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If you are looking for a friendly, patient piano teacher in the Gravesend (Kent) area, then look no further. Learning piano with Konnie is both fun and fulfilling, and every effort is made to engage younger pupils and spark their interest in music.
Learning to play the piano can reduce stress, improve coordination and new research suggests that it makes you more intelligent, improving cognitive function. Ask for a map at the gate, but don't ask for any celebrity directions or they will throw you out. Looks like Lucie Jr and her brother have carried out plans for their mother to be uninterred and transferred to Lucy's hometown, Jamestown, New York . March 12, 2002 - Lucille Balla€™s childhood home in Celoron has recently received a second a€” and highera€”purchase offer, this one from a Limited Partnership based in Denver, according to real estate broker Bruce Turner. Turner last month put the house on eBaya€™s internet auction site, not as an item up for auction but as a means to advertise it worldwide. As of Monday morning, the site had 25,799 visitors and Turner had mailed information packets to several out-of-state interested parties. A story last week on NBCa€™s Today show has helped catapult the propertya€™s popularity, Turner said. Just around the corner, in a cramped storefront on Pine Street here in the town of Lucille Ball's birth, is the Lucy-Desi Museum. That was the best news to hit this city of 32,000 people, 80 miles south of Buffalo, since, well, in a real long time. Factories that turned out furniture and other goods have closed in the past few decades, leaving boarded-up houses and empty storefronts. Jamestown has followed the time-honored tradition of hometowns celebrating their sons and daughters with shrines.
Lynne Arany, a travel writer and author of "Little Museums" (Henry Holt, 1998), a guide to celebrity and oddball museums across the country, said such places tend to honor celebrities a couple of generations removed from the present. Lucille Ball, of course, has a greater name recognition, as one of most popular television stars ever. John Sember, the coordinator of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce, fields a constant stream of calls about Lucy. Playing Lucy Ricardo, Miss Ball made numerous references to Jamestown and Celeron on the show a€” the museum shows the clips a€” and the names of some of Lucy Ricardo's friends were the same as real people in Jamestown. So people here are mostly forgiving of the fact that Miss Ball had not publicly visited Jamestown since 1956, when the movie "Forever Darling" with Mr. Miss Ball was all set for a triumphant return to Jamestown when she died on April 26, 1989, just a few weeks before the local community college was to honor her. In 1999, he gave up life in Stevens Point, Wis., to become executive director of the museum, a post he held until August, when he was demoted to the gift shop for reasons he said were not explained to him.
The Arnaz family was said to be unhappy with the move, and some in town believe it helped persuade Ms.
After all, they reasoned, few young musicians, however talented, make the grade when they have two hands. So, soon after an eminent musician dismissed the absurd notion that he would ever be able to study the piano, he won a place at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London to do just that. The route that took him from his modest family home in Surrey - where neither of his parents is remotely musical - to one of the world's most celebrated conservatoires, is both incredible and inspiring. Unlike many musical prodigies whose talents are routinely nurtured from a young age, Nicholas, now 20, started to play the piano only six years ago.
There was neither a moment of self-doubt, nor a second's concern that his lack of a hand could prove an impediment. Doctors have never been able to explain why he has no right hand; neither does he waste time agonising over the cause of his disability.
Indeed Nicholas's parents Ray, a photographer and salesman, and Julie, a housewife, fired their son with self-belief from the outset.
So, secreted in his bedroom with a cheap electric keyboard his parents had bought him from Argos for his 14th birthday, Nicholas began to teach himself to play. Nicholas has never been concerned by people's opinion of himA young music teacher duly called at the family home in Tadworth, but she hadn't been told her prospective pupil had a disability.

