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Editorial Uses AllowedExtended Uses May Need Clearances The intellectual property depicted in this model, including the brand "yamaha instruments", is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders. 3d modelmusic keyboard instrument piano grand piano3d modelyamaha instrumentsLegal Notice: The intellectual property depicted in this model, including the brand "yamaha instruments", is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders.
While this may not technically be a project regarding interface design or information architecture, it does illustrate spatial design and storytelling, which I think are quite related to interaction design. A simple, semi-textured but well-thought-out building environment houses simple polygon, unrigged and faceless robots who effortlessly glide around on tracks.
Given that I love architecture and the details of my apartment in San Francisco, I wanted to create a 3D model of the space so I could later play with various furniture layouts. I tried to pay close attention to the details of the trim as well as the dim lighting at night, which gives the place an oh-so-lovely atmosphere. In thinking about how the design should be, I decided on a core value of "order from chaos." Among the book's themes was the idea of destroying individuality and making everyone equal.
Letters are forced to fit within the same size squares so they appear equal and identical - but it is clear through the visual uneasiness that what may have been a perfect plan in society is not always the perfect solution.
I created a series of posters for a lecture series entitled "Design in Everyday Life." Although the subject of each of the three lectures in the series were different, they all shared a common theme.
As such, I aimed for a design that maintained each session's individuality, captured the essence of its story and still contained shared elements with the other posters.
When I started writing a book about my stories from childhood - highlighting tough 'coming of age' situations but told from a fairly humorous and overly neurotic standpoint - I wanted to present the story visually, but without pictures.

After playing performance piano for nearly two decades, I wanted to mimic one of many concert halls I'd played in.
I specifically did not use textures because I wanted to convey a simple idea in a very basic form.
What better way to understand the piano key than to model all its components and animate a key stroke? Given a 10-second verbal clip from the Matrix, I tried to make this character come to life in the lip-synching and subtle movements. Growing up as a cartoonist who loved creating imaginary worlds of characters, it was a necessity to render digital models of my pirate characters as soon as I learned how to do 3D modeling. This was among my first modeling projects and was rendered in a cartoony fashion purposefully.
An exercise in designing a space around a concept, this structure is geared for my personal habit of eating cereal when I come home from being out all day.
Project included actual wooden model, a 3D model, a model placing the structure in a real-world setting and a series of architectural plans and hand-drawn renderings. Editorial uses of this product are allowed, but other uses (such as within computer games) may require legal clearances from third party intellectual property owners. This fairly simple animation was modeled and animated within a month and tells a short story about robots. The resulting concept evinces the rigid structure of society imposed upon the unique lettering (each letter happens to be from a different revolutionary period - from the French in the 1400s up til present - slowly morphing from antique sans-serif to more modern serif style).

Here you see posters for a talk on the Bauhaus movement, the Victorian era and the Design of Future Things.
By delving into the meaning of the story, its implications and the emotions surrounding it, I created visual typography that enhances the overall concept and emotion of the story. To capture the essence, I aimed to glorify the piano as the center of attention, leaving everything else in the dark and putting bright, harsh lights on the keyboard.
When this model was finished, a simple duplication of it (88 times) produced a fully-animatable keyboard (See Piano model). I'll admit the background modeling and overall rendering is not perfected, but the focus was on the animation. Although I realized 3D modeling was to be more a hobby than a career for me, it's meaningful in that I was able to create something more tangible from an imaginary story and character set. The space is designed to allow an inhabitant to enter, remove shoes and outerwear, proceed to prepare a bowl of cereal and then retreat to a semi-circular lounge area to gaze out on the world and reflect. While I could have spent a long time on rendering a realistic environment, setting up a complex character rig or creating detailed models, I opted to focus on my story and the details of the animation.
I wanted to redesign the cover of one of my favorite stories, Orwell's 1984, by using visual metaphors as the design instead of concrete examples (such as photos).

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