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Along Bialka River there was until of the WW I blow a border between two Emporiums – German and Austro-Hungary.
To that school years ago parents send their son, Pawel who demonstrate his interest and abilities in music.
Read all about Kuwait Music Academy Evening in Future Generation Festival  in collaboration with the National Council  of Culture in the articles section of the website just posted ! Since 2002, the Belgian SimoensTrio is often introduced as an ensemble that is setting new standards.
The three sisters An, Veerle and Katrijn, are young and enthusiastic and share the same passion for music. They have given numerous concerts in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Kuwait. Highlights include their concerts at the Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels, at the Kursaal in Ostend, their performance for Prince Philip and Princess Mathilda at the Royal Palace and their concerts during the Festival van Vlaanderen. Last season, the SimoensTrio was performing a lot in the Netherlands, including two concerts at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. February 2010, the Trio organized the first edition of their 'Festival of the SimoensTrio'.
AUK hosted the Al-Kout Festival on March 31 and April 1 as part of the Arabian Heritage Project, a research, archival, and outreach center dedicated to promoting and fostering the heritage of the Peninsula and related cultures.Under the Patronage of His Excellency Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, who was represented by the Minister of Information, Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah the festivities commenced at 5 pm and the Hamid bin Hussein Sea Band followed with a performance that attracted many members from the AUK community as well as from the public. Kirsty squeezes as much writing as she can in between working as a Pilates teacher and being the mother of two teenage boys. Sally gave up her hectic corporate life and commuting for the joy of having time to do some writing with a great group of women in Winchester. Sonja has now retired from working in company management and is spending her new-found free time exploring new hobbies, including jewellery making and writing.

Angela enjoys singing with her Whitchurch choir.  When she isn’t looking after her grandchildren or writing, she ‘enjoys’ being dragged daily for miles across fields by Swift, her lively border collie puppy.
Gill lives near Winchester and loves writing for fun and making up silly poems for her family.  She enjoys champagne, watching sunsets and avoiding housework. Jenny is a retired psychologist, which comes in handy as she loves writing about thoughts and feelings - and the laptop never needs counselling. Until now during City Days celebrations you would meet legendary Emperor Franz Joseph walking with Dames of The Court on the river bridge. However the top dream is foundation of the wonderful big family, on the base of common love. The sisters also attended master classes by such internationally celebrated musicians as the Hungarian composer GyA¶rgy KurtA g, the Beaux Arts Trio, the Wanderer Trio, the Altenberg Piano Trio, the Artemis Quartet and the Florestan Trio. Other special guests that attended the festival included Patron and Founder of the Sadu House, Sheikha Altaf Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah and US Ambassador Deborah K.
Her first play was performed at The Chesil Theatre and a cookery book bubbles on her stove.
Now living in Winchester, she is the mother of two amazing children, who still listen to her stories. She has a passion for learning, especially about social history, gaining a BSc at 70 years of age. She lives with her husband in Lymington and enjoys looking after her grandsons, bell ringing, piano and creative writing classes, and is a Cruse Bereavement Counsellor.
Now she is an aerospace project manager and is writing a family history, whilst dreaming of impossible schedules and budgets.
From her birth in Pakistan she has lived in many countries, appreciating the diverse cultures, languages and cuisine.

She has an immaculately kept house, is the adored mother of two perfectly behaved teenagers and is a successful writer and artist. At my seven I entered the exam to the Music School in Bielsko intended to continue my studies on piano. He started very early to represent school on many local and regional shows, music presentation and – competitions, winning series of top prizes.
Sometimes even I write small articles or comments or footballs forums than I would write also paragraphs. They were, furthermore, the only Belgian ensemble invited by the European Chamber Music Academy to take part in masterclass sessions all over Europe given by musicians as Anner Bylsma, the Quatuor Mosaiques and the Artis Quartet. She is writing her first novel and is a student at the University of Southampton, studying for a degree in Adult Nursing. Picturesque very much, placed on the hills, with two old towns and quarterlies of streets with attractive 19th century buildings city was the centre of textile industry. This way he explained his admiration to lovely actress, who settled there to play leading roles in the suitable for Diva repertoire. In addition to seven hours of stage performances, the festival featured a bazaar, with several booths from local businesses and vendors, set up along the main corridor of the University, as well as art exhibitions by the National Museum, Sawt musicians, Bedouin poetry, distinguished live craftsmen, student art exhibits, and many other examples of authentic Kuwaiti traditions and culture.
Nowadays Diva as well as the Textile Baron are forgotten already but Theatre exists and represents also high artistic level. Lisa Urkevich, Director of the Arabian Heritage Project, said that she was very pleased with the public turnout at the festival and looks forward to future events put on by the Arabian Heritage Project including a lecture series by the Sadu House.

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