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I have been providing notations in the western style for last few years for songs in many languages. I am providing basic music funda like scales, how to form chords, how to play songs on your own etc. This menace of Dowry has become a social menace in modern India leading to the oppression on women, physical violence on the bride, causing a financial and emotional stress on the parents of the bride, marital conflict and so on. We only hear about Swayamvar in the ancient Hindu marriage traditions where it was the bride who decided whom to marry. So if this was the importance given to women in our tradition, then when and where did this contradiction of the menace of dowry enter our society? Dowry Murder: The Imperial Origins of a Cultural Crime, a well researched book by Veena Talwar Oldenburg tries to answer this question. Yes, the system of Dowry existed in India even before the British Rule, but not in the format that is prevalent in the society today.
So in the original system of dowry prevalent in India, women were gifted wealth from their parents during marriage and this served as a tool of financial independence for the bride even after marriage. Even during the initial days of the British rule, contemporary European writers Orme, the French Catholic missionary Jean-Antoine Dubois who came to India in 1792, Malcom etc have praised the status of Hindu women in India.
It all started with the Permanent Settlement of Bengal in 1793 by the British under Lord Cornwallis.
But the move which affected the status of the women in the Indian society was the rule imposed by the British which prohibited the women from owning any property at all! In the existing system, parents used to give wealth and valuable gifts to their daughters during marriage. In 49 separate volumes of customary law covering colonial Punjab, which today comprises Pakistan and Indian Punjab, Haryana, Jammu, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh, dowry has been described in the 1870s as a collection of voluntary gifts comprising clothes, jewellery, household goods and cash bestowed on the bride by family and friends at the time of the girl’s wedding. But once the British prohibited women from having any property rights, it meant that all the wealth that a woman got from her parents would be owned by her husband instead. After the British prohibited women the right to own or inherit property, until 1956 the women in India did not have the right to inherit property from their parents. IT WAS ONLY as recently as in 2005, when the Hindu laws were amended again, now providing women equal status with men in terms of ancestral property.
Please note that, we are only talking about Hindu women here, because that is how the law system we inherited from the British is. Successive governments in independent India have retained most of the laws we inherited from the British without much amendments. Hence today unfortunately, personal laws are different in India depending on which religion the person belongs to.
The marriage of Christians in India is still regulated by the Indian Christian Marriage Act of 1872 and and the Indian Divorce Act 1869.
Strange that while we call ourselves a civilized society, we are fine with the personal laws being different for men and women depending on which religion one belongs to. I propose a simple solution to practically end the menace of dowry in the modern Indian society. The above solution proposed has been discarded as it is prone to misuse, and instead a new solution has been proposed below which sounds more efficient and effective. The solution is to create an anti-dowry cell similar to the anti-corruption wing in the legal system, where in the bride or her parents can inform the police about the dowry being demanded and make an arrangement to catch the groom or his family red handed while received dowry. There is very little chance of misuse of this provision to harass the groom’s side as the proof gets recorded as and when the crime takes place. Girls should also be educated and well informed about the negative impacts of dowry, and should be taught that they can lead a better life with more independence and happiness by being single rather than marrying a man demanding dowry. I belong to a north Indian Himalayan Brahmin family who have their roots in the authentic Vedic culture and religion.
Yes even in the high cast the women widowed (with or without children) at the young age were allowed to remarry preferably in their husband’s family. I know several of my neighborhood aunties and some oldies who had technically eloped with their present husbands(some with their children). There are traditional pundits who say the women has no right to perform rituals and still you may found some esteemed temple in their neighborhood having female priestess some even from generations.
Our cultural is dominantly patriarchal but they develop different practices because they remained completely untouched by foreign rulers influence. Now our the author will be happy that a new law is going to be passed by which DAUGHTER-IN-LAW WILL GET 50% OF INHERITED WEALTH AND ASSETS OF THE HUSBAND.
Also the number of husbands committing suicide today in India is far greater than number of wives being killed. Varadakshina is illegal, not parents giving a part of their wealth to their daughter voluntarily. Most women earn today, don’t they use their salary for their own family and kids after marriage, so what is here about only husband having to work? Please do a random survey among parents who have both son and daughter and who are living with son, most of them will say that their daughter is helping them better than their son. Yes there has been misuse of dowry related laws just like in all other laws which are misused. Hello, I didnt decide it illegal, its the government which decided it, and its not only women who voted these govts to power. There would have been no law or govt interference in this matter in the first place if there were no complaints about dowry harassment lodged or if there had been not so many dowry related deaths.
