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July 29, 2013 by Angela Thayer 19 Comments Disclosure: I received this product at no cost to complete a review.
Whether you have a grand piano in your living room or a small electronic keyboard, you can teach your toddler how to play simple songs even if you don’t know much about music. This simple song is typically one of the first songs that children learn when they are learning how to play the piano. This is another classic children’s song that your toddler will love playing over and over again to sing about every animal on the farm. Learning to play an instrument is an amazing experience, and playing the piano specifically has tons of benefits for kids. Make it fun, show your support, and your child will have a great time learning! This is a fantastic new program for 4-6 year olds, where children learn to tell stories with their fingers on the piano! Play a Story is a musical journey in which teachers and students travel through a storybook world, using the piano as its mode of travel… creating sounds, melodies, harmonies and rhythms to express the story.  Students create their own musical soundtrack. The Musicopolis Play a Story program presents a journey into a new world where every imaginative thought, every emotion, and every dream is an opportunity to express ourselves musically.
In the Play a Story program, every student is immersed in the culture of a world that believes that music has the power to emerge naturally from within. At the early age of 4, 5, and 6, students are given musical sounds, motifs, styles, shapes and dynamics, laying down a comprehensive, improvisational foundation that equips them with the sounds of their new musical language. My grandparents and parents passed on the appreciation of music to me and I am forever grateful. The awesome thing about this program is that they have videos online for you to view for the lessons!

He enjoyed most of the lessons, but a few of the lessons we did were too challenging for him. This song has additional verses about the adventures Mary had with her lamb to keep the fun going while you sing and play this song.
One of the great things about this song is that almost every note is played twice in a row, meaning there are fewer notes for your child to locate. One fun idea to try is for you to play the song while your child does the motions, then switch roles.
If your child enjoys playing these songs, consider signing them up for private piano lessons! Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. In this world, musical self-expression is our language… a language far more profound, intuitive and descriptive, far more meaningful and pure than any other.
The journey begins before students ever learn to play another composer’s music; they begin with the opportunity to discover their own musical ‘story’.
His little fingers had a hard time stretching between piano keys, but he always gave good effort in trying the activities. Right now, my oldest is almost 3 so not quite ready, but I would love to use this in the future! Using only the white keys, the notes continue in alphabetical order up to G, then restart at A. Play a Story teaches this by providing a foundational, systematic and creative experience that harnesses children’s intuitive, musical appreciation, and interpretation.

I have wanted my boys to learn how to play the piano, so when Hoffman Academy contacted me, I was thrilled to review their product.
You can also purchase a practice CD or DVD of lessons (if you prefer to watch them on a DVD instead of on a computer). I would like to try these lessons again when he is 4 or 5 and developmentally more ready for them. You may wish to label the keys with letter stickers or colors to make it easier for your child to learn. If you are using a toy piano or xylophone, you may not have this key and may need to leave it out.
I certainly think a 3 year old can begin learning through these lessons, but it was a little challenging for my little one.
These lessons cover everything from piano posture, to name of the notes, to playing fun songs like Hot Cross Buns! We will definitely be using them again in the future as I think this curriculum is wonderful and an amazing alternative to taking piano lessons with a teacher.

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