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This simple tune and short rhyming verse lends itself to be easily adapted for alternative verses – of which there are many!
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This circle dance reinforces a simple AB form and encourages students to sing to high F above middle C using a vocal glissando technique.
Whether you want to learn for fun, or progress through your exams with ease – these piano lessons are perfect for beginners of all ages and abilities.
Our maths and english tuition programme uses an approach that focuses on positivity and encouragement, and is tailored specifically to each student. We include music, movement, melody and Orff barred instruments so kids can improvise successfully!
If your child is lacking confidence and struggling to ask for help, chances are they are finding school difficult and lacking enthusiasm, or may not enjoy school as much as they should.

You know how Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street have touched the lives of so many in America? Well… Hello Kitty is doing the same, but in Asian countries at a more accelerated pace.
But I mean, come on, who can resist this adorable red and white kitty, especially in the home?Pink and White With Kitty’s FaceEver wondered what your home would look like if you chose to go in the Hello Kitty direction?
Maybe you were hesitant about featuring cartoon decor at home, or maybe you liked the concept but just wanted a few more ideas before tackling such a adventurous change. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some adorable and highly functional designs that are sure to knock your socks off!How about a giant cushioned wall in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face? When paired with the sweet, delicate pink-and-white-striped wallpaper, the decor above is an excellent example of how you can give the living room a subtle touch of texture without overwhelming the space.The pink tutus hanging from the ceiling are creative lamp shade ideas that you can use with just about every kind of decor. But for this particular Hello Kitty-themed room, it works the best, because it complements the girly vibe of the room. Duvet covers and Hello Kitty decals are two simple additions to the room that will steer your decor in the right direction.If you want to get fancy, perhaps the giant Hello Kitty mirror above is a DIY project you might want to tackle!

Just remember to limit yourself from other Hello Kitty decorations around the home, mainly because with such a large element, you wouldn’t want to clutter the shelves. Keeping that in mind, there is no shame in creating a Hello Kitty bedroom for yourself, even if you’re past your youthful prime. Incorporating a healthy dose of modern design will help put things in perspective.If you are tired of rectangular beds, then maybe a round one like the one above could cater to your tastes. It may be hard to come across a Hello Kitty desk, but you can think outside of the box and select a white and pink item like the one above.When going for a simple office design or a unique study room, design improvements do not need to be too extreme.
A simple Hello Kitty wall decal and a petite chandler are all you need.Again, you can see that chandeliers have a strong connection with the Hello Kitty theme. The room above does not feature too many embellishments, except for a Hello Kitty chair and a closet, but everything comes together perfectly.

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