Because the percentage of divorce is still low in India and hence most people are not yet directly affected and are still oblivious to these hideous laws. The key issue here is EDUCATION and a BIASED MEDIA which does not highlight these important issues but instant has an agenda of its own. Dear Gurudev, there is a saying, when you do argument with a fool, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience (at that level). Thank you, yes you are right, but I only reply to some such comments so that others who read the chain might be well informed about any counter arguments I can provide. Most of the parents, even after marriage, are partial to their daughter than daughter-in-law. Guys are also supposed to take care of their parents & sisters once they start earning.
There would have been no laws made regarding the alimony, inheritance etc if there were not so many people complaining about harassment, dowry death, and so on. Having said that, the monetary expense part on the brother comes precisely for the same reason we are discussing, if his brother-in-law is not demanding dowry, what is the expense?
I have been one of the vocal advocates of uniform civil code, personal laws should never be religion based. Main bone of contention is that women (daughters) want to have RIGHTS to ancestral property without responsibilities. Even if we for a moment agree to differ on the roles and responsibilities of men and women, are you saying that UCC where all men will have same civil code irrespective of their religion is BAD?
If Hindu guys are being targeted so much by law, unlike girls, why isnt there mass protests, why isnt there a political movement by guys saying we need change and will vote only for those who bring in the change. So you seem to be unaware or ignore the other side of the story where DILs are looked upon by guy’s parents as somebody who came to snatch their son from them and all his earnings? Sisters dont give money ONLY when the parents are well off, not just because brother is working.
Taking care of your own sister, giving her a place in the house, and a share in the food, is that a big deal? Taking care of sister is not a problem, as long as MILs aren’t partial to their daughter. Yeah, what if sister is younger to the brother & is not employed or still studying, even if father had gotten retirement just because the son is ready & he wants to pass the baton to the son? This whole thing sounds as if women don’t work and always live on the money of their father, brother or husband, which I think is not how the modern society works. In fact it is a fact that female infanticide is a big issue in this country, just look at the falling male-female ratio. So, that means this whole Hindu traditional system is wrong, for the man and for the women, both. We should be thankful to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery would have been possible.
The result was a place value based system, where a base was taken first, which simply meant the number of symbols used to represent numbers. I feel that the world’s best innovation was this place value based mathematical system which forced Indians to invent zero too.
Now ancient Indians devised a system where any number however big or small could be represented using only the nine symbols mentioned above.
So we had 10 after 9, where the symbol 1 in 10 meant the value of 1 is ten times more than its value in 1, and this was visually indicated by having 0 in the unit place. Vedic Mathematics was again a continuation of this basic mathematical principles, where methods were devised by ancient Indians to make mathematics easy. Panicked by this european countries started a series of naval adventures to find a sea route to India. Which is what I keep stressing to the Indian youth that we need to bring back those golden days to make India a great power!
Coming back to the vedic mathematics, the ancient greeks learnt mathematics from the Indians. Baudhayana, a mathematician who lived in ancient India, centuries before Pythargos, has written a list of Pythagorean triplets discovered algebraically, has stated the so called Pythagorean theorem, and also has given a geometrical proof of the Pythagorean theorem for an isosceles right angled triangle! Another great aspect of vedic mathematics is there is no single fixed way of solving a problem. The beauty of vedic mathematics is the way in which the entire system is inter related, where when you know something is a reverse of an existing thing, all you have to do is to reverse the method to calculate that something! He also says, The Yajurveda Samhitaa, one of the Vedic texts predating Euclid and the Greek mathematicians by at least a millennium, lists names for each of the units of ten up to 10 to the twelfth power (paraardha). The place value system of enumeration is in fact built into the Sanskrit language, where each power of ten is given a distinct name. George Ifrah, the professor of mathematics who traveled around the world in search of origin of numbers has said that By giving each power of ten an individual name, the Sanskrit system gave no special importance to any number. Before we start the actual Vedic mathematic lessons, I strongly recommend that you read this article on the Origin of Mathematics by Dr David Gray.
I request you to give me the exact wordings of Albert Burk, the famouse historian and also the name and page no.
