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With an excellent reputation, Sally Walpole is a classically trained piano teacher based in Boughton, Chester. A classical pianist for over twenty years, Sally has developed her passions for music throughout her life.
Continually dedicated to the education and musical growth of her pupils, Sally believes that the acquisition of musical knowledge and ability undoubtedly enriches the lives of the individual and those around them.
As well as piano tuition, Sally also offers lessons in theory of music in order to develop a wider and deeper understanding of written music. Please visit the lessons and fees page for further details regarding Sally’s piano tuition, and the about page to find out more about her musical training and experience. First & Last Name*Telephone Number*We require a telephone number in case our response ends up in your spam folder.
Many adults have unpleasant memories of taking piano lessons as a child, and this has often turned them away from piano instruction as adults.
Taking London piano lessons with Piano Courses For Adults will help you fulfill your musical dreams. Enjoy a a peaceful, quiet, creative retreat to turn to from time-to-time by taking London Piano Lessons in the City of London! Do you want to learn piano but do not have a regular time slot or the amount it would cost for a piano teacher? What if we were to show you a way where you could learn to read piano sheet music and finally learn to play piano in the convenience of your home? Our high quality and effective piano lessons DVD are taught by the well-known and highly successful professor of music, Merilee Webb. When you take our beginning piano lessons course, you’ll receive only what you really need to learn to read piano music and play the piano in 16 short weeks.
Our program was designed to allow a student after sixteen weeks of completion to be able to really play and continue to play for years after. Every individual who follows the Learning to Play piano instructions found on the DVD’s will be able to sit down and read and play any piano sheet music that is placed in front of them. With our easy piano lessons course, you’ll be able to read and play most of the notes on the treble clef right after the first lesson!
First and foremost, the Reading Keyboard Music method is completely different from other courses you’ll try. The method makes it easier for individuals to learn to read and play piano music in a faster amount of time. When you utilize the Learning to Play piano DVD course, you will learn to read music efficiently and also have a lot of fun while doing it.
If you can devote just half an hour each day to practicing, you’ll be reading music in no time. Because we’re confident that you’re going to meet your goal of reading and playing piano music, our piano lessons DVD do come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a keyboard in your home, then be sure that its cables, plugs, and outlets are working safely. Ideally, every parent would start a family discussion about the importance of respecting the space and time of the young pianist’s lessons. My most successful and un-stressed students are those who’ve designated notebooks, binders, and other supplies for piano lessons.
After your initial lessons, your piano teacher will most probably let you and your child know how often he or she’d like to see the student practice.

At Taunton Music we provide excellent piano lessons and keyboard lessons for all levels of experience in Taunton, Wellington, Bridgwater and the surrounding area. As well as complete beginners, our expert piano music lessons are equally suited to intermediate players, and to proficient players who want to perfect their skills.
Teaching children and adults of all ages and abilities, she specialises in beginners' piano and theory of music. Completing her grades from an early age she then decided that teaching the piano would become her personal vocation.
You will enjoy professional, pleasant lessons in an exciting setting with an unparalleled view of the City. When you take London piano lessons, from our skilled, relaxed, professional instructors, you can rest assured you will never be hit with a ruler or made to practice your scales until you are in tears!
We want you to enjoy playing the piano, so we’ll focus on your musical goals and desires. London piano lessons are the modern, sensible, highly beneficial alternative to forms of recreation busy adults have turned to in the past.
Perfect if you are looking for piano lessons E1, EC1, piano lessons EC2, piano lessons in EC3, EC4 piano lessons.
You’ll get the benefit of top-notch teacher Merrilee Webb, who designed the keyboard lessons DVDs to mimic classroom settings with group classes.
It was developed more than 80 years ago, and places emphasis on learning to actually read piano music. Teachers all over the world use the Reading Keyboard Method and are amazed at how quickly their students are able to learn piano. You’ll be able to impress your friends and family with your ability and knowledge, and will feel an amazing sense of pride that you’ve accomplished your goals.
If you’ve opted for lessons in your home, there are certain ways you can prepare your space beforehand. The room that your piano is in will become your lesson room, unless you’re willing to hire piano movers or you’re training for the Iron Man competition! It can be difficult for kids not to jump up on the piano bench with their siblings and start banging the keys. To prepare for piano lessons, sit down and look at your or your child’s schedule and begin to block off time specifically for piano studies during the week.
Just by looking ahead and taking these simple steps, you’ll find that your family will be ready for all the fun and the challenges that come with learning the piano. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
From piano lessons suited to beginners of any age, including piano classes for kids who are just starting out, right the way up to piano lessons for adults who are accomplished players and want to improve even further. Our fully equipped studio has a range of modern keyboards and a digital electric piano with fully weighted keys.
For millions of music lovers around the world, the piano is a daily companion and an essential part of their life. No matter what your level of skill or experience, or your aspirations, we will be on hand to guide and advise you.
As classical pianists, we strive to provide you with the very best in piano instruction along with an enriching and exhilarating experience. We understand that you work hard for your money in your day-to-day life, and when you step through our doors, you anticipate a happy experience.

Soon you’ll be playing the songs you love and sharing your newfound talent with friends and family members. When you learn to play the piano, you add a dimension of class, creativity and musical accomplishment to your life that can benefit you in body, mind and spirit.
As you’re learning to play the piano, eight other beginners will be learning right along with you. If you have a piano instead, call a local professional piano tuner for an annual or semi-annual tuning.
Setting this time aside beforehand is so much better than scrambling and stressing after piano assignments are handed out. She is a graduate of the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and has performed with the New York and Royal Philharmonics, the New Jersey and Virginia Symphonies, the American Boy Choir, and the internationally renowned opera star Andrea Bocelli. That is why at Taunton Music we make such an effort to ensure that our piano music lessons are quite exceptional, with the best piano teacher in Taunton to help you master the basics and learn piano fast. We are ardent piano lovers ourselves, and for the question of where to get piano lessons for anyone in or around Taunton we hope there is only one answer – at Taunton Music! It’s this combination of excellent instruction and respect for the fact that you are a busy adult with many responsibilities on your shoulders that has earned us a fine reputation for offering challenging, entertaining, creative and effective piano instruction. That’s why we strive to provide you with the very best piano instruction experience in all of Europe. Your accomplishments and successes at the keyboard will surely carry over into your daily life to help you face everyday challenges with confidence and improved self-esteem.
The sense of relaxation, improved mental acuity and sheer accomplishment you will experience will surprise you.
For parents to provide a little extra motivation for your young pianist, it can be fun to decorate the lessons binder or notebook with music stickers or drawings.
This means the teacher can assess each student individually and a mixed ability class is never a problem.
Your early instruction will include finding out about how a piano works, including the different keys and pedals and their respective functions, and an understanding of why the sounds come out as they do.
Enjoy Piano Courses For Adults today and get in touch to learn more about how you can benefit from expert London piano lessons.
Follow these simple steps, and piano lessons at home will weave their way into your family’s lifestyle seamlessly. There may be times that a group will have some fun and play ensemble pieces together, but don’t worry you will never be given anything to play that you are not comfortable with! You will soon progress, and quickly learn piano chords and scales as your first exciting introduction to the world of piano playing. Because of the versatile nature of the keyboard, your style and choice of music to play is very wide and varied. After that you will move quickly to the point where you are getting great satisfaction out of playing for the sheer pleasure of the music you can produce. We encourage all students to play music of their own choice and have fun in doing so, but the more serious side of taking exams is also an option for those wishing to study for grades.
And when in due course the time is ripe for you to face the wonderful dilemma of choosing your own first piano, we will be delighted to advise you what piano to buy.

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