Unsurprisingly Nicholas stormed through his piano grades, accruing a batch of distinctions. Soon, his first tutor conceded that Nicholas's talents had outstripped her ability to teach him. Having built up a strong repertoire of works by Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Beethoven, he called Lilian Strange, co-founder of the Croydon Centre for Young Pianists, and requested an audition. The adjudicators were impressed, too: Nicholas was awarded a coveted place to have weekly lessons with acclaimed concert pianist Lucy Parham. There is every chance that Nicholas, left to his own devices, would have continued to play with distinction from his two-handed repertoire, using his 'little arm' as a digit. By then Nicholas had an upright piano at home, given to him by the Musicians' Benevolent Fund. As Nicholas challenged himself to master his new repertoire, a fresh ambition formed in his mind.
He realised it was an elevated goal - he would be competing with (two-handed) prodigies who had been tutored at specialist music schools since infancy. He resolved to take a gap year and to fill each day with practice - and his efforts were richly rewarded. After attending auditions, he was offered scholarships to Trinity College of Music, London and the Birmingham Conservatoire. He treats me to a few bars of it, his single hand traversing every octave of the piano with such elegant dexterity, you would not know if you closed your eyes that he wasn't playing with two.
The strong willed redhead became fatherless at age four and despite the lack of guidance from her father, she developed a strong work ethic as a child. Her reticence notwithstanding, Ball plugged away until she got chorus girl  and modeling jobs but even here she received little encouragement from her peers, and the combination of a serious auto accident and recurring stomach ailments seemed to bode ill for Ball's theatrical future. She had married Cuban bandleader Desi Arnaz in 1940, but despite an obvious strong affection for one another, they had separated and considered divorce numerous times during the war years.
Desi discovered he had a natural executive ability, and soon he was calling all the shots for what would become "I Love Lucy." From 1951 through 1957, I Love Lucy was the most popular sitcom on television. With their new Hollywood prestige, Ball and Arnaz were able to set up the powerful Desilu Studio Production complex, ultimately purchasing the facilities of RKO, where both performers had once been contract players.
One of my girlfriends who was a stewardess that worked first class, had a direct encounter with Miss Ball. Cardiologist Yuri Busi diagnosed, a dissecting aortic aneurysm, which in laymen's term, is a hole in the wall of the largest artery, the aorta, that feeds blood to the body. I walked into two other little rooms before entering the Columbarium of Radiant Light where she is interred.
Most Californians are very upset with the move and resent the fact that her family went against Lucy's decision to buried in Los Angeles. Arnaz said her offer was based on the much-lower comparable real estate sales in that area and not on the $98,500 list price. Since then, the Wall Street Journal has called for an interview and hits to the eBay Web site have doubled. Lucy and Ricky, in another mural, stare out from the side of the post office, on Prendergast Street. Here, tourists from around the world marvel at Miss Ball's gowns, the vintage movie projector from her Beverly Hills home, the Ricky Jr. Sure, there is a big ice arena going up downtown, a couple of office buildings have opened and a hotel is under construction. Apart from the Lucy-Desi Museum, there is the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, dedicated to the famed naturalist and painter, and the fledgling Robert H. Peterson, a lawyer who founded the Jackson center and plans marketing tie-ins with the Lucy-Desi Museum and the Peterson Institute.
When he expressed a wish to become a concert pianist, there were experts who told him it was a preposterous ambition and advised him to abandon it. The RCM has an international reputation for excellence: Nicholas is now in the second year of his four-year music degree course there. He remembers the revelation: 'I was listening to one of my friends playing a Beethoven piano sonata and I was transfixed.

Nicholas was born with a shortened right arm which ends in a stump similar to that of an amputee: he refers to it as his 'little arm'.
He practised on it for six hours a day; concertos and nocturnes, fantasias and etudes rang through the neat family home. He resolved to win a place at the renowned Royal College of Music to study full-time; his long-term aim to become a concert pianist playing left-handed solo recitals at the world's great concert halls. He is funny, gossipy and so bereft of selfpity you quickly forget the absence of his right hand. Still, she was no quitter and in 1933 managed to become one of the singing and dancing "Goldwyn Girls"for movie producer Samuel Goldwyn. Hoping to keep her household together, Ball sought out professional work in which she could work with Desi. But the unforeseeable happened, on April 26th, just before dawn she woke with severe back pains and died within minutes.
Doctors say that, theoretically it is possible to replace the entire aorta, but due to it's complexity, the operation is seldom performed. She does however, share the Court of Remembrance, with many other stars such as Bette Davis, and Liberace. She said the house at 59 Lucy Lane could be an annex of Jamestowna€™s Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Museum. But as an official at the county visitor's bureau put it: "Lots of communities have these things. Jackson Center, which plans to open in the fall to commemorate the life and work of the former United States Supreme Court justice who served as chief prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. 15, 1951, to June 24, 1957, and was followed by a succession of "Lucy" sitcoms that ended in 1974. Yet he has never allowed this small encumbrance to curtail his hopes or confine his dreams. He is also building a reputation as an accomplished performer, and one of the few classical musicians in the world to play the piano with only his left hand. He applied to the Junior Guildhall, the Saturday school of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London's Barbican.
She was finally  offered her own starring TV series in 1950, but refused to do it unless Arnaz would co-star with her. The surgeons performed an operation, that would take seven hours and forty minutes, in an attempt to save her life.
Her aorta had ruptured again, this time at a point fairly distant from the repaired location. The timing was fortuitous: the family's 10-year contract with the Arts Council to operate such a museum expired March 13, and lawyers are negotiating an official transfer for the beginning of next month. What planet are you on?" But I played Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for her, and when I finished she had tears rolling down her face.
The audition was like The X Factor - only with just two judges instead of four - and I handed in my repertoire, explaining I was born with only one hand. The television executives were not favorable about having Lucy portray the wife of a Cuban and put up a lot of resistance before succumbing to Lucya€™s demands.
A team of specialists worked to replace her aortic valve and a portion of the aorta itself. A team of doctors and nurses worked feverishly to revive her, but there wasn't anything anyone could do. I'd been a bit fickle with my hobbies until then - my trampolining fad had lasted a week or so and French horn lessons had petered out after a fortnight - but Mum and Dad never denied me an opportunity. And she is forming a nonprofit organization to take over the museum from the local arts council, which also runs two annual festivals. Her remains, and I would have to guess that she is cremated because it's such a small crypt, are located to the right as you walk in.

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