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This entry was posted in room escape and tagged cubic room 3 on September 4, 2013 by 100doorssolution. Scary Escape Games - Scary Web Games - Ever wanted to try games that would make your heart raise?
Play Scary Games Online - Scary Escape Games - Play Scary Escape Games Escape from The Thing You have locked yourself inside a dark attic to escape The Thing.. Point and Click Escape Games,Adventure Games, Scary Games, Puzzle Games Online, Walkthroughs & Hints.
What do you do when it’s talking about the birthdays and combinding the plates to something and it will shine?!
The idea is not bad (although really nothing new) and the gafics are nice but the game really needs some improvements.
The missing screw symbolize red marks, and the others was grey, Adjust the generator button with that sequences, and the generator will turn on. Surface of the table can be clicked, there is a handkerchief, 1 page diary and birthday photo of miki’s mother. After the dust cleared, the table can be driven with the crowbar, then you will find a safe-deposit box.
Code to open the safe-deposit box is the missing number at the time you clean the dust before: 2, 4 and 5.
Turn left, open the wardrobe and in it there is a note of poetry black sheep of mother goose and a padlock.
After opening the padlock turn left, there are 2 doors, the door on the left to return to the previous room, and a door on the right to go to bathroom. Click the toilet, click on the top, open the cover provision of water closet, in it there is a key.

The clockwise has been rusted, so we must give the oil on that clock to able rotating the clockwise. There is code written on that, the longest needle is belong to 1, the shortest needle belong to 7 and the thin needle is belong to 2.
Re-entry to the second room, place the plate that has been combined on the top of the chair.
The father’s Birthday can be found in the postcard, which coincided with Christmas dec 25, capricorn. Move the plate in order to that zodiac, capricorn, virgo and the last pisces, the plate will be shining.
Open the three padlock on the door with three keys that you’ve found, but dont enter the door! Combine the three objects, the rib, lace, and the chopper, and you’ll have a hatchet.
Miki will awake and attack after the blacksheep song finished, so you must hit him by your hatchet. Darn it!, I almost finished the game, it took me ages and I had to use the walkthrough several times, then I accidentally refreshed the page and lost everything!!! I thought some of the hints were extremely obscure, and I starting at the padlock, I had to use the walk through for help.
Okay I’m stuck at the piano I know the date thing but do you count the white first then black or start at black and move down? Does anyone know how to get past the part with the piaon I’ve been stuck on it for like an hour now lol!!! This is a complete walkthrough guide for Adventure Escape: Murder Manor (Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story!).

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