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Every once in awhile the chilly January temperature climbs slightly and even hovers for a few days around 0 degrees.
We planned to go to the Rideau canal, one of the world’s longest skating rinks, and test out the ice, but the warmer than usual temperature during the day meant that the surface was poor, so we just walked around beautiful downtown Ottawa instead. Ice carvers from around the world chisel and shape huge blocks of ice into frosty artwork for the 24th International Ice-Carving Competition.
We stopped at this one for awhile, and I tried to guess what the background was (a map?) and Jeff commented that it was two kids playing monsters and swordfighting, and the lantern in front was casting their shadow to look like they actually were monsters.
We arrived at another sculpture with very musical connotations and our new friend eagerly asked Jeff what the man was holding.
Following the competition, the judges had chosen the top 3 sculptures and this amazing ice creation of fish that seemed to float in the air took first place.
We licked off our sticky fingers as we wandered further downtown to the National Arts Centre and the new Oscar Peterson statue. We walked up to the War Memorial and the Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well, and it felt so somber, yet peaceful as the snowflakes floated through the sky around us. A stop in a Darcy McGee’s on Sparks Street to thaw out our chilly noses and fingertips and enjoy a pint topped off our night. TORONTO - A Toronto hospital says thieves made off with a baby grand piano by telling staff they were taking the rare instrument for a tune-up. Police say two men lifted a Boston Steinway Baby Grand Piano onto a dolly to wheel it out of a fourth-floor conservatory of the downtown Toronto General Hospital near the end of lunchtime on July 14.

Todd Milne, the head of hospital security, said employees asked the men what they were doing, but were let alone to whisk the instrument away after explaining it was going for some musical servicing. Milne said the thieves used a service elevator to move the $27,000 piano down to a loading area, where a third suspect helped them haul it into a waiting red-and-white cargo van. Milne said the pricey piano was donated to the hospital in 2006 and was commonly used for weekly hour-long performances for patients. He said the hospital didn't realize the prized instrument was gone until four days later, just before one of the scheduled live music shows.
He said the hospital hopes the rarity of the instrument will lead to its swift recovery and return to its usual spot on the fourth floor, which he said is a place for patients to go and relax. Milne said security cameras didn't get a clear shot of the suspects rolling the instrument away, and that the hospital is now mulling over installing cameras in the atrium area.
To our Students who have a New Yamaha Piano or Are Considering One Purchase a New Yamaha Keyboard, Digital Piano or Acoustic Piano and receive a credit value of 10% towards Yamaha Education System Group Course LessonsCome into the office or call Carmen at 613-731-5678 and we will answer all your question.
Ottawa Pianos Music School is constantly looking for teachers with integrity, enthusiasm, and a passion for teaching piano.
Ottawa River finally gets heritage river designation — but just the Ontario partParks Canada will announce Thursday that the federal and Ontario governments have designated the Ontario portion of the Ottawa River as a Canadian Heritage River, culminating a decade-long campaign to win recognition for the river known as Canada's "original trans-Canada highway. I wish I’d brought my camera when we went… but your pictures are even better than I remember it! My name is Melanie and I love to cook, read, take photos, travel, and of course write about it all.

They say one man who helped roll it away is white, around 190 pounds with short blonde hair and was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, while a second piano-mover is black with black hair and wore a striped shirt, brown shorts and a baseball cap.
The most important benefits from studying the piano may be the mental exercise of listening and responding to music. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion, so we ask you to avoid personal attacks, and please keep your comments relevant and respectful. If you encounter a comment that is abusive, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report spam or abuse. Another two oil-soaked birds have been rescued from the spill site and are being cared for by volunteers in Maidstone.
A company that comes to this city, just for the weekend, takes ALL their profits with them. Jan Shadick, […]Can Canada's currency printer thrive as 'cashless society' looms?Canadian Bank Note Co. But now the Ottawa firm faces an epic battle against Apple Pay and a slew of other electronic payment apps.

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