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One of them is Typing Web's Online Typing Tutor which can be accessed by guests and registered users alike.The typing course is divided into different courses from beginner to advanced and specialty courses and even problem key courses at the end of all typing courses. The online service keeps track of the progress of registered users which is important as the typing courses can take quite some time to finish. While it is not required to sign up to work your way through the course, it is suggested to do so for the additional features registered accounts get.Each typing course consists of several separate lessons. The typing tutor will display various statistics after each separate lesson and each typing course.

The first courses show the computer keyboard and fingers that should be used to type the requested key. This is helpful for users who need some visual guidance in their first lessons.The beginning courses for example target the different computer keyboard rows. They start with a single line of different computer keys that need to be typed in by the user. Especially the visualization on the screen, that is exactly showing you which finger needs to hit which key on the keyboard is helpful in improving your typing over time.

Reply DanTe May 27, 2009 at 3:22 pm # I fully expect to see the next generation of clerks to come in typing with only their thumbs - ala phone texting style.

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