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We customize our lessons based on our student's goals and as an added value, we use National Music Standards as the basis of our instruction. We believe the being able to both read and understand standard notation, the language of music, is very important to a budding musician's long term success.
January 30, 2015 by Jenn Land · 2 Comments My daughter has been doing the Homeschool Piano lessons for the past several months. You see, while we were completing our Homeschool Piano review, she was on there making all sorts of progress by working several times a week and completing all of the lessons.
Looking through the activity log, it looks like she threw in the towel the first week of September. Since this all happened right under my nose, I’m less likely to give her this kind of freedom again. Thanks to our little experience, I’ve since made a printable for checking off completed lesson on each level. Here is a free printable for you if you use this program in case you need a print copy to keep your kiddos accountable, too! Thanks to Suzanne's quality coaching, my singing voice has become a lot stronger and more sustained.

Being an elderly adult without any prior music training or background, I figured it was too late to teach an old dog like myself any new tricks.
I didn’t check the log to see what percentage she had completed or what book she was on or anything. Although she had happily skipped off to my bedroom to the keyboard several times a week since September, apparently she was actually just messing around. I was a little suspicious, though, when I saw her moving her right hand to play the black keys above her left hand (which was playing the white keys) and couldn’t understand her poor posture and finger placement. While she may have been watching the videos, she wasn’t doing ANY of the exercises and was still working through the first book (CorePiano).
Sure, the online system has tracking, but having a tangible piece of paper that she has to physically mark off should help keep her accountable to herself and to me. Cut me a little slack here, I was in my third trimester and then delivered an 11 pound baby in November. Our keyboard has a teaching function that plays a song for you and assists you on learning to play it on the keys yourself. Not only that, but it gives me something to look at and verify against the online records as well.

I don't suffer from my voice giving out and dropping off half way through a song any more like I used to. I was checking her 3 Rs regularly to make sure she was completing these and progressing nicely, but I honestly didn’t even worry about the other stuff as much. It is my hope that you will find all the following information, along with the music videos listed within my blog, to be very interesting, helpful and inspiring all throughout your own musical journey.
All of the performances will also be streamed live via the internet at Cliburn.org for your convenience. These world class competitors will be arriving from all across the globe and they will represent 14 countries: the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Tajikistan. A selection committee chose these top 24 competitors from an impressive applicant list of 160 young pianists, through both online applications and video submissions which ranged in length from 15 to 20 minutes. The Preliminary Round will be held on June 21st through the 22nd and is free and open to the public as well.

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