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With an excellent reputation, Sally Walpole is a classically trained piano teacher based in Boughton, Chester.
A classical pianist for over twenty years, Sally has developed her passions for music throughout her life.
Continually dedicated to the education and musical growth of her pupils, Sally believes that the acquisition of musical knowledge and ability undoubtedly enriches the lives of the individual and those around them. As well as piano tuition, Sally also offers lessons in theory of music in order to develop a wider and deeper understanding of written music. Please visit the lessons and fees page for further details regarding Sally’s piano tuition, and the about page to find out more about her musical training and experience. Please double check your phone number, if it is incorrect we will be unable to contact you. We aim to get back to you within the hour, during shop hours (please see store details), to confirm your reservation. Piano Time is a hugely successful series for all young beginners, from the very first lesson up to around grade 3. Really good beginners book for children a little older 9+, It covers the basics well and gives plenty of pieces to practise what has been learnt. Piano time one is an excellent book, I would use it for a child of 8 years and upwards as it moves along quite quickly, it is also excellent for an adult beginner. For the older beginner this book makes some sense but for 6-9 year olds (possibly more easily baffled when practising on their own) there are better tutors (Chester or John Thompson)- this is because there are sometimes just treble or bass clefs on their own and I have found some pupils do get confused by this and will use the incorrect hand.However, the songs in the book are enjoyable and presented in a colourful way (albeit not as colourful as the above two tutors).
The Faber Piano Adventures: Level 3B Popular Repertoire Book provides popular hits paired with imaginative activity pages that explore rhythm note reading, and theory basics. The benefits of learning music for a young child are numerous and well recognized by educators worldwide. Since graduating, I have been continuously involved in the area of music education, working mainly in schools, both primary and high, as a teacher and accompanist whilst maintaining a private studio. I am an active member of the Music Teachers Association and served on their council in years 2004-2008.

Musical experiences contribute to improved language, memory, problem-solving skills, co-ordination, spatial awareness, social interaction and self esteem.
My approach to teaching is a belief that each student is unique and capable of many outcomes.
Teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities, she specialises in beginners' piano and theory of music.
Completing her grades from an early age she then decided that teaching the piano would become her personal vocation. Basic knowledge of how to read music and playing Piano is recommended but not required to teach yourself using this book. With a complete range of carefully paced and attractive books - tutors, books of pieces of all kinds, duets, and technique books - Piano Time is a highly enjoyable way to learn the piano.Piano Time 1 starts at the very beginning, with simply five-finger tunes for hands separately and together, many with duet parts. I tend to use John Thompson's for younger children and use Piano Time for those who are a little older or have some basic knowledge to build on. It gives all the preparatory information and works up in a well structured manner through to playing hands together by the end. My older child who already plays the flute has taught himself the piano using this book too.
You can change your subject-specialism at any point, or you may wish to alternate between different styles for variety.
Music has the capacity to stimulate the imagination, and can assist with the development of memory, logic, organisational skills and numeracy.
The association aims to promote the further education of music teachers through seminars, workshops, master classes, student forums, and regular concerts by local and international visiting artists. The study of music involves unique and valuable skills that can be beneficial in other areas of the student’s academic and social development.
The study of music also involves the learning of personal skills such as responsibility and self-discipline.
My aim is to enhance each student’s educational and life skill experience through the gentle and expressive art of music.

It gradually adds more notes and techniques to cover sharps and flats, simple scales and keys, and a range of dynamics and symbols. It progresses a little faster and takes them a little further than John Thompson's Book One. The supplementary books (pieces) also provide a wide range of repertoire and help consolidate on the technical aspects introduced in the book.
I have always been interested in musical instruments and as well as my piano I have several large organs and two harmoniums (reed organs). I pursued my interest in music and education by attending the Western Australian Conservatorium of Music (WAAPA) 1991 - 1994. Some of my students have won awards, either for performance or outstanding theory examinations. Every investigative study that looks at the correlation between the involvement of music and its effect on academic outcomes all concur that music has the capacity to enhance a student’s learning capability.
Children respond well to encouragement, taking pride in their achievements, and more so when a certain amount of effort and input is involved.
With a host of attractive pieces in all styles, a gradual pace to suit all players, and many wonderful illustrations in full colour, this is a superb tutor book for all young pianists.
I graduated in 1994 with a Certificate in Classical Music and a Diploma of Music Teaching and was the recipient of the prestigious Music Teachers Association Award for Best Graduating Student (1994). I have taught students of all levels and have had several go on to study music at a tertiary level.
ABRSM Grade 5 theory (or equivalent) is essential in order to progress to grade 6 and above in the practical exams.

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