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The Piano LessonThe best way to learn piano is to study piano under an experienced piano teacher's guidance. Miss Jin Loh's Piano Teaching MethodsMiss Jin Loh teaches her piano students to play piano with more advanced piano playing techniques for example, how to use the various body muscles, body parts and body postures to create different piano tones, piano effects and various level of piano dynamics. Try to play piano, practice piano regularly and follow one's piano teacher's guidance would make playing the piano very enjoyable. Apart from learning Classical piano, she also studied many years of Jazz, Contemporary and Oriental, Chinese music formally under various music instructors.

She teaches other piano teachers for example more advanced piano techniques, piano performances, different music periods' interpretations on piano, music history and composers. They represented the country to compete with other finalists from different countries, for example, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Both of Miss Jin Loh's students won Silver Prize, 2nd place in the grand final. With the knowledge she has in dance and art, Miss Jin Loh is able to understand more on playing the piano for dance piano pieces, and art or impressionism piano pieces.With her knowledge in music, dance and art, Miss Jin Loh's piano students learn to play the piano differently. They represented the country to compete with other piano finalists from different countries, for example, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Playing the piano as a musician,  a dancer and also a artist, painter, is what Miss Jin Loh students learn from Miss Jin Loh.

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