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Ironically, while Yankee Doodle was written to mock the Americans, the song remains a symbol of American pride today.
Preview and print this free printable sheet music by clicking on the purple button above the music. The DP-990R adds Roland’s acclaimed PHA II Ivory Feel keys, which are made of moisture-absorbent material to offer the natural look and tactile feel of real ivory and ebony. The DP-990R features a world-class 88-key concert grand sound with individual multi-samples for every key.

And while Shackburg is regarded as the lyrical author, the melodya€™s origin remain unknown, they are thought to be either Irish or Dutch.
Amongst other English nations it is also well known as a childrena€™s song, because of its simple melody and reference to the easily recognizable items of a€?feathera€?, a€?hata€?, and a€?ponya€?. An earlier, printed version of the song dates back to 1775, when a British soldier wrote to mock a U.S. Quite happily accepting the strange lyrics as nonsensical, children remain blissfully unaware of the songs stormy past use.

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