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The globally beloved musical themes of Nintendo's Super Mario video games sound great when they're played on the piano, and these new jazzy renditions make them more fun than ever! The Nintendo DSi is able to do many things: it can take pictures, surf the internet, and play music! There is no limit to how many notes you can play with the DSi, but the stamps will start disappearing after awhile.If the screen gets too cluttered, you can always just clear away the notes. Each arrangement in this collection was crafted under direct supervision by Nintendo and renowned video game composer Koji Kondo, so each theme retains its musical integrity, but with a unique and light-hearted twist that's guaranteed to entertain. However, not only can the DSi play music from the music files in your SD card, it can also act as an instrument, allowing you to perform your own songs!

Pick the music note stamp from the menu and start touching the different boxes in the photo. Letters with a "b" or "#" next to it indicate a flat or sharp respectively while those with a "2" next to it indicate a higher octave, or row. Pianists will enjoy the challenge of these 15 late intermediate to early advanced arrangements, and audiences of all ages will be impressed and delighted to hear them. You will notice that the alphabet letter in each box is the musical key that the stamp plays. Try brushing your stylus across the touch screen from left to right and you will play the C-scale!

If you need a sharp or flat (the black keys on a piano), you can simply hold up on the control pad for sharps and down on the control pad for flats.

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