While the government of India and Archaeological Society of India (ASI) are blabbering left and right about Rama, Ramsethu and Ramayana without doing any proper research on the subject, here is a simple yet powerful research done on the subject. Based on the astronomical dating of the events described in the original ancient Valmiki Ramayana and using modern software to date the planetary positions, Pushkar Bhatnagar of the Indian Revenue Service has accurately dated the events in Ramayana. Dates of the historical events were mentioned in the texts by the ancient Indian authors via the method of astronomical dating where the planetary and stellar positions on the day(night!) of the event were mentioned.
Whether sweet or sour, History should only be read as it is, it should not be written to match our taste. The confusion is because of the yuga cycles applied for universal cycles and the yuga cycle used to represent history are same. According to my understanding after reading Sri Yukteshwara’s works on Yuga cycles, these are different cycles altogether bearing similar names. Regarding dates for Ramayana – what about the finding of ancient Dwaraka off the coast (2 miles, 200 ft depth) of present day Dwaraka in 2001? 24  to Sept 23) as 6, Libra (Sept 24  to Oct 23) as 7, Scorpio (Oct 24   to Nov 22) as 8, Sagittarius (Nov 23  to Dec 22) as 9, Capricorn (Dec 23   to Jan 20) as 10, Aquarius (Jan 21    to Feb 19) as 11, Pisces (Feb 20   to Mar 21) as Month 12. Yes, I do have the software with me, even though the work mentioned above was not by me, but by Sri Pushkar Bhatnagar. To add to that there havent been much time between the avtars of Rama, Krishna and Buddha and they have come whenever there is a fall of dharma and rise in adharma.
When the sun and moon, and the lunar asterism Tishya, and the planet Jupiter, are in one mansion, the Krita age shall return. Very true Swatantra Sharma, it is also very much possible that the same astronomical positions repeat over larger periods of time scale.
Thanks for forwarding me the full text of Shri Purshkar Bhatnagar’s views about his own publication.
Both these softwares tally almost exactly with the Vishnu program in HinduCalendar forum for tithi, nakshatra etc. You can see it for your self that there is not much difference between the Swiss Ephemeris data and that of the latest J.Hora. 12 Thus leave alone five planets being either exalted or in their own signs, not even a single planet is exalted or in its own sign!
And the rest is history, as the saying goes, since if the birth parituclars itself are inaccurate to such an extent, it is futile to go into other details! The fact of the matter is that these astrological combinations in the Varlmiki Ramayana and Adhyatma Ramayana etc.
Anybody knowing even a bit of astronomy, can immediately see through the blunders committed by those good for nothing jyotishis who made such interploations to prove their jyotisha prowess, that if the sun is in Mesha as in the case of Bhagwan Rama and in Mina in the case of Bharata, the latter is either younger by eleven months or elder by one month to the former, since Mesha follows Mina and not the other way round!
The story of Shri Ram’s life was first narrated by Maharishi Valmiki in the Ramayana, which was written after Shri Ram was crowned as the king of Ayodhya.
Mr Pushkar Bhatnagar of the Indian Revenue Service had acquired this software from the US.. Shri Ram went out of Ayodhya in his childhood (13th year as per Valmiki Ramayan) with Rishi Vishwamitra who lived in Tapovan (Sidhhashram) . Valmiki Ramayan refers to the solar eclipse at the time of war with Khardushan in later half of 13th year of Shri Ram’s exile. A colleague, Dr Ram Avtar, researched on places visited by Shri Ram during his exile, and sequentially moved to the places stated as visited by Shri Ram in the Valmiki Ramayan, starting from Ayodhya he went right upto Rameshwaram.

In Valmiki Ramayan it is mentioned that Shri Ram’s army constructed a bridge over the sea between Rameshwaram and Lanka.
Indian history has recorded that Shri Ram belonged to the Suryavansh and he was the 64th ruler of this dynasty. The events and places related to the life of Shri Ram and Sita are true cultural and social heritage of every Indian irrespective of caste and creed. As people of Indian origin, let us all take pride in the fact that the Indian civilization is the most ancient civilisation today. Therefore, there is urgency for the historians and all other intellectuals to stop reducing Indian history to myth. Hey dear ones, do not break your heads with all these calculations, it is redundant and quite useless arguments. Piano playing becomes easy and feels more fulfilling if we are able to play complete songs. The notations are in C D E F form, as it is easy to understand and play for beginners and non professional players. This menace exists even today in the society even though it is a criminal offence to take Dowry during marriage. There was no Swayamvadhu, the groom could not hold beauty contests to decide which bride to marry. We don’t find any instances of dowry related violence in the literature of ancient times. In this book, the author follows the paper trail left by British bureaucrats during the British Colonial rule of India. In the pre-colonial period, dowry was an institution managed by women, for women, to enable them to establish their status and have recourse in an emergency. In this ancient system of dowry, the parents of the bride, even her kith and kin, all gave wealth to her in the form of valuable gifts etc.
