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I'm pretty sure I picked mine up at a Wal-Mart or Sam's Club Store but anyway, I paid $80 bucks for it. I am a bassist, guitarist, and vocalist working on my own project.I did not have the money to throw into a Korg, Kurzweil, Roland, or Yamaha board. Why on God's green earth in this digital age any company would ship an item like this without an AC adapter when they come standard with $10 items is beyond me, but sure enough, it doesn't include one. This does exactly what it says it will do, has great sound, easy to set up and get started, lots of tones and other options. In my mid-30's I decided it was time to finally learn to play an instrument - and the Casio LK55 fit the bill (my husband requested I pick an instrument that could be used with headphones!).The keyboard has realistic sounding instruments, and a pleasant piano sound.
THE THE FEAUTRES ON THIS ARE UNBELIVEABLE AND THE LIGHTED KEY SYSTEM IS A GREAT WAY TO LEARN AND SHOW PROPER HAND PLACEMENT. My wife and I debated on which 76-Note keyboard to buy: Casio WK-1630 or Yamaha PSR-GX76AD. Despite a couple of small issues, I honestly do think this is the next best thing to the Tyros.
Everyone that knows anything about keyboards will know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Tyros range is their pride and glory.
I was first introduced to keyboard playing in the form of a piano when I was around 6 years old.
The PSR3000 is a breakthrough product, and includes 128 notes of polyphony, a huge wave ROM including Sweet, Cool and Mega Voices (for the most realistic guitar sounds you?ll ever hear).
Mucho ha llovido desde aquel foro en infecar donde naciA? la idea al ver la necesidad que habA­a en el sector. I have a broken black key completely severed at the top down where the rest of it disappears into the upper board.
Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily. However, if I had to purchase it today, I'd go for either CTK-551 or Casio LK-30 learning system. Even my six year old enjoyed being able to produce pleasurable music easily by following the lighted keys. To top it off, it doesn't even tell you what kind to buy - it tells you to get some obscure coding that the guy at Radio Shack had never even heard of.Outside of that, which really warrants a rating of 1 star, it is really really cool!
Although the Yamaha looked and played well, the Casio with it's lighted keys was the final selling point.Overall experience has been outstanding, it is a very cool machine with nice features. With 232 tones, a split and layer function, 132 rhythm patterns, and a two-song, six-track memory, this keyboard provides a full set of features for the beginner and intermediate keyboard player.A backlit LCD window displays selections and status of tone, rhythm, mixer, and keyboard functions. With 232 tones, (32 which you can create yourself) some excellent demo songs to showcase it's power, and over 100 rythms (20 which you can create yourself) this is a powerful piano impersonator. I actually had the pleasure of playing one, a couple of years back, but I spend much more of my time on models like these. My two elder sisters were both learning to play with a local music teacher and whilst they practiced I was fascinated by the sounds coming out of our old iron-framed piano and couldn?t help but ?play along? with them on the lower or upper part of the keyboard, much to their annoyance. Computer connectivity is cutting edge with USB hosting for storage devices like USB Hard Disks and Thumb Drives, a Smart Media card slot and USB MIDI connections. Gracias al apoyo, generosidad y compromiso desinteresado de esta empresa canaria, Muscana puede contar con el servidor necesario para seguir desarrollando su actividad. I think the pitch bend wheel and touch response which are extras on CTK-558 may not be that important to beginners. Many popular songs are programed into the keyboard to bring the sounds of live musical instruments into your home.
Also, you cant download the songs directly to your keyboard they remain on your PC.If these features are not important to you then this is a great buy. However, for beginners(like me), you will need some direction getting you PC to communicate the MIDI files to your keyboard.

The learning steps programmed into the machine are nice, you can follow along and learn as you go. Some other facts about this keyboard include, It has 100 different insturments to use when playing, it has an MIDI port so you can connect it to your computer, and simply the fact that it's so easy to learn to play thanks to the key-lighting system. In all honesty, as a Licentiate Diploma-standard keyboardist (with VCM), I feel like this is the next best thing.
On top of that, Yamaha?s new Internet Direct Connection feature allows the PSR3000 to connect directly to the Internet and download content directly via broadband connections. Simultaneously use up to four effects, such as reverb or chorus, to produce your perfect sound.
I think it is great to have a lighted-teacher keyboard instead of going for hourly lessons weekly.
You really need to purchase some good instructional materials and learn the old fashioned way (lots of practice!) but it is fun and gratifying to play along with the built in songs in-between regular practice.
I read music fairly well, so it's fun to watch the lighted keys, the LCD display, and the sheet music at the same time.The learning program is nice as you can practice the song until you are satisfied with your progress. Other controls include pitch bend and modulation wheels, along with transpose and tuning.This keyboard operates on D batteries or an included AC adapter.
This keyboard was perfect for those times when my dad had a headache, or my mom was trying to watch tv, of my sister was sleeping. The Tyros was a dream to play, sure, and it was sort of overwhelming.But, other than that, the rest of Yamaha's advanced PSR models (I'm thinking of the likes of the PSR-S550, here) are all geared towards keyboard functionality, as opposed to user-oriented functionality. The 320 x 240 colour LCD not only makes the PSR3000 a breeze to use, but has the ability to display scores and lyrics. My only complaint is that if you want to learn a built in song using the key lighting - you can't learn both hands at the same time.
If you write to Casio, it will take a week to two weeks to get the information I can provide you. In addition, you can set the program to play on it's own and fill in background chords and extra notes that fit your style and interests, or have the program fill in the back ground chords while you play the score. The sound is beautiful, it's easy to use, and the headphones i bought in addition are wonderful. All the auto accompaniment songs follow the Casio chord and fingered-chord systems, so you can generate background music at any skill-level.The backlit LCD display ensures bright, optimal readability. The LCD displays selection and status of tone, rhythm, mixer, keyboard functions, and tempo for complete control.The CTK-671 operates with an optional AD-5 AC adapter or D batteries. All the auto accompaniment songs follow the Casio chord and fingered-chord systems, so you can generate background music at any skill level.Using the LK50's easy teaching approach, you systematically learn to play with lighted keys until you finally play the melody in real time with accompaniment. You learn the right and left hands seperately - which I can understand as the lighting might be confusing otherwise, but it would be nice to have the option. I was surprised how fun that is, you can modify your music to fit your tastes and have fun with it, like having your own band.Another feature that is nice is the built-in metronome. VOICES: Yamaha's ever-expanding collection of voices now includes those such as 'sweet', 'cool' and 'mega'.
You will easily see your tone, rhythm, song, volume, melody, and tempo selections via the easy-to-read LCD display.
You will easily see your tone, rhythm, song, and tempo selections via the easy-to-read LCD display. To get the best out of this equipment, get the computer Music starter pack (or some kinda name like that) from cakewalk to create bigger, easier to compose songs. To my awareness there are also 'live' voices for some of the strings, though I admit I may be confusing myself with a different model (you'll understand this happens when you work with 3 models at once). The display's onscreen music staff and finger icons show the notes and chords that you play. Also, it's a lot of fun to play around with the different sounds you can use, there's some really great ones. The conclusion is Casio produces music louder at the max volume with acceptable sound quality while Yahama couldn't produce loud music at the max volume.

