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1.) Max Pen: Avguste did you ever expect when you where young you would end up being a pianist? When I moved to France in 1989, I continued to study piano, and even though I was supposedly “good”, I didn’t really get serious about it until I reached the age of 16. I was lucky to grow in a family of orchestra musicians (both parents are cellists) and as such I was able to meet and talk with many famous pianists. From the very beginning, I was trained as a performer and as far as I can recall, I have been performing as far back as the age of 14.
However leaving Texas Christian University gave me the time I lacked to grow my career, learn new repertoire and perform all over the country.
4.) Max Pen: When was your first concert just in general as a pianist being part of the orchestra? I began playing with orchestras and other ensembles during my years at the University of Kansas and this continued at Texas Christian University. Even though I have been performing for many years, I would say that my real career really started in 2008.
Many of the composers I know and work with have suggested and mentioned that I should compose. However, during my years at the University of Kansas, I had the wonderful experience of playing percussions (gong, chimes) for a composition called “Ride” and written by Samuel Hazo.
7.) Max Pen: Where your parents into music, or any of your friends during your teenager years? During my young school years, I was with fellow music students (dancers, singers and the likes). Yes, I do play classical music and contemporary music, especially American living composers. Performance venues depend on which presenters are contacted, a presenter interest, when are respective seasons planned and how each negotiation is going. The music I perform is accessible to all type of audiences and I hope that with my performances, listeners will discover composers, new music, new likes. The fact is that given how much I move, my glasses tend to slide down my nose, so sometimes, and to be honest, quite often, when I am not playing, I am pushing them back.
The piece on this video is the 3rd movement of “Fantasy-Inventions” written by composer Carter Pann, who is also a very good friend. As far as I am concerned, the Fantasy-Inventions is one of the most difficult and wonderful works in the piano repertoire.
Everyone would like to become famous, but this word and its meaning really depends on the person. My parents, Herve N’Kaoua (my last teacher in France and my mentor), Jack Winerock (my teacher at the University of Kansas), Tamas Ungar (my teacher at Texas Christian University), Carter Pann (composer and dear friend), John Lynch (director of bands at the University of Georgia), John Paul Johnson (Professor at Wichita State University), the Price Rubin & Partners management company (link), all the pianists, composers and other musicians I have met and worked with. 17.) Max Pen: Did you really have to give 100% of your self to get to the point you are now?

18.) Max Pen: How do you make sure your teaching is never boring, or how in a other way do you make sure that what you try to bring over to your student will stay in your students head? As a teacher, I am known to be quite strict with my students and to make them repeat some passages multiple times, count aloud, do music theory and so forth. I obviously perform and teach much more than I game, however when I can, whenever I am able to take a small break, I do play games and work with gaming communities. Comment of interviewed person: I would like to thank you and Interviewed You for the interview and the great questions.
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CardGala is a business card gallery that aims to showcase the best in business card design. If you have a high quality business card design you would like to share, feel free to submit it to the gallery. Southern Pianos provides studios for highly qualified instructors teaching all ages and styles of music from classics to modern jazz.
The state of the art digital recording and keyboard technology is available to all our students and guests free of charge. Recital Hall--The Southern Pianos Recital Hall can seat up to 125 persons and includes a raised stage with dedicated lighting that can support two concert grand pianos.
From what I recall, my grandparents (who raised me up to the age of 10) kind of put me on the piano and that was it. Where you very nervous when you had to play for the first time during a concert as soloist? But even during my years as a student I continued to perform with different ensembles (choirs, wind ensembles and the likes). Ensembles included the University of Kansas Wind Symphony, the University of Kansas Orchestra, the University of Kansas Choirs, the Texas Christian University Wind Ensemble.
Composers such as Carter Pann, Marc Parella, John Mackey, Robert Rollin, Raina Murnak and others. My grandparents put me on piano and progressively I got to like it, love it and I have never changed. Having stage fright can limit one’s capabilities, which in turn can make the performance boring, creating a troubling feeling for any audience and then it can become a disaster. And I also notice you have the habit of hitting your glasses with your finger like if they can fall of at any moment. For me being famous is perform recitals , perform concertos all over the USA and possibly the world.

You are also Piano Instructor, is it your main job, when your not busy with concerts and all? I teach at a private school in Grapevine, Texas called The Master’s Touch School of Music & Performing Arts, LLC. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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All of our teachers hold advanced degrees and can utilize studios with either multiple grand pianos, digital ensembles with recording capabilities, or professional upright pianos. He has lived in France for about 10 years then moved to America, and from 2006 lives in Texas as in the present. From Andre Watts, Barry Douglas to Vladimir Viardo, all have inspired me and helped me in one way or another.
Where you waiting or preparing your self for the part you had to play whole the time you had to wait? I hope to have more and more concerts over the years, but I will use the phrase many sports team coaches use: “One game at a time”.
From a very young age I was trained as a performer and I have always done everything with the goal of performing.
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With Walter as her student - and teacher - Erika spirals out of control, consumed by the ecstacy of self-destruction. Local groups that regularly use our facilities include: Atlanta Music Teachers Association, Greater Marietta Music Teachers Association, Suzuki Teachers , North Dekalb Music Teachers Association, SAS Music, and the Atlanta Music Club.

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