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Ever had an uncle or aunt that couldn’t read a note but could play any Holiday or folk song that existed?
When teachers work with learning disabled students, it is absolutely crucial that parents and teachers communicate at every single lesson. Though the Kimberly Steele Studio is a very fun and colorful place, it can often be overstimulating, especially for children with limited attention spans. April is autism awareness month and Autism will begin hitting the news I started thinking about how I wanted to contribute to the discussion or what I wanted to share with the world about our experiences with autism.
Expect the unexpected: just when you think you know how the big lad will react he surprises you.
Keep a positive attitude: my son approaches every new challenge with a smile on his face, full of fun, enthusiasm and mischief.
Love Unconditionally: I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming, all encompassing, crippling love that you feel when your child is born.
Dear friend, The holidays are here, that's it another school year crossed off, my 21st to be precise. Learning to ride his bike, using a knife and fork, climbing the frame at the park, learning to swim, it may take longer but he gets there. It takes a huge amount of courage and self belief to go against the majority to stay true to yourself. If you are passionate about parenting, autism, photography or looking for inspiration this could be the place for you!

A beginning understanding of chord inversions is helpful, too.This is a great recital piece, with potential for lots of expressiveness.
I don't know about you, but I detest clogging up my computer with yet another program I didn't know I needed. I wasn't sure if any of my students would be interested in it, but to my amazement 3 of my students LOVE it. You don’t need your eyes to play music, and all too often this is forgotten by the old-school music teachers of the world. The right kind of musical training can instill a respect for the idea of disciplined study in an autistic person.
When you are taught early on to play what you hear, just like an ape or a parrot, it develops a much needed skill in understanding music.
As with everything, when I stop focusing on the autism and focus on my son it becomes easier. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to animperfectmum with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. You just need a version of Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader, which all computers come with. Comping is not the same is reading music, but it can help a great deal when one is trying to understand or memorize music. It is too easy to ignore our own needs and prioritize others but I am learning to step away from the iron.

If you DON'T have Adobe Acrobat or a similar program, then you couldn't download any of my other PDFs either.* You can print The Moldau by Smetana on any kind of paper you want, and thus avoid the glare of shiny pages (so irritating at recitals, when the adrenaline is already high!).
Exercises where student is to imitate a small passage of music that teacher plays by ear encourage the autistic student to hone his or her attention. Much of my shiny, store-bought music does reflect my piano light, and I find myself ducking and weaving to play off of it.*Write and make notes all over these copies, in red and other colors, without feeling you are spoiling your music for posterity.
Memorization and repeated performance of songs enhances the brain’s capacity for storing both larger forms and smaller nuances and details.
These printouts make great working copies.* I give you permission to make up to three copies legally. I believe this is one of the keys of political corruption, one little compromise after another.
What are your students learning from you about the value of the work of composers, arrangers, and publishers? Of the value of musicians' work in general?)*Paypal, the payment system I use, is a secure and recognized payment system.

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