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The Big Keyboard and Piano Chord Book presents over 500 Keyboard and Piano chords in our unique easy to read format. If you've just started playing, you'll appreciate our Introductory Pages, which explain how to get the most out of the book, and common chord substitutions.
This PDF edition of our popular title is available for immediate download after purchasing. The 5 Free channels that I have reviewed here are Joe Raciti, HD Piano, MahaloPiano, Furmanczyk Piano Academy, and The Piano Chord Book.
To answer the title of this post though, most definitely you don’t have to sell beats to be a good producer, or make good music. Now, before going further, we must determine what is a good producer from a bad producer, what kind of traits should a good producer have? Beautiful music comes from catchy loops, but also the arrangement, and change up within a track. This is definitely on-topic, as what I’m trying to get across is if you have a basic foundation in most skill-sets, it will make creating music that much easier, plus give your music that awesome sound. So, do you know how to play piano, or do you just follow notes that you’ve already played on FL Studio’s piano roll?
Honestly, I think about if I were to go to a professional studio with artists, and sit down to play some keys. Now, to take your creativity to the next level, one has to study about the tools they have available, what they do, and how to be creative with them! Honestly, I’ll say a lot of the online producers have at least a foundation on the skill-sets I have mentioned. By having a basic foundation of what your tools do, and what is involved in the skills (mixing, mastering, sound design, making beats), this allows you to offer services. This post is not meant to say are producers that make money from selling their beats good at making beats, but to get you thinking, and maybe even the producers who are making money off selling their beats, to invest some time in other skill sets of the audio industry.

This will allow you to further your sound, offer other services, and not get left behind while others who are working hard, and acquiring these skill sets, are grabbing all the coin! Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume 2 'The Fretboard' by Bruce Emery (1998). Fingerstyle Guitar from Scratch - Picking Patterns for Vocal Accompaniment by Bruce Emery (2003).
Lastly, we have interactive apps available with many useful tools and resources to be utilized as a part of the learning process.
With large clear and concise diagrams, we show you all the keyboard chords you'll ever need to know in full color.
The more advanced player will appreciate our no-nonsense, easy to read and navigate format. It is a personal channel by a professional Piano player and contains lots of video tutorials to learn to play piano. This channel provides you with HD video lessons to learn to play piano and you can learn to play some of the most popular piano songs.
This channel has lots of tutorial videos of different songs to learn, and new videos are uploaded from time to time. The videos have been divided into different sections as Easy, Intermediate and Hard tutorials. There are different song tutorials, uploaded on the channel and a few lessons to learn piano techniques are also provided.
There are multiple videos in every channel for beginners, intermediate players, and even professionals. So, if you are a Beatles fan and you love to play piano, this is an appropriate channel for you to subscribe. It contains videos of theory classes in which you are taught to learn different techniques of piano.

The good thing in video tutorials on this channel is, that all the piano keys are marked with different numbers and letters. The channel also has video tutorials for different songs and there are lots of playlists across different genres of music. The channel uses a very different technique in their videos and you can see piano keys being coated in different colors. This proves to be very helpful, especially for beginners, as you can identify between different keys while watching the tutorials. A very interesting feature of this channel is that there are videos on different piano techniques. Apart from this, the channel contains piano tutorials for beginners, and videos of various performances by a professional piano player. So, even though the channel contains limited videos compared to some other channels to learn to play piano, it can prove to be a very helpful platform for you.
Let us go through these list of channels one by one, before you subscribe to them and start learning.
The channel aims to make the process of piano learning a very simple one for you, and the videos are very expressive  and descriptive. Lastly, the channel keeps uploading new videos every week, so you keep getting new lessons to learn. There are multiple videos that teach you the proper technique of playing a piano like how to press the keys, how to play a particular chord, and more.

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