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The links below will take you to the page on this blog that has the instructions to the games, and then a link to the PDF. Snowflake Keyboard Race – The same game as above, but it is good for a winter game with no Christmas symbols. Cards (Interval) for the Snowman and Reindeer Game – You can use your own interval cards for the interval game, or print these. Cards for Snowman and Reindeer Rhythm Game – These are rhythm cards for the Snowman and Reindeer Rhythm Game above.
Christmas Ornament Notes on the Staff – Beginners write the names of notes on Christmas ornaments on the staff. Ornament Notes Mixed Up on the Staff – This is the same as the previous printable, but the notes are mixed up on the staff, so it is harder.
Christmas Train – Students use finger numbers and no staff on this composing printable.
Before you print, be aware that you don’t need to print both the color and black and white versions. 20 bingo chips for each Christmas tree printable used (I use the Magnetic Wand and Bingo Chips from Amazon).
With the printable open on your computer monitor to the teacher calling card page, use it as a guide to label the color of each symbol on your black and white version of the teacher calling cards.
The Snowmen and Reindeer theme  was a new set of Christmas games I designed last year.  My students loved the colorful design. This is a (mostly) black and white printable for students to color notes on a Christmas tree according to the names of notes on the staff. This is a quick printable that is fun for group lessons.Students try to find all the music words.

If you are looking for easy Christmas piano music, go here, and scroll way down past all the Halloween music. In addition to the seasonal  games  and worksheets on my website, there are also 16 elementary Christmas songs and carols.
If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers.
Experienced teachers know that kids want Christmas songs that they can sight-read throughout the season. This Christmas piano music book contains two of Rhonda's a€?Masterpiece Editiona€? arrangements. If you want a game for a certain age group or level,  just ask in the comment section here and if one of the games fits, I’ll let you know, to the best of my ability.
Be sure to only print what you need and to set your printer to landscape orientation if the printable is in landscape. The worksheet tells students what color each light, which contains a note of the staff, should be. Students have to distinguish between Christmas words from around the world and music vocabulary words. To save ink, place it inside a sheet protector or laminate it,  and  use a dry erase or a wet erase pen. It is similar to Ornament Notes, but different so siblings won’t have the same printable.

I was looking at my website trying to find something, and I found this game I posted last year.
So you'll get plenty of the easy-level songs, plus a handful of more challenging arrangements that are worth the effort. More importantly, rather than simply follow sheet music, the courses teaches us how to improvise and create our own arrangments. Today I am posting all the Christmas games and worksheets as well as some winter material. There are two new games I haven’t posted yet, and I hope to do that soon!
There is both a B&W version and a colorful one that does not use as much ink as my old version. If anyone wants a UK version, tell me what changes to make and I will post it on my UK page. Be sure to download the sentences found here, and use the easier cards for younger students. Some of the links below take you to the original blog post with a link to my website, and some take you directly to my website. I didn't realize I would have to download each file to a computer first, then transfer to the ipad. Everything is free, but donations to help with running the site are greatly appreciated!  I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of you who are supporting the site to keep it going as a resource for teachers all over the world.
My only goal is to make piano lessons and music theory so much fun that children will love coming to lessons; that they will put their own children in piano so the legacy we love so much will continue.

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