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I am a professional piano teacher with bachelor degrees in classical piano and jazz performance. Cover provides dust and scratch protection, perfect for churches, concert halls, classrooms, etc.
The new GL Series Grand Pianos possess all the essential qualities that have made Kawai pianos a preferred choice of pianists and educators for generations. The new Kawai GL30 - conceived with one goal in minda€”to provide exceptional touch and tone that endures. The new Kawai GL50 Grand Piano possess all the essential qualities that have made Kawai pianos a preferred choice of pianists and educators for generations. The GE30 provides the full-bodied tone of a classic grand in a flexible size for any home or studio.
The GX-1 offers a level of elegance and craftsmanship that is unsurpassed for a piano of its size. The GX-2 is one of the worlda€™s best-selling grand pianos offering superb tonal depth and resonance, and a classic size to grace any home, studio or performance venue. GX3 impresses with a dignified elegance and distinct tone evoking the qualities of a much larger grand. GX6 combines exquisite tone with stunning beauty to offer an instrument befitting the finest concert hall or professional studio.
The K Series upright pianos offer a level of tone quality and performance that rivals many grand pianos.
The Millennium III Action features components made of ABS-Carbon, a new composite material created by the infusion of carbon into our existing ABS Styran. Roland FP50 - New Level of Piano Performance at Home The FP-50a€™s authentic piano sound and touch provides top-level performance for playing all musical genres, from classical and jazz to rock and pop. Roland FP80 - Rolanda€™s Premier Technologies for an Authentic Piano Experience at Home The stylish and sophisticated FP-80 is the ideal choice for piano enjoyment in modern living spaces, offering tone, touch, and expressiveness to satisfy even the most demanding players.
Today, the world-famous SuperNATURAL sound and expression of the flagship RD is available at a lighter weight and more affordable pricea€¦introducing the RD-300NX. For over 25 years, Rolanda€™s highly respected RD-series stage pianos have been the instruments of choice for the worlda€™s leading performing artists. Roland F130 - Premium Piano Performance for Compact Living Spaces If you live in an apartment or condo and want to bring a quality piano into your life, the F-130R is for you. Enjoy the Natural, Organic Sound of an Authentic Grand Piano The DP90SE brings you a rich and rewarding musical experience every time you sit down to play, thanks to Rolanda€™s advanced SuperNATURAL Piano technology. SuperNATURALA® Piano Experience a New Way to Play Features The RP-401R is an affordable and fun piano with first-class sounds, touch, and play-along rhythm accompaniment. Entry-Class Piano with No Compromising of Standard Piano Features Features The HP-504 digital piano brings the SuperNATURALA® Piano sound engine, which is the ultimate in piano expressibility. RG1F goes up-scale with the new SuperNATURAL Piano engine and flagship PHA III Ivory Feel Keyboard. Pianos Plus, Irelanda€™s largest piano retailer moved from Rathgar to a new purpose built piano facility on the M-50 beside the Red Cow Roundabout in 2002.
The new facility, which is second to none in Europe, brings piano retailing into the 21st Century. Customers can avail of our extensive parking facilities and purchase their new Grand, Upright or Digital piano, from a range of instruments unparalleled anywhere in Europe, in a modern relaxing environment.
The reason for this major investment in the piano business is our phenomenal growth in new piano sales - at on average 40% per year from 1998 -2002 a€“ this had left our Rathgar premises a€?bursting at the seamsa€™ and necessitated a move to a much larger building to facilitate the display, preparation and storage of a greater number of instruments. When you first touch the keys of a Boston piano, be prepared to experience an entirely new sensation. It began as a challenge: could a new kind of piano design eliminate the compromises in performance found in all comparably priced pianos? As accomplished pianists have described the feeling, the keys of a Boston piano seem to respond intuitively to the touch.
When you hear the bigness of the Boston piano's sound, you'll believe you must be playing a much larger piano. The attention to detail devoted to the Boston piano is meant to please the eye as well as the ear. Boston grand pianos are wider, particularly at the tail or back, than other pianos of the same length.
Solid (not laminated), straight-grained Sitka spruce with a minimum of 8 annual growth rings per inch (3 per cm.) for proven superior tone quality. Vertically laminated with a solid maple cap in grands, and reverse crowned in uprights and grands, to create better transfer of sound from bridges to soundboard.

