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You'll learn how to Master the Art of Playing Piano By Ear resulting in the ability to play Any Song, Any style in Any Key.
Along with the impeccable audio training, you will have access to Video training through LIVE and ARCHIVED Webinars.
In these sections through Video Tutorials, you will be able to see the 15 AKMS Principles in action in real life with real songs. I am loving this system, I am playing songs with both hands, I adore Indicator notes ,I know what chords to use with the melodies where to place them and why.
I completed Vol 1 CD 1 Last night, I really like this program, it feels like a game that you have to win and when I started last night I felt like completing CD1 the same night, as I couldn’t stop, can’t wait to continue with the program.
Robert, I want to say your course is the best and once I get to the Advanced level, I will make sure people who are interested in learning are directed to your program!! I’m very impressed by your method:- Finger memorizing has begun (often my fingers automatically know where to go)- playing piano has become more peaceful and also more powerful- and above that, it's freeing my mind.
Concerning music we can say it like this, musical theories are a set of statements or principles DEVISED to explain a group of musical FACTS.
When I encounter Traditional students who have completed the traditional training which includes the traditional theory, I usually ask them one question, why does the beautiful musical piece you just played, work? When I encounter Traditional Teachers who teach this traditional theory, I usually ask them the same question, why does the beautiful musical piece you just played, work? Once again I reiterate, a Theory is a set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena.
I’ve seen and purchased many courses with the same claim of teaching people to play by ear, how is your Any Key Music System different?
I’ve never played piano by ear, how can you guarantee that your Any Key Music System can help me learn how to do this?
AKMS features a revolutionary concept called “KEY GROUPING”, that’s where you know exactly what to choose from to create the sound you are hearing. I’m proud to say that 100% of the people who complete every exercise in my AKMS Volumes 1, 2 and 3, are able to play piano by ear.
The ones who have my AKMS and are not able to play by ear, are the ones, due to whatever circumstance, have not completed Volumes 1, 2 and 3. And the 3rd part to my answer is, 3) The good thing is, I’m not claiming to teach you how to sing, if I was, being tone deaf would be a major stumbling block.

I’ve never heard of Robert Chambers or The Any Key Music System before, how qualified is he to teach music?
Robert Chambers has been playing piano since the age of 3 years without any formal lessons; however he is able to play any song of Any Style All By Ear and in ANY KEY. Well because it’s impossible for you to not get any results from AKMS, we know that 100% of the cases where this was a reality, the student didn’t do any of recommended exercises. 3) Please cancel your Membership before the next billing cycle because now may not be a good time for you. So if you were every thinking of being a rock or pop star, well then all you gotta do is keep writing sappy love songs using these same 4 chords until you make that hit! We’re going to show you what those chords are, what they look like on guitar and piano so you can get jammin!
I'd also like to introduce you to my favorite: 24K Gold Music - Dynamic Musical Showband performs many genres and styles of music, with special emphasis on the Classic Oldies Era!
I’m off to support my grandma as she has surgery today in Long Beach but I wanted to post this short lesson before I leave.
I just posted a mega 33-minute video so this lesson will just give you an abbreviated version of the video. Thank you for the chord charts, they’ll really help me, as I am trying to learn the chords and scales but find it difficult.
Hello Jermaine, I want to say I think that you are a very blessed person and God loves you very much, I know that I will reach my goal through your course.
Hi, Jarmaine I just want to say that you are the best in teaching your course in music as you do and may you never change you way of teaching but I know that you will become better as the Lord leads you in your teaching techniques. Andover State has $68 million in assets and operates two locations: its main bank at 511 N. That’s why we say you’ll learn how to Master The Art of Playing Piano By Ear because you’ll have to use your ears for all of the training. What I really encourage you to do is stop what you’re doing and head over to view the entire lesson. Once you learn a few basic chords and the melody notes for the right hand, you’ll be on your way to play the songs you enjoy. You helped inspire me to revisit keys I normally didn’t play in, you gave me exercises to improve and master my playing, and you inspired me to practice, practice, practice.

Your musical training system is truly a blessing from God.For over two(2) years I have been looking for a comprehensive online method that would teach me the art of playing by ear. For example traditional Theory teaches that there are multiple Minor Intervals and AKMS teaches that there is only ONE Minor Interval. You might want to sign up for an account because you can save the playlists you make that way. Don’t get me wrong, there have been challenges and remain to be challenges along the way, yet I enjoy them in addition to the rewarding feelings that I experience.
Unfortunately, I was looking in all the wrong places until I came across your AKMS program.
The most popular book in the world has a quote that states, “people perish for their lack of knowledge”. Now that I have completed all the CDs in Volume 1, I can rest assure that I’m one step closer to achieving my musical dream of being able to play by ear in a year.I am charging ahead into Volume 2 with loads of musical excitement!
The musical interpretation of this is that people do not reach their musical goals because of their lack of knowledge and understanding. They’ve just been conditioned to keep on coming back for the next video tutorial or sheet music. It is very evident that I am progressing.Every year about this time in London and in various cities around the UK, pianos are positioned on the streets around the cities and people are encouraged to play them. An individual cannot be empowered to excel in a subject if the answers are always given to them. The Any Key Music System does not give answers, it equips and empowers individuals to find the answers for themselves through understanding.
I know that keeping my head down, remaining disciplined, focused, tenacious, and dreaming, that it will be realised. Love and gratitude for the continued support of AKMSAnother reason why I am excited with the AKMS is that over a 6 year period, I’ve signed up to numerous piano courses including one on one sessions.

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