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In this online classroom, I’m going to share a few exercises that you can literally start implementing in your practice routines immediately! Keep in mind that these exercises can also be used as slow progressions or warm-up pieces. Simply put, the circle of fifths chart organizes major and minor scales according to how many sharps or flats each scale contains.
When you first began playing the piano, you may have thought that C and Db were more related to each other than perhaps C and F because of how close the two notes appear on the piano… but that is not true. If you really think about it, how many notes does the C major scale have in common with the Db major scales? F major and Bb major have the same notes except for one difference: Bb major has an Eb instead of E. If you’ve never heard of the circle of fifths concept and this topic intrigues you, considering checking out my 300pg course where we go into detail on how to use this process to learn all 12 major scales. If the major scales of C and F are similar, then isn’t it safe to assume that their major chords are similar?
In fact, to play from a C major to an F major triad (three-fingered chord), you don’t even have to change your hand position. Well, this simply means that you can go down the ENTIRE circle with these types of close relationships not having to change more than a few fingers from one note to the next.
Here are three exercises you can practice everyday to better familiarize yourself with the circle of fifths pattern as this concept is very important when attempting to understand chord progressions like 2-5-1, 1-4 turnarounds, and others.

So, in actuality, we’re just picking the closest inversion of Fmaj and in this case, it happens to be (C + E + F + A).
Now to get from the Fmaj7 to the next chord on the chart (Bbmaj7) simply LOWER THE BOTTOM TWO NOTES ONE-WHOLE STEP. If not, just skip down to the actual chart below and play EXACTLY what I’ve listed in each box.
Note: If you want to learn all of your major seventh chords (and all 4 inversions of each) along with tons of other chords, click here. Now that I’ve given you just three ideas of what you can do with the circle of fifths, it is your turn to use this process to practice all chord types.
I’ve noticed in other music books that the cycle of fifths is exactly like your representation except it’s backwards.
In defense of the graphic presented, it can be said that the most natural perception of the tonic is from the dominant, not to it. Once you begin to understand and appreciate circular progression a lot of other ideas begin to open in your mind.
Circle of fifths means your bass line moves down by perfect fifths (or up by perfect fourths, same thing). Continue to be peaceful and warm: it is as beautiful as the movement away from the fifth or fist.
They follow the classic circle of fifths pattern and will not only help you to memorize the pattern from which we get 5-1, 2-5-1, 6-2-5-1, and other progressions, but will also help you to realize the power of using inversions (how you play a chord).

So here’s the link to our discussion board where you can post any questions in response to this newsletter. If you observed that they appear right next to each other, then you are on the right track! Remember, there WILL ALWAYS be a connection between one note on the circle and the next so it is your job to find that connection!
A representation that is read clockwise, (from the fifth rather than to it), can be of far more use to any ‘listening’ musician than the usual (confused) modern perceptions. Go find yourself some new book to write and some different God to find and leave music teaching to people that have a heart. Perhaps I will share different pages of the book with you (at first) dependent upon your reply.
In any event, I would like to commend your for your page about circular motion and have hopes of hearing from you at some time in the future. Very few today seems to have an appreciation of what circular motion can do for their music. Now continue this motion until you arrive at the same position ending chord as the one you started with.

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