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Piano Tiles 2 is an evolution of the original, capturing the operatic feeling and cadence of the music. Canon in D, Alla Turca, Sonata in E Major are just a few songs of many I have played in Piano Tiles 2.
The original Piano Tiles had multiple ways you could play such as Arcade and Zen, but Piano Tiles 2 no longer has these options and instead focuses on perfecting the game itself.
In Piano Tiles 2, songs are now played in a continuous flow unlike in the original which only moved when tiles were tapped. If you’re a competitive person, you’re in luck – the new version allows you to compete with players from around the world.
Piano tiles 2 now has tons of classical songs, from Beethoven to Mozart, for your tapping enjoyment.

Piano Tiles 2, Cheetah Mobile’s new mobile game for Android follows up on the success of the original and adds even more elements to keep the addiction alive.
Cultures are connecting with a new Internet, one that resides in pockets instead of on desktops, and powers everything imaginable with a touch. At Connect 2016 you’ll hear how startups are the new global rock stars, how big data transcends its buzzword status and actually makes an impact on you on a daily basis, and what it takes to work effectively across international borders. Besides the visibly new and aesthetically pleasing color scheme, various improvements and changes have been made to the sequel we’ve been waiting for. This allows the song to move in a fluid manner and challenge the player to tap faster and faster. Hall mode require you to play multiple songs continuously and the score is based on the number of tiles hit per second. If you’ve ever wanted to show off your piano skills from the convenience of your phone, Piano Tiles 2 is the app for you.

There’s no sign-in process required, so once you download the game you can start competing.
After playing the new game for (several) hours, I compared and highlighted the differences between the two versions.
Levels and songs get harder as you play on and a bonus level “Endless Rush” is added to the end of the song to challenge you. Piano Tiles 2 holds three levels of difficulty for Hall mode: Beginner, Senior, and Master.

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