2 hours and gives up to 8 hours of usage and 45 days of standby time.
The Adjustable Stand Function lets you conveniently adjust the keyboard from 0 to 90 degree angle.
Whether you’re emailing, updating your social media or chatting for hours, it’s easier with the keyboard cover.

Along with launching the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung also revealed that it will be selling optional physical QWERTY keyboard for these smartphones. As each keypress is registered by the touchscreen underneath, you do not need to connect the cover via Bluetooth. Along with this cover, Samsung also launched other accessories for its new smartphones, including a Clear View Cover, wireless charger, Level headphones, and Battery packs.
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However, some customers who use their handsets for frequent texting may not want to use the touch display. You just need to snap in your Galaxy S4, connect it and you'll get a fully functional QWERTY keyboard for use.
It may block half the display, but you gain the kind of tactile feedback only a physical key can offer. Customers who want the ease of a physical keyboard now have the option to add the Bluetooth Slide-out Keyboard to their handset.

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