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The average cost of a restoration of a classic vintage piano including French Polishing would be similar to the cost of the cheapest piano available in Melbourne today. There is simply no comparison between the highly crafted hand made piano from the early 1900’s and a mass-produced new cheap piano made from chipboard and particleboard. Whether a piano is to have a small repair job to get the piano playing in the short term or if it is to have a full restoration depends on a range of issues. If the piano is approximately pre-1900, then it may still be worthwhile especially if sentiment is involved.

The famous German piano maker Ronisch, made 1500 pianos by hand per year in the early part of last century. Firstly the piano must be structurally sound and preferably have a modern action (that is the internal workings). When people buy a cheap modern piano, not only might they be buying a poor instrument, but its beauty may only be as deep as three coats of lacquer. Some piano manufacturers also allegedly boast that not a human hand touches their pianos during manfacture.

A professionally restored traditional piano is an item of beauty both in sound and appearance.

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