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For anyone wanting to play the guitar, learning the basic chords is essential to getting your footing. The E Major chord is one of the 5 "open" major chords (most commonly E, A, D, G, C) so-called because they take advantage of being able to incorporate open strings (or strings that you play without holding them down at any point on the fret board). Another reason the E major chord is so nice to know is because it incorporates the open string of Low E, the lowest note you can play in standard tuning on the guitar which makes for a very powerful sounding chord. In order to complete this task you need a standard, right-handed, 6-string guitar that is tuned to a standard guitar tuning (E, A, D, G, B, E).
In step 1, you will learn your finger numbers, become familiar with the string order on the guitar and what the "frets" are. First, for learning guitar chords your fingers usually are numbered, so let's number your fingers. To insure that your E Major chord is going to sound good there is a simple exercise you can do.
Once the Low E String is sounding good repeat this procedure with the next string, the A String, with your 2nd finger still at the 2nd fret.

Practicing the the finger placement and strumming through the chord as much as possible will help in your chord playing becoming "automatic" so that one day you will not even have to look at the fret board or even think about what you are doing.
This video accurately shows the correct finger placement to successfully play an E Major chord on the guitar. When playing in certain keys or in certain locations on the fret board it is often handy to know these alternate fingerings. The technique involves taking your first finger and laying it flat against all six strings thereby achieving the "bar" and using your other three fingers to form a chord. Looking at the first chart, the top bar in the pictures represent the guitar's natural "bar" or nut as it's referred to. Now in a bar chord you can think of your first finger as that nut that you can move at will up and down the frets. To play this chord move your bar finger up to the forth fret and form a C Major formation with your second, third, and fourth fingers. Lastly, place your bar finger on the twelfth fret and form an E Major configuration with your other fingers.

Getting barre chords down, particularly those employing the open A and open E fingerings, will help get you well on your way to mastering all the major chords. Practicing the exercise in step three is important to make sure all the notes are sounding out as true as possible. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. Referring to the first chart again if you need to, place your "bar" finger at the seventh fret and form an A major configuration with your other fingers.

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