Very few realize that the Zamindari system of landlords who ill treated peasants was created by the British rule. They were left entirely at the mercy of their landlords, who also had share a in the production and which was not fixed! And the bride continued to own this wealth even after her marriage and it provided the wife financial independence and there was usually no need for a wife to depend on her husband for her financial needs. Nowhere was it described as the prerogative of the groom to make demands on the girl’s family.
And the moment, this system of husband owning the wealth of his wife was created, the traditional dowry system got converted into a menace creating an institution of greed that oppressed, victimized and suppressed women. It was only in 1956 that the Hindu Personal laws were amended giving the right to women to inherit ancestral property. Sons had an independent share in the ancestral property, while the daughters’ shares were based on the share received by their father. The British based on their divide and rule policy created different laws for different religions. These acts were considered unfair to women, and the Christian Marriage and Matrimonial Causes Bill 1990 was proposed as a replacement, but no progress has been achieved into converting this bill into a law.
And even strange is the fact that the calls for a Uniform Civil Code in the country which seeks uniform laws to all citizens irrespective of their religion is being frowned upon as being communal! And yet we keep coming across so many dowry harassment cases in the country on a daily basis. There should be a law which would state that, upon marriage all the property of the husband would be automatically owned by the wife, ie there would be no property rights for married men, at least for a period of 10 or 20 years.
Even if it is not possible for the police to arrive at the location where give-take of dowry happens, the same could be monitored by say hidden cameras provided by the legal system to the girl or her family members, which could even be monitored in real time by the police. This also helps the problem be nipped in the bud, rather than being carried over into the post marriage scenario. They should also make bold moves towards exposing families demanding dowry using the help of the legal system, at the same time the legal system should be made more accommodating to make the girls and their family members comfortable. I don’t know whether these stories are relevant to the discussion or not but they can rise some interesting ideas in the mind of readers.
I believe that dowry system, honor killings, widow shunning ( see kunti in mahabharat) etc were the social malice which developed with the fall of vedic education and vedic kingdom in India. The reason daughters were excluded from ancestral property was because the son(s) got no gold. We need to scrap all these dowry laws, domestic violence laws, etc since their misuse is more than 95% and it is mainly used to harass innocent husbands and make wives and lawyers rich. Try asking most of the husbands in India to try and take away a gold chain of his wife and watch for the consequences. If it isn’t so, why are divorcee women demanding alimony and inheritance property of ex-husband?? If strict rape laws are enforced any male can be put in jail without trial based on a complaint by a woman looking to harass a man. You said MALE INDIANS generally do not take good care of their parents, sisters and harass bride’s in-laws(all this has been repeatedly said by YOU).
Also these laws are relatively new, that is 7-8 years old, and it is only since the past few years that the Tatakas have realized that they can harass husbands through these anti-male laws. Brothers always have to take care of sister financially if she fails to earn a livelihood by herself.
From helping out monetarily for her marriage expenses, delivery , frequent visits to maternal home at later stages, everything ends up on the brother’s head, as the dad is no more an earning member. Let the to be married couple themselves decide before the marriage who is going to pay whom what amount of money if the marriage breaks down based on the number of years married and also decide beforehand the custody of children,splitting of property, etc. Even today inspite of there being law, if families, people sort things among themselves where will the law come into picture?
If brothers are elders, they start earning first, and what about cases where sisters are elders?
Humans are not equal, not in looks not in IQ not in knowledge, not in religious practices, not in rituals. Things go out of hand only when somebody finds injustice being meted out to them or there is a crime committed when law has to intervene. After all Hindu men are the largest number of voters in the society, if majority of them are silent it only means for majority this is not a problem. Now if most sons are taking care of their parents and not daughter’s then isnt it logical that its the DIL who looks after them? Look at those homes where parents are not well off, you will see sisters working equally hard as brothers the moment she is able to earn. Generally the parents’ generation is almost retiring when the progeny starts earning.
If this continues, forget giving property to daughters or sisters, there wont be enough daughters or sisters left in the first place and a day will come where guys will be ready to give all their wealth just to get married.
