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Durante el fin de semana fueron anunciadas las ultimas fechas de la Liga POP Chile camino al Nacional VGC 2014 a realizarse, finalmente, en Julio. Si bien a estas alturas todos debiesen tener claras las reglas de VGC 2014, no esta de mas repasarlas. Pokemon Permitidos: Todos los de la Dex de Kalos (la lista completa de Pokemon permitidos la puedes encontrar aqui), excepto Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal y Zygarde. Clausulas: Item clause (no pueden haber items repetidos en el equipo), Nick clause (los pokemon no pueden tener de nick cosas ofensivas ni nombres de otro pokemon), Especies clause (no pueden haber mas de un pokemon de una misma especie). Formato de Pelea: Dobles (2 vs 2), se pueden registrar 6 pokemon, pero usar en combate solo 4. Finalmente, respecto a las personas clasificadas al Torneo Nacional, hasta el momento debiesen estar clasificados al Nacional los 5 primeros lugares del Pokemon Day, y los 6 jugadores que ganaron cupo en las 6 fechas de Liga POP que se han jugado hasta el dia de hoy. Anterior6to Torneo Oficial VGC 2014 Sabado 24 de AbrilSiguienteUn Debut Sonado en Espacio M - Reporte 6to Torneo Clasificatorio. Rumores dicen que Zygarde estaria incompleto y descubririamos su forma definitiva en un posible Pokemon Z, para conocer las razones y como seria, continua leyendo! Queremos que el Juego Organizado de Pokemon siga creciendo en Chile y Latinoamerica, y para ello queremos poner un poquito de nuestra parte con Guias de todo tipo, Analisis Competitivo de Pokemon para el formato oficial (VGC), Videos, entre muchas otras cosas. Pokemon Campaign is a Flash game set in the Pokemon world, but allows for open-world exploration and real-time combat. To switch between attacks, you can either click the area on the bottom half of the screen showcasing your Pokemon's attack, or you can press X to switch to your primary attack, and C to switch to your secondary one. While walking around different areas, you will come across many wild Pokemon wanting to battle. Say we wanted to release Zigzagoon, because he only has Normal-Type attacks, which our team is full of. If you're wondering what to do in this big open world, you should make your way to Apricot City, where you'll meet the Lass.

Boss Pokemon always have some sort of extra ability or strength to make them different from other wild encounters. Unfortunately, there's no download available right now, but there is one planned for the full release.
It was 1996 when Pokemon appeared at the first time, it is gradually appeared in almost styles of entertainment such as cartoons, games and comics.
Se trata de 3 fechas de clasificatorio, 1 fecha de last chance qualifier (LCQ) y la fecha del Nacional Chileno de Pokemon! No sabemos aun si se trata de un torneo normal con mas cupos, o si se jugaran varios torneos sucesivos hasta repartir todos los cupos pendientes como en un LCQ tradicional.
El ideal de los mundos es que se trate de un Torneo Oficial (que reparta Championships Points o CP) pero recuerden que de no ser asi, la idea es participar de todas maneras para que la escena local crezca, y con el registro de todos los torneos jugados y la cantidad de participantes los organizadores puedan, ojala para el proximo ano, contar con escena oficial que reparta CP a lo largo de las distintas fechas o torneos importantes (de la forma de Premier Challenges, Regional o Nacional). Catch and level Pokemon, explore new areas, and take on missions in the all-new Campo Region!
This will all be explained in-game in the full release, but for now, this is where you should come if you need help. There are several people and objects in the game that you can interact with by pressing SPACE. To switch to a Pokemon, you can press the corresponding number on your keyboard (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6) or simply click its portrait. Stunky, for example, has a cloud of poison gas around it that will hurt you if you stay in it.
I've run into some problems with exporting the Flash file, but once those are resolved, you should be able to play the final product soon.
If you don't already have a favourite, you can compare their stats on the lower half of the screen.
For example, you can read the maps around Route 1 and other areas to find out where you're going.

You'll have to find a way to quickly get in, hit Stunky, and get out without taking too much damage! Although it has been a decade since it was first launched, people still love and always remember about Pokemon characters as the first days Surpassed all the projects of other animated hits in 2009 and even masterpiece before. Pokemon is a popular game of company Nintendo, born in 1996 anda big number of copies were sold throughout the world.
Players will play as a Pokemon coaches throughout the city for adventure, use their Pokemon to recruit new Pokemon and challenge other trainers. Perhaps, it does not need to say much about popularity as well as appalling influence of Pokemon.
Even though Pokemon cartoon is not popular as before, almost all audiences will always remember about Pokemon characters, especially the cute Pokemon, Pikachu. You can take part in exciting journeys, interesting competitions or train your eyes by matching games.
The first Nintendo version just involves the matches in which player will play the roles of Pokemon trainers who lead the pets to fight each other.
The players can enjoy various feeling and have more funny moments thanks to the variety of abilities and skills of Pokemon characters. In case you are not acquainted with the game at the first time, you may pick easy level, and when you want to express yourself, you can choose medium or hard levels.There are hundreds of Pokemon in the world. When you take part in Pokemon games, you will learn more about Pokemon characters, their abilities, their skills. A lot of games have clear descriptions and how to play the game, you will find it very simple to participate in the game quickly.

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