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November 23, 2014 By Nichol Leave a Comment MaKey MaKey provided product for review purposes, all opinions 100% my own. This holiday season kids everywhere are craving the coolest gifts and parents are looking to buy the best gifts to keep kids engaged. Before the board will work, the board will need to be connected with the USB cord to the computer.
She also wanted to try out the MaKey MaKey piano, which she played with four carrots and a banana. Set up was similar where the alligator clips were connected to the arrow pad on the board (left, right, up and down), then to the carrots and a clip on the space area on the board connected to a banana. We also played an online Pac Man game using a controller made from PlayDoh and I had some fun playing the piano using Zoe for my keys.
MaKey MaKey works with any laptop or computer with a USB port and a recent operating system.

Sure they may want the newest video game station or that fun new fashion doll but consider MaKey MaKey, an invention kit for the 21st century where children can turn everyday objects into keys for your computer. MaKey MaKey states this does work out of the box, which I didn’t realize because the instructions say to plug the board into the computer so it can recognize it as the keyboard. Once everything is installed you can test to make sure it works by opening a text document, connecting an alligator clip to the EARTH area on the board (this is the user) and holding the metal part of the clip. The other alligator clip stays in earth so she can play, remember that children will need to hold the end of the alligator clip. Children can then touch the space or click key on the board and watch on the screen to see if the cursor is moving.

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