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17 Nov 2014 - We are proud to announced Doi Akane, our new PBE Japan artist representing our PBE Japan. 22 Feb 2014 - Our digital piano showroom just got overhauled with new slat walls and extended display areas. 08 April 2014 - Play by Ear Music School is honored to collaborate with Singapore's upcoming artiste - Rao Zi Jie who shot to fame when reached the finals of Campus Superstar, a Singaporean reality television singing competition hosted by MediaCorp channel U in 2006.
Pianist Mulgrew Miller will be joining with the Julliard Jazz Ensemble for a special performance of “Blues in the Church,” a program of spirituals, hymns and blues, presented in a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Miller organized this particular program by drawing on his own experiences growing up in Mississippi and hearing music in his own neighborhood church. Anyone attending a concert given by students at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music becomes acutely aware of the years of study and practice that went into developing each young artist's talent to the point where it could be aimed toward a future in music. Although Clint Eastwood has achieved international fame as an actor and film director, he is less well known for his talent as a composer. While Charlie Chaplin is adored as a Hollywood screen legend, few people know that he composed the soundtracks for most of his films (in 1973, following the re-release of 1952's Limelight, Chaplin won his only Academy Award for Best Original Score). Chaplin was one of the early pioneers in crafting an integrated artistic vision that united directing, acting, writing, and composing. An aspiring musician who once dreamed of becoming a concert artist, Chaplin subsequently became friends with such 20th-century musical titans as Vladimir Horowitz, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arnold Schoenberg, and Igor Stravinsky.
The San Francisco Silent Film Festival recently held a day-long Charlie Chaplin Centennial celebration. Later that afternoon, the audience in the Castro Theatre was treated to a screening of 1921's The Kid (Chaplin's first full-length feature).

When The Kid was reissued in 1971, Chaplin made some edits and wrote a new musical score for the film (which can be heard in the following video). Born in Kyoto, Akane started music at an early age of 4 and completed her studies in Osaka. Play By Ear Music School (Singapore) is proud to announce the opening of its new branch in Western Singapore. We are currently the authorised dealer for Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Roland, Kawai, Viscount and Nord digital pianos, making us the largest digital piano hub in Singapore.
The updated syllabus comprises additional contemporary piano and guitar improvisation modules, with an additional advanced improvisation level.
Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola is located at Jazz at Lincoln Center, Broadway and 60th Street, 5th Floor. As adolescents, some may end up singing in a choir, tapping out rhythms with their hands, or learning how to play a musical instrument. However, early signs of a person's musical aptitude can easily be overshadowed by later and larger achievements in life. And yet, in addition to crafting the musical scores for films like Mystic River (2003), Million Dollar Baby (2004), Flags of Our Fathers (2006), Grace Is Gone (2007), Changeling (2008), Hereafter (2010), and J. Although he could not read music, in his youth Chaplin taught himself how to play piano, violin, and cello by ear. Rather than mark Chaplin's date of birth (April 16, 1889), the event was timed to the centennial of Chaplin's first public appearance as The Little Tramp -- as seen in the following short film from 1914 entitled Kid Auto Races at Venice, California. While The Vagabond (1916) and Easy Street (1917) drew a steady stream of laughter from the audience, my favorite was 1916's The Cure, in which Chaplin portrays an alcoholic at a health spa.

This was the film that transformed Jackie Coogan (who had already been performing in vaudeville) into Hollywood's first child actor. One reason there are so few screenings of Chaplin films with live accompaniment is because the Chaplin family insists they be performed with the full orchestration of Chaplin's score. Also known as PBE Jurong, this new school is located conveniently near Jurong East MRT, an approximate 3 mins walk from JCube or Jurong East Regional Library.
Edgar (2011), in September of 2007 Eastwood received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from the Berklee College of Music. Once he became a millionaire, Chaplin had a pipe organ installed in his home in Beverly Hills. In the scenes where he is clad in a one-piece bathing suit, one can't help but notice what a small frame Chaplin had.
Subjects in Level 2 and 3 are now elaborated with clearer picture diagrams and music notations.
What this film does, however, is show his remarkable ability to continually mine humor from a single source (in this case a revolving door). Since the year we started in 2003, we have been in this debate of whether which is more important a€“ the ability to play by ear or reading notes?

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