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Alfreds Adult Piano Course Level 1 Lesson Book (011334) Details - Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. Category Description for Alfred’s Adult Piano Course Download a Sample For those of you who want to learn to play the piano but don't want simplistic beginning books, the adult piano course is for older beginners.
A dedicated resource guide for the restoration enthusiast who is looking for information on restoring the early square piano! Johann Joseph Zoffany gave us a number of fine paintings of family groups, and we begin with the painting from 1775-76 of the Gore family with George, 3rd Earl Cowper.
A small painting of a musical family by Zoffany (no other information available to me at this time) features a similar piano and more informal grouping.
For many years thought to be a painting of the young Mozart, we have here Carl Graff Firmian as a child prodigy, at a square piano or clavichord.
From the great English artist Thomas Gainsborough, we have a portrait of the German composer Johann Christian Fischer, 1780 ca.
Comtesse de Morel- Vinde and her Daughter (The Music Lesson), 1799 (Detail) by the artist Baron Francois-Pascal-Simon Gerard (no relation to Marguerite Gerard below). Family gatherings at the piano were popular over all of Europe, as we see in this anonymous painting from Sweden in the early 1800s.
Francois-Andre Vincent is responsible for this elegant painting of Rosalie Duplant, the famous Opera star, seated at her Mercken square piano in 1793.
Contemporary illustrations for magazines would feature such illustrations as the regency styled ladies at their music as seen in these two examples. Less elegant were the satirical commentaries on musical life in the country, where poor music was forced loudly on the neighbors, with all the mirth and gusto that could be summoned!
Here we have farmer Giles and his wife showing off their daughter Betty fresh from school where she has acquired enough skill at the piano to be annoying.
Here James Gillray gives us a country dance; at least here everyone seems to be engaged, though that lady at the piano is probably responsible for all those weak hammer hinges we find ourselves replacing today! Thomas Rowlandson gives us the sentiment of the cuckold while the young musical couple engage at Bath. Square pianos can frequently be found on the front of period music, particularly when it’s a book on instruction or scales.

An annonymous American painting circa 1835 has a young lady in front of a contemporary square, and we can almost make out a name on the piano and some idea of the music open for playing.
A somewhat bizarre image of a cat at the piano is taken from the even more bizarre actual subject of a stuffed cat posed at a small dummy piano for the Great Exhibition of 1851. Then there are these two bits of inspired nonsense; certainly rather square, and obviously the cat’s meow, but are they pianos? The Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi (1864-1916) produced an extensive series of interiors of a Danish house, featuring a particular square of probable Northern European origin. Probably the same model finds herself in front of the same piano – but a very different room. Our young lute player has changed dress with the pianist, who now intends to sing to the accompaniment of the gent in the powdered wig. We occasionally encounter pianos from the Continent, where particularly in Italy little painted squares with crude Viennese actions were plentiful. I sat down at the piano the very next week with my lesson book after playing through several of the lessons I was hooked! Below we bring you a short selection of art that places the square piano in various domestic situations.
The square piano is so well represented here we can be fairly certain we are looking at a Zumpe, though perhaps it is fair to say that Frederick Beck or Johannes Pohlman is also a possibility. Blair with his Family and an Ayah in an Interior” at Cawnpore India, at a very small square piano or possibly a clavichord, made while the artist was in India. The cabriolet leg that is showing, and a date for the painting of circa 1770, might give weight to the clavichord theory, but note the English style keyboard with ivory naturals.
The square piano is from the shops of Joseph Merlin, and note the exceedingly long legs, designed to be played while standing. The lid is fully closed, but a music desk is obviously provided for the little square in question.
The instrument is a fictional morph though, so we’ll want a little amnesty along those lines. This semi-primitive piece demonstrates the importance of the piano in the home as American prosperity increased.

Her early career was devoted to interior subjects of languorous young woemen as in this painting.
One wonders where they came on a working early square from so late a point as 1913, yet before regular restoration was underway. Among the best at this was William A. Breakspeare, and we have below several works that he produced featuring square pianos. We are assured by experts that the piano is probably by John Longman or William Rolfe, as both instrument names were made in the same shop.
And in place of a sour old parson, we now have a young man who is sizing the situation up with approval. But the piano remains in place, the curtains are draped lower, and now appear to cover a window.
In this instance, the stand may be meant to be a trestle stand but is unlike any extant specimens, and seems to be in the nature of an apron stand, though the front of the instrument projects beyond the stand front.
Given how well Zoffany captured the Gore family instrument, we must assume he was in front of an actual keyboard here as well.
Something is not right in this household, and possibly this is a metaphor for a marriage without love. Who knew it had such sound, for in the movie as Kate starts to play the sonority of a Steinway D fills the air. Not bad for a piano that would have been over 30 years old when dear Brandon went to the trouble of procuring it. The medallion in the center appears to be that of another lady, actually playing her instrument.

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