Why not have a liberal system only, where men and women don’t have to take care of each other, just themselves and their children? Mathematics as a subject is the one invented by humans, for our own convenience to represent things and to do calculations, unlike other sciences whose basic laws are found in nature. Every single number has its own unique symbol in Roman System and after a few numbers the system runs out of symbols! And the same symbols would be used everywhere, and as we ran out of symbols, we simply push the symbols to left to represent the new number, and reintroduce other symbols on the right side.
The actual idea was a base 10 system because humans have 10 fingers, so base 10 looks more natural. An amazing system this was, where the value of a symbol is decided depending upon where it is placed! So easy that, what we call to be difficult problems in modern mathematics, can be done mentally without using a pen and paper in the vedic mathematics!
Well, because most of the modern mathematics was popularized in the west by the arab merchants who borrowed the simple ancient Indian math, which was very helpful for their trade, and popularized this system in the west when they went there to trade the Indian spices, diamonds and other goods. Note that it was not the Indians who were desperate to find a sea route to Europe, it was the other way round! The famous historian Albert Burk, says that Pythagoras visited Arakonam, India, and learnt the so called Pythagorean theorem there! For ex, the multiplication method when reversed becomes the division method, because division is the opposite of multiplication!!
Later Buddhist and Jain authors extended this list as high as the fifty-third power, far exceeding their Greek contemporaries, who lacking a system of enumeration were unable to develop abstract mathematical concepts. Not only are the units ten, hundred and thousand (dasha, shatha, sahasra) named as in English, but also ten thousand, hundred thousand, ten million, hundred million (ayuta, laksha, koti, vyarbuda), and so forth up to the fifty-third power, providing distinct names where English makes use of auxillary bases such as thousand, million, etc.
Thus the Sanskrit system is obviously superior to that of the Arabs (for whom the thousand was the limit), or the Greeks and Chinese (whose limit was ten thousand) and even to our own system (where the names thousand, million etc. This ensures that even after millenia one can get back to the actual date on which the event occurred, because when we have multiple events mentioned in a historical text with astronomical dating, its almost impossible to get more than one date for the collection of all these events! To find archaeological evidences of over 7000 years old history, one needs to dig at least 60 meters deep at the historical sites, and our ASI has not gone beyond 5 meters at the Ayodhya site!! I’ve read your article on the ancient texts of the Vedas on modern science and mathematics and i felt it was very good but there are few places where few numbers have gone wrong.
The yuga cycle talking about the life span of Brahma is about the evolution of this universe, while the ones used to historical recordings are of much smaller time spans. Like your interpretations on quantum mechanics and how you draw us back to the Vedas for clarification and answers to what puzzles us in the modern world. Actually I know how that is possible in North pole the sun is below horizon for some months and above during summer. 10, 5114 BC matched as per descriptions of birth of Lord Ram (Valmiki Ramayan), but it does not mean that similiar positions would not have occurred prior to Jan.
Rashis be included in the Valmiki Ramayana if they were conspicuous by their absence in a much later work viz. Similarly, if Bharata’s sun is in Mina, and that of Lakshmana and Shatrugna in Karkata, they are either younger than Bharata by four months or elder to him by eight months! Maharishi Valmiki was a great astronomer as he has made sequential astronomical references on important dates related to the life of Shri Ram indicating the location of planets vis-a-vis zodiac constellations and the other stars (nakshatras) .
It is also mentioned it was amavasya day and Mars was in the middle … When this data was entered, the software indicated that there was a solar eclipse on October 7, 5077 BC, (amavasya day) which could be seen from Panchvati. He found 195 places which still have the memorials connected to the events narrated in the Ramayana relating to the life of Shri Ram and Sita. The names and other relevant particulars of previous 63 kings are listed in Ayodhya Ka Itihas written about 80 years ago by Rai Bahadur Sita Ram. In fact, Maharishi Valmiki is stated to be of shudra class (scheduled caste), still Sita lived with him as his adopted daughter after she was banished from Ayodhya. There is need to gather, dig out, search, unearth and analyze all the evidences, which would throw more light on ancient Indian civilization and culture.
Instead it was the girl who in a Swayamvar, would put all the competing potential bridegrooms to different contests and then select the bridegroom whom she liked.
And then there are personal accounts from women in India including author’s own personal account on the system of Dowry. It was just like how parents used to give a part of wealth to their sons, so did they give it to their daughters too during the daughter’s marriage.
