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We do, however, network with each other as well as with other piano service professionals throughout Canada and U.S. I usually lay blankets or moving pads over the skid before lowering the piano on to it and then wrap them up over the rim of the piano. Tie the piano securely to the skid, then lift one end of the skid up off the floor and slip the piano dolly under the skid.
If you have to move the piano up or down stairs take if off the dolly and just slide the skid. Tracy Fehr will perform at UBC Okanagan on November 12, together with piano accompanist Elizabeth Wocks. This performance will take a look at passionate women of the song, women who created the song, and women who wrote the poetry -- women compelled to remain in the private, bound by their own convictions or by social conventions, and women who ventured into the public, the largely male-dominated world of art. A classically trained soprano, Tracy's music reflects classical elements as well as her interest in Jazz, Celtic styles, and Middle-Eastern influences. Tracy has been featured on HGTV's Makeover Wish: Something to Sing About, local television (CHBC and Shaw TV) and on CBC radio, has performed frequently with the University of Alberta Symphony orchestra, and has held concerts at many other venues across western Canada and Ontario, and recently in Central America.
Elizabeth Wocks studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music and at Western Waterloo, where she received her ARCT (Practical).
This, combined with our own years of experience and unique skills obtained from continuing education, gives us a wealth of knowledge from which our customers can benefit.

All you need is access to a truck or trailer and three or more people who have not yet injured their backs, and are good enough friends that they will help you move a piano but not good enough that you will miss them much when it’s all over.
Sometimes legs are held in place with large screws or bolts and sometimes they are fastened in place with an interlocking cast iron bracket, half of which is screwed on to the top of the leg and the other part screwed under the keybed of the piano.
Now you can trundle the piano out of the house and up a ramp into the back of the pickup or trailer. Meet women whose private lives protected their virtue and women in the public whose reputation was open to speculation. As an experienced vocal instructor at the Penticton Academy of Music, Tracy focuses on the holistic approach to singing: healthy vocal production, understanding the support mechanism, the emotional and spiritual elements of singing, and individual direction and goals for singers.
Tracy will be promoting Women Helping Single Mothers in Tunisia -- a sponsorship program for marginalized women in Tunisia. We also share a very high standard of ethics in both our piano work and relations with our customers. If you decide you are up to the adventure contact Deb and she will offer more detailed tips. Sometimes there is a wooden cam on the inside of the leg which has to be tapped out of place, then the leg tapped inward (with a rubber hammer) to disengaged the cast iron bracket. When positioning the piano onto the skid make sure the lid hinges fastened to the rim of the piano don’t rest on the skid.

In no way an exhaustive list, this performance will be a tapestry of beloved songs and poems and how they connect through the centuries. Tracy's Women in Song concert series gives a performing platform to amateur singers while raising funds for projects in third world countries. Through sponsorship, these girls can be given an opportunity to train as tailors, hairdressers and nurses.
Though we tend to be most frequently found in our own service areas, we also all travel throughout the Okanagan.
To tilt the piano onto a skid you remove the pedal lyre (mark or number the pedal rods as they may be different and keep track of the lyre braces).
Elizabeth is accompanist for the Okanagan Festival Singers and the Kelowna Community Choir.

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