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Google has recently introduced and launched Google Play, that unifies its digital entertainment offerings into a single cloud-based destination.
Announced by Google’s Director of Digital Content Jamie Rosenberg in a Google blog, Google Play will allow users to find, use and share their favourite music, movies, books and apps that they have previously bought through separate Google stores all in one place. The post also says that from today Google will be upgrading the Android Market app to the Google Play Store app over the next few days.
Google is also using this opportunity to show off its competitive pricing in movies, music, and books, with deals happening throughout the week in celebration of the launch. ABOUT USWe are a full-service internet marketing firm that specializes in local businesses.

Erotico 2 delivers a steamy melange of sexy encounters fueled by intense and unbridled chemistry. Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release.
In addition, videos, books and music apps (in countries where they are available) will also be upgraded to Google Play Movies, Google Play Books and Google Play Music apps.
Starring real life lovers Stoya and James Deen alongside Selena Rose™, Madison Ivy, Vanessa Cage and Rikki Six, Erotico 2 tells six lurid tales of passion and mind blowing orgasm. Gut, dass man die automatischen Aktionen fA?r externe Medien an den eigenen Bedarf anpassen kann.

Auf der rechten Seite findet sich oben zuerst der generelle Schalter zum Ein- oder Ausschalten der Auto-Play-Funktion.

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