2.) You must configure your sound-card by going into \'Control Panel'\'Sounds and Audio Devices'. My only critique comes from a professional saxophonist and close friend of mine, that has, and always will argue that keyboards are an insult to him as they never seem to get the saxophone voice right.
So if you are a beginner and don't care about the loudness of the music, Yamaha seems to be better.
Actually, whether he'll admit it or not, Yamaha have come along way from the voices on the old PSR-8000 model, and they're getting increasingly better. Casio does not provide the .ins (instrument definitions) file for it, and the manual is useless for creating your own. What I Like About The Yamaha PSR 3000 is the sound quality and a huge range of ?voices? ? these are synthetic sounds that even the most critical of music lovers would be hard-pressed to distinguish from the real thing. It works terribly with Cakewalk (and I would imagine other MIDI devices) for this reason.If you just want to play, and never record anything, then this is the instrument for you, otherwise, go for something a bit more expensive. These are preset by users prior to playing; accompaniment, backing (including the texture of the backing), voice, and volumes of the aforementioned can all be adjusted and then saved into the memos my pressing and holding the memo button along with whichever memo the data is being saved into. Similarly, data can be transferred cross-memo (useful if you've tweaked backing settings and don't wish to waste time by inputting manually) by pressing and holding the memo that presently stores the data, and then pressing the memos into which the data needs to be transferred. 3.) The MIDI software refered to as not supported in the user manual and by the 800 number is simply MS Media Player or Real 1 Player. The whole system is very intuitive, making it quite easy to learn how to use.What I find bizarre about all the Yamaha keyboards I've used is that the memos are placed to the right hand side of the keyboard. Far too many others to list here? These sounds are so authentic, that you can hear for example, the wind as it is blown into a wind instrument and the subtle sound of the fingers being applied to the strings on the frets of a string instrument. Look at the price, ask yourself if you can wait a while longer and buy something that is even just a little bit more expensive.. Fair enough this may be considered practical when not playing the piece, however when playing it often requires the player to cross their hands to access the next memo with their chord hand, whilst maintaining their melody with the right. That means, that just like a conventional acoustic piano, the harder you press and hit the keys more expression and volume you get out of the tone. The Navigation channel on the keyboard will allow you to pick-up different ranges the MIDI file is playing.I hope someone finds this helpful. You can listen to some of the instruments capabilities by simply pressing a button marked Demos and allowing it to play ? it is like listening to a group of musicians.At around ?1,000 the PSR 3000, is the penultimate in professional keyboards, known also as work-stations, the Tyros being the Yamaha?s flagship costing from around ?2,000 to just over ?3,000. Once I got it up and running, I learned the tune from 'Cheers' in a matter of two hours with very limited exposure to piano playing. However I always find that march backings are particularly lacking, as well as thinking that some of the rock backings have been mislabelled (the 'hard rock' is certainly not, by any means, reflective of hard rock music).
As a trained musician, I find the PSR 3000 more than adequate for my needs, but it can also be a excellent instrument for beginners too, as on the mounted colour TFT screen, the user can select from a variety of songs, have the instrument play them and have the music score play along and watch a ?bouncing ball? indicate what notes are being played and even permit the player to play along with it.
It is a very good investment for those who are musically inclined but do not want to go through paying for lessons!
However, new backings can be downloaded onto the keyboard, providing a remedy to this problem.
For popular pieces of music, users are able to search the keyboard's database, which allocates certain sounds to certain songs as recommendations. On the front of the keyboards is a slot for a smart media card that can store a lot more information than your standard floppy disk. We remedied this problem by putting a fairly long piece of wood over the stand, meaning that we can have about 7-8 pages clipped up at once (there is only space to stand around 3 A4 sheets maximum, at a push, on the Yamaha stand).
There are also full *MIDI connections, to connect to another MIDI instrument so they are networked, like two PCs and share their sounds, files etc.

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