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Although this digital piano has built in amplification, with line outs for a sound enginer (if required), we can supply external sound reinforcement for both the piano, CD backgound music and Microphones for speech. If there are any special requirements regarding delivery like stairs etc please speak to us before booking. If you need to cancel the hire more than 7 days before the start of the hire, we will refund 50% of the fee.
The reason one does not see many of the shorter ones as such(42") as for the gray market imports is the divided shipping cost per piano in the container.

M1A is my favorite small Yamaha.When we have them they sell for around that price but we include delivery, tuning and we regulate the instrument so it performs to it's full potential. Actually I should have known in that it has a split hinged lid instead of the grand style top like the M1.
Agreed, the piano pictures look a bit squashed and I also missed the top lid being open on one of the pictures.Interesting a P2 came up as a gray market. I bought it shortly after I moved out of home, my mother had a nice Bechstein and my teacher a Steinway.

I couldn't afford a big piano, but this little Yamaha was a lovely piano, I kept it for years until I moved to the tropics. Though this piano is somewhat ancient,it actually is of better quality than the Georgia factory Yamaha assembled uprts.

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