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We offer private, in-studio and in-home drum lessons in Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Cypress, Norwalk, Downey, and more.
We offer private in-home guitar lessons in Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Norwalk, Downey and nearby cities. We offer private, in-studio and in-home piano lessons near Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Norwalk, Cerritos, Artesia, Downey, and more. Use our free online guitar tuner to quickly tune your acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar. It is always a pleasure to teach young kids new skills and a delight to see them improve on what they have learned. Introduce the black and the white keys and teach them to identify the fundamental groupings of black keys that distinguish each octave.
As the children progress with their lessons, introduce new techniques and new songs for them to learn, each time with greater complexity than the previous ones. If there’s one musical instrument in the world that is guaranteed to captivate all of the right attention with the press of a few keys; it’s a piano. All children have an innate musical rhythm that will either enhance as their creativity grows, or ebb and dwindle if overlooked.
Your child’s creativity will begin to thrive as soon as they are exposed to the potential of a piano – and with practice they could soon master this wonderful instrument that has captivated audiences for centuries. Our piano coaching sessions aren’t just your run of the mill key tutorials; we enjoy nothing more than promoting the knowledge of children, teaching them the value of each and every key – all whilst helping them to harness their inner creativity.
They say that those that are able to play the piano, will easily be able to pick up any other instrument.
If there’s one thing that our experience has shown us, it’s that the earlier that a child starts their lessons, the greater the rewards.

Children that start their coaching early on often go on to some of the most creative careers on the planet – in fact the natural rhythm that pianos encourage will reveal itself within a variety of activities.
Your child won’t just experience a growth in their personal development and self-worth; they’ll obtain a talent that could see them centre stage, performing in front of hundreds – or simply playing personally for family and friends. Unlike other instruments that focus on a particular few keys in order to create music, pianos extend the full range of chords to allow for masterpieces to be recreated; or entirely new songs to be developed. The discipline and patience associated with mastering a piano can take years to come to full fruition – but as your child’s capabilities improve, so too will their intelligence, knowledge and enthusiasm. The Teachers at Just Music Lessons are all Experienced, Qualified & Want Only the Best for You! There are many areas that offer group piano lessons as well, but most people have better results with learning from a teacher one on one.
Before you realize it you will discover that you would be able to play familiar songs and also play music which is much more complex.  Taking beginner piano lessons will prove to be a lifetime experience and would be the best deal of your life. If you are seriously considering beginner piano lessons, I recommend you check out my Rocket Piano Review for more information on the course I recommend. For many music teachers, specializing in children’s piano lessons offers them the benefits of working with kids and being able to do what they love. By teaching kids early how to do this, you will help them develop proper technique and thus, avoid bad habits. Teach them that for every grouping of five black keys, it equals one octave and that the location of a black key will determine if it is a sharp or a flat note.
Nursery rhymes are fantastic tunes to teach them as familiar tunes help keep them interested.
Augment their lessons according to their needs and levels of learning and strive for a balanced course wherein it includes both theory and practice.

A kid’s attention span is very limited and if your students do not see the fun part in your lessons, you will lose their attention. Make sure that your passion for your craft continues to shine as this can affect how your students perceive your lessons. This traditional masterpiece has been around for centuries, with a history that can be traced all the way back to 1709, where it was used to inspire its very first audience in Venice. Of all of the instruments in the world – pianos are possibly the most creative, challenging and enjoyable. Whether this is down to the natural progression as key combinations are picked up, or if it’s an instinctive capability we don’t know; but what we do know is that you will witness your child’s confidence, self-esteem and talent grow the more that they practice! From pre-teens all the way to young adults; a piano offers a fantastic way to get to grips with all that music has to offer – whilst growing with the knowledge and experience of the player. Whether you’re hoping to improve your child’s creativity, promote their confidence or simply allow them an outlet to enjoy a musical hobby – you won’t go wrong with our coaching sessions. They’ll be able to pursue an activity that has played a major role in history; all the while guaranteeing that their skills grow in a way that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!
It also motivates kids if they have fun experience learning with a teacher who does not mind if they have a good laugh during lessons. These days, pianos are often overlooked in favour of smaller, more portable instruments like flutes and trumpets – but there’s no denying the power and compulsion of an experienced player. Let them practice with the right hand first and then the left hand for the bass clef accompaniment.

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