Till then, the zamindars were not land lords, but only tax collectors, collectors of land revenue who used to collect it from the farmers and hand it over to the local government.
In the Pre-British system, kingdoms collected tax only during the times of surplus or sufficient growth, and the tax was used for the betterment of the society. But the British at that time had not granted their own women property rights, so it was highly unlikely they would do so for Indian women.
The greed that kicked in created a system where husband and his family started looking at the incoming bride as a source of property and wealth, the male dominated society became greedy, husband and in-laws started demanding more dowry from the bride and her parents. Hence, a father could effectively disinherit a daughter by renouncing his share of the ancestral property, but the son will continue to have a share in his own right. Prior to that the laws in India varied based on geography, and not based on religion or caste of the person. In fact, the Rajiv Gandhi government while in power in 1986 passed the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act just to nullify the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Shah Bano Case which had ordered the husband to provide maintenance money to his divorced wife, Shah Bano. How logical is it to say that the law of land applicable to a person depends on which religion he belongs to?
This would make dowry meaningless because whatever wealth the bride brings in will still belong to her, and also does the wealth of her husband. Government can also announce rewards for girls and their families who expose those demanding dowry.
Although marriages in their families were banned but still they did not face any social stigma.
Please pay notice to the fact most of the brahmin families which live in the Himalayan region(and ours not exception) are migrated from the planes and other parts of the India from 1100 CE to 1600 CE so you can’t say that those were our indigenous practices. Even today as we speak there are parents and girls working hard to earn enough for their marriage.
Of course women in Hinduism have had the best of the rights compared to any other religion.
I have seen families where sisters work hard to make their brothers educated stay unmarried, brother if off to US after marriage, sister stays back with parents and looks after them.
This is already happening in many parts of the country where there is a severe male-female ratio and there are no girls available for guys. Stop the government from creating laws such as unilaterally giving ancestral property to anyone, daughter or DIL. Why force a man to earn for his sister, instead of everyone earning for themselves and their children?

L gets introduced to represent 50, C gets introduced to represent 100, D at 500, M at 1000 and so on. So Indians decided about using a given set of symbols to represent any and every number, so that we don’t have to search for new symbols as we climb towards larger numbers.
But one symbol was left out to make room for symbol promotion, a symbol increases its value 10 times when it shifts one place to the left!
So zero as a place holder was used to represent an empty space, with no value stored there. Which is why the base 10 symbols (1 to 9) are called Hindu-Arabic numerals, invented by Hindus i.e ancient Indians and popularized in the west by Arab merchants. The very fact that Pythagoras never gave a proof to his theorem, proves that he did not discover it. To do so is to distort history, and to deny India one of its greatest contributions to world civilization . At the same time astronomical dating also validates the event itself because for multiple events to be accurately specified a person had to be either present on those days to record the event, (The other alternative being if the text is a myth, then the author has to take all the pain in this world to calculate the stellar and planetary positions for the events of the dates mentioned in his work, which is possible only by modern software. If tomorrow say few thousand years deep in the future, if some other system of calendar is used, then what is the proof that how long back or when exactly had I written this article? If you would not consider the numbers as an exaggeration and just like a good scientific mind would do – verify, I would like to tell that the Yugas in the Vedic Timescale are very large compared to one of the examples you have used. The ocean covered Dwaraka dates back to around 12000bc, from carbon dating of remains there. Sita wants to grow her children in the vicinity of nature, so she gives birth to them in a forest.
Or is there something like Golden age waxing and waning.Or there is darkness for some yrs of yuga and then light.
That also can be downloaded free from the web or purhased for a nominal price for professional purpposes. Needless to add that similar position of planets and nakshatras is not repeated in thousands of years. He entered the relevant details about the planetary positions narrated by Maharishi Valmiki and obtained very interesting and convincing results, which almost determine the important dates starting from the birth of Shri Ram to the date of his coming back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.
