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If you’ve always wanted to learn the piano but don’t want to invest in a real keyboard, you can always turn your PC keyboard into a Piano!
MidiPiano has two windows, the keyboard with controls, and a piano roll into which you can upload midi files. I’ve played a real piano a couple of times, and using a qwerty keyboard is a bit awkward in comparison! The cursor keys, and numpad also let you run further up the keyboard, but it’s much more comfortable sticking to the four first rows. I'm specifically talking about the hollow up arrow, the broken switch circuit symbol, the hollow up arrow with a hollow square under it, the caret, the forward arrow with a bar or pipe in front, and the circle with an arrow leading out of it. Clearly these must be documented somewhere (although why they're not on the keyboard is very odd to me) but where are they discussed?

And as a bit of historical trivia, this Folklore.org blog post explains where the Command icon came from. I remember seeing some of these icons drawn on the keyboards of older Apple computers; why they were discontinued, I don't know. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged mac keyboard keyboard-shortcuts . What can a company do against insiders going rogue and negatively affecting essential infrastructure? The layout runs the white keys along four rows: starting at the bottom with the Z to M keys, then continuing with A to L, Q to P and then 1 to 0. This official Apple site is similar, but is targeted at new users making the switch from Windows.

The original idea was to use the Apple logo, but Steve Jobs decided there were "too many Apples on the screen!" and ordered a change. You can download any keys clip art image free in vector format, just click button 'Download' at right menu. The icon you call "weird" and "like a clover" actually started life as the campground symbol on Swedish road signs.
The record feature helpfully starts when you play your first note, and the midi file will finish with your last.

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