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Where you put the piano bench and how you position yourself on the bench is a very important part of piano playing. When it comes to learning to play the piano, I have written an important review that you should read. Click here for my number one How to Play Piano recommendation. It is very important to learn finger numbers because as part of your beginner piano lessons, you have to learn the proper fingering for scales, chords, arpeggios and musical passages. Fingered piano music marks each note with a number that corresponds to one of the five fingers. Click here to learn about my top recommendation for learning to play piano. In our next beginner piano lesson, we will learn about the piano keyboard.
Every student is different and we tailor every lesson to fit each student’s needs and goals. Note: Please pay attention to this lesson as you will need to know how to play scales when forming various major chords.

I wanted to learn everything so I bought the 300 page lesson , Introduction to chords 101, 102. I learned my scales by reading sheet music with the finger numbers below each note, and it was awful.
1.  Before you do start learning this piece, take a few minutes to WATCH THE VIDEO below and then come back and read the following instructions.  This will speed up your learning curve tremendously!
By having the proper posture and position you will be able to reach the entire keyboard and be comfortable while practicing or playing. Our 300-pg course comes with a CD with over 330 sound examples which can be heard with the click of a button. Practice by section making sure to completely learn one section before moving on to another. You will be able to execute new techniques, master awkward positions, and exercise speed and flexibility.

Position yourself forward on the piano bench toward the piano but make sure you’re comfortable. Uncle Jermaine, keep up the good work with your team and please permit me to say that I’ve made you my role model and one my dreams in life is to see you face to face. There are too many piano players struggling with their playing because they use the wrong fingers for particular keys.

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