Wisconsin Hard (Rock) Maple, laminated multidirectionally, grips tuning pins from several directions to assure a tight fit, uniform pressure, and smoother tuning. Bass strings wound with solid copper, and Roslau treble string wire of the highest grade Swedish steel provide superior tone. All wood (no plastic) for proven durability, faster repetition, and heightened responsiveness and control. All wood used for making parts is naturally cured and kiln dried to the precise moisture content specified, to assure precision and long life. The Boston Piano Company stands behind each Boston piano with a comprehensive warranty providing you with peace of mind for the future.
With outstanding tone and touch, the K-200 offers the dependability and character needed to please any performing pianist from the novice to the seasoned professional. I am 17 years old and i am in 5th in school, but i am aiming for music education in trinity, and need to give lessons as a project.
With its resonant tone and classic good looks, ita€™s an impressive addition to any home or studio. With outstanding tone and touch in a versatile size, it is a preferred choice of professionals. With resplendent tone and superb power, it adapts to an exceptional range of musical requirements and performance venues. At the lofty pinnacle of the GX Series, the regal GX-7 speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definitive choice of the consummate professional. There is no room for compromise in its construction, since performance is paramount above all. With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K Series models are excellent for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.
This Action has been well accepted, as you can see from our success in many of the International Piano Competitions throughout the world. ABS-Carbon is incredibly sturdy and rigid, which allowed Kawai to make the action parts lighter without sacrificing strength.
All the major piano makers including Kawai, Yamaha, Seiler, Boston and Steinway & Sons are represented in the extensive showroom area, which spans 3 floors of the building.
The Boston Piano Company was formed by Steinway Musical Properties, owners of the world's legendary piano manufacturer: Steinway & Sons.
Each one is crafted of solid Sitka spruce, long proven to be the most resonant material available. For example, Boston veneers are exactly as described: "walnut satin" is genuine American walnut, not "walnut color" over a lesser species of wood. So please accept our invitation to receive a complete presentation of Boston grand and upright models at your convenience.
Rosette-shaped, extruded aluminum action rails and flanges mean increased stability and less frequent regulation. Grand piano rims and upright case components are laminated Philippine mahogany, for stability, strength and long life. I make an effort to adapt my methods to the interests of each individual student to make the learning experience not only efficient but enjoyable.I charge a‚¬20 for a 45 min lesson. Lessons are all individual lessons and take place in Ballyroan Boys National School, Ballyroan Road, Rathfarnham.
My teaching includes special sight reading methods, theory, improvisation all in a very enjoyable and flexible way as I love what I do and music is my passion.
The EX is crafted by Kawai's elite Master Piano Artisans in the famed Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory.
The lighter design makes the Millennium III Action tremendously fast and effortless for the player. Drawing on the incomparable experience of Steinway, proven concepts and materials were adapted for the special requirements of high tech manufacturing.
Boston's duplex scale, adapted from the famous Steinway design, adds a harmonic richness of tone that simply cannot be duplicated. And it's the direct result of the unique "action" designed by Steinway & Sons, an elegantly complex mechanism that assures nothing is lost in the translation from fingertips, to keys, to hammers, to strings. To assure you of the expert knowledge and uncompromising service you deserve, Boston piano dealers are few in number.
Specially designed closing rims make the soundboard irregular in shape, and improve its acoustical properties. Cut threads create hundreds of teeth that grip the pinblock and keep the piano in tune longer.

Cabinet parts finished in a wide variety of natural wood veneers with durable polyester or polyurethane top coats. Computer-designed, pear-shaped hammers with reinforced shoulders deliver optimum performance from the Boston piano scale design. Computer-designed radiating grand braces of laminated Philippine mahogany provide stronger, triangular support compared to parallel designs.
Consult your Boston piano dealer for a copy of the warranty and service program which applies to you.
Students are prepared for RIAM and ABRSM exams, Junior Cert and Leaving Cert practicals as well as competitions both locally and nationally.
All students will be playing at least a few tunes within 3 - 6 weeks which is an excellent rate of progress by any standard { Based on prerequisite practice of course}.Easy learn teaching technique.
And, even with sophisticated computer modelling to speed each breakthrough, the process required six years.
Also, compared to other pianos, the Boston isn't as "highly strung." The Boston's reduced string tension allows a larger, tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain, and more singing quality in the tone, as well as longer piano life.
Boston action parts are 100% wood, not plastic, and provide an extraordinary level of sensitivity. A design innovation gives the Boston piano substantially more soundboard area than other pianos of the same length. As a result, Boston soundboards vibrate more freely, creating and projecting a bigger sound. Grand piano key covers and tops lock, and tops feature the added elegance of a beveled edge. Chosen for their reputations and expertise, your Boston dealer will be happy to explain the unique features responsible for the Boston piano's superior sound and touch.
Soundboard ribs are of spruce and are fully let-in to notched liner (uprights) and rim (grands) to support the soundboard crown and prevent the piano from losing its tone. But, because it was designed to take advantage of the efficiencies of high technology manufacturing, the Boston is also remarkably affordable. While the heritage of Steinway is unmistakably present, all designs for the Boston are unique.
A wealth of other engineering enhancements, including optimum placement of braces, ribs, and bridges, also contributes to the superior tone. You have the freedom of expression to play as softly, as loudly, or as quickly as you wish. The unique shape of Boston grand pianos makes them wider size-for-size, particularly at the back or "tail," than grand pianos made by any other manufacturer.
So, when you choose a Boston, you get the power and volume of a larger piano without having to pay for it, or make room for it. And, you'll also discover the value of materials and design refinements that make the Boston a lasting investment. My rates are a 45 min lesson a‚¬20 for children, 60 min lesson a‚¬25 for adults, I charge an extra a‚¬5 travel expense, if I go to students place.
Of all the musical masterpieces that come forth from Kawai, fewer than one in one hundred will bear the name SHIGERU. It's understandable that no piano in modern history has ever made itself heard so immediately, or so dramatically. Every Boston has Steinway-designed, pear-shaped hammers and bass strings wound in solid copper. And while these features don't add to the Boston's performance, they certainly add to its beauty, quality and value. Playing the Boston piano is proof that technology can indeed be taught to enhance performance, not compromise it. The length of each Boston grand, or the height of each upright, is also at the larger end of each standard piano category.
And fortunately for everyone who loves the piano, the Boston will make that decision easier, and more enjoyable than ever.

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