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This book is designed for beginning instrumentalists, current students and advanced players who would like to improvise and compose.
Each idea includes a practical Performance Activity, designed to help students experience the creative idea being explored.
Chase has its finger on the pulse when it comes to choosing a digital piano; whether ita€™s a Casio Digital Piano, Yamaha Digital Piano or a Chase Digital Piano, there is one to suit every musical taste and ability. Starting with short 4-bar examples to lengthier 16-bar pieces, the Chase Complete Guide To Playing will take you step-by-step though the book with positioning, reading staff notation and right and left hand coordination being at the core of your progress; remembering to use the CD and DVD as tools to embed your understanding further. With regular practice and this fun-filled approach to learning, your repertoire will soon begin to extend as traditional pieces including the step-wise notation of a€?Jingle Bellsa€™ and the more challenging lilt of Brahmsa€™ a€?Lullabya€™ rock your audience to sleep! Step-By-Step Pictures Take You From First Day Exercises To Playing Along With A Backing Track! Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. For many years a professor at the Royal Academy of Music, Joan Last was widely admired for her skill and vast experience in the teaching of young beginners and adults alike. An excellent book for a more mature beginner, I have used this book for those who either have a little previous musical knowledge, or who are able to work at a reasonable pace.

The Really Easy Piano Tutor takes you from first steps to playing in a wide range of styles - fast! Using songs by Abba, The Beatles and Coldplay and works by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, this is the quickest way to start playing your favourite music as featured in the Really Easy Piano series! Jeff Hammer is a classically trained pianist who has worked in music journalism before joining The Teardrop Explodes.
Whatever kind of music you like, the Really Easy Piano Tutor will get you playing whole pieces sooner than you ever imagined! I really like this company because prices are cheaper than others and services are awesome! A Score of Ideas can by used as a companion book to supplement instrumental tutor and band books. The long-established instrument shop housed in the Northern Quarter of Manchestera€™s arts-clad city centre; now has its namesake firmly on a branded a€?Beginner Packa€™ that may just hold the key for the next generation of digital piano players.
Entry level digital pianos are in abundance with the Chase P-35, 45 and 65 all providing fully weighted hammer action and an authentic digital grand piano tone that will make playing the most fundamental music sound convincing.
So whether ita€™s online or in store a€“ get on board with the Complete Guide To Playing the digital piano. This Chase Beginners Pack Has Been Designed To Tell You Everything You Need To Know From The Very First Time You Sit Down At Your Piano.

The enduring success of Music Makers is down to its practical, down to earth approach to Piano tuition. Since then has toured extensively with many top artists and has been involved in a wide range of recording and song-writing projects. Met Piano Tutor voor de iPad en iPhone leer je muzieknoten lezen, maar ook hoe je een piano moet spelen. Complete with an endorsement from a professional in her field and supporting a€?show howa€™ software; this savvy Chase bundle could be the next notable ode to the joy for digital piano playing taking their first musical steps.
It is ideal for teachers with starter pupils, and also adult beginners who wish to learn by themselves.
Deze app is een absolute aanrader en kost eigenlijk €2,39 maar is nu tijdelijk gratis verkrijgbaar.

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