These books have narrated in great detail the location, rich architecture and beauty of Ayodhya which had many palaces and temples built all over the kingdom. This planetary configuration was prevailing on the January 5, 5089 BC, and it was on this day that Shri Ram left Ayodhya for 14 years of exile. The planetary configuration was also the same – Mars was in the middle, on one side were Venus and Mercury and on the other side were Sun and Saturn. These include Tamsa Tal (Mandah), Shringverpur (Singraur), Bhardwaj Ashram (situated near Allahabad), Atri Ashram, Markandaya Ashram (Markundi), Chitrakoot, Pamakuti (on banks of Godavari), Panchvati, Sita Sarovar, Ram Kund in Triambakeshwar near Nasik, Shabari Ashram, Kishkindha (village Annagorai), Dhanushkoti and Rameshwar temple. Recently, NASA put pictures on the Internet of a man-made bridge, the ruins of which are lying submerged in Palk Strait between Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka. Professor Subhash Kak of Lousiana University, in his book, The Astronomical Code of the Rig Veda, has also listed 63 ancestors of Shri Ram who ruled over Ayodhya. After all, Shri Ram belonged to the period when Prophet Mohammed or Jesus Christ were not born and Muslim or Christian faiths were unknown to the world. Therefore, let us reject the story of Aryan invasion in India in 1,500 BC as motivated implantation. I do not think so any body really following what Rama said or doing any thing that meaningful specially in India. On the one hand we have the ancient scriptures which talk about women with such high respect. In the Swayamvar of Sita in Ramayana, Rama had to lift the Shiva’s bow to prove that he was eligible to marry Sita. So when did the Indian society adopt the evil version of dowry which has created numerous social problems in the Indian society ranging from female foeticide, violence on married women, financial stress on parents of girl child, imbalance in male-female ratio, broken marriages, mistrust between families, etc. And what gets revealed after all this path breaking research and analysis, gives a huge blow to the very theory of Dowry being directly responsible for the status of women in the Indian society and goes on to prove how a system meant to actually benefit the married woman got converted during the British Rule into a system which ended up harming the very woman who was supposed to benefit from it. What is very important to be noted here is that, the valuables or the wealth was given to the bride, and NOT to the groom or his family.
The land always belonged to the government and people only settled in the government’s land.
The Britishers converted these tax collectors into zamindars giving them the ownership of that land, and using them as a means to loot the farmers in the name of more tax. But in the British rule, tax or Lagaan was collected irrespective of whether there was a famine or a flood, and tax rates were extremely high. Additionally, married daughters, even those facing marital harassment, had no residential rights in the ancestral home. Vote bank politics in the name of caste and religion continue endlessly in our society in the disguise of secularism and upliftment of the downtrodden. As an additional caution, it would be advisable for the legal system to be run by women officers, well trained in handling the menace of dowry. But there are some cultural practices which existed in our(Himalayan) families that may seem quiet peculiar to the north-Indian or even south-indian brahmins.
Think what could happen to their families if they were living in the other part of country. And it was also hard to develop them with the time as you know very-2 well how hard it is to change the way of brahmin thinking. Even today the gold is usually bought by the mother and is given to the daughter(s) with son(s) getting no gold. The bottom line is guys should not get married if they can’t afford it or should only marry girls who are also earning. On the other hand in this male dominated society, sister’s inlaws will listen to her brother when he visits their place on behalf of their parents.
Look into those houses where parents are not well off and sisters are working hard to run the house.
And to say the moment brother starts earning, the parents stop earning and its the brother who has to look after the sister? Have seen families where sister has given the gold which her husband brought her to help her brother who underwent a severe financial loss. This amazing place value based system then can be used to represent any large number however big, without having to add any new symbols to the list!
Because vedic mathematics was the math devised by the very same people, the ancient Indians, who had created the basics of the mathematics. What is America today was discovered and known to the rest of world because of this quest to search a sea route to India! Students will ENJOY this form of mathematics, because they UNDERSTAND it, unlike the methods taught in the schools and colleges today where for ex, many students who solve differential equations, really have absolutely no idea of what they are solving or what a limit means!
Instead of naming the numbers in groups of three, four or eight orders of units, the Indians, from a very early date, expressed them taking the powers of ten and the names of the first nine units individually.
Also, why on earth would a myth need real dates unless and until there is some conspiracy for the future! As per the Indian calendar it was the ninth day of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month and the time was around 12 to 1 noontime. Ayodhya was located on the banks of the Saryu river with Ganga and Panchal Pradesh on one side and Mithila on the other side. Researchers have gone along the route adopted by Shri Ram as narrated in the Valmiki Ramayan and found 23 places which have memorials that commemorate the events related to the life of Shri Ram. On the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters, the date on which Ravana was killed works out to be December 4, 5076 BC, and Shri Ram completed 14 years of exile on January 2, 5075 BC, and that day was also Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month. Recently the Sri Lankan Government had expressed the desire to develop Sita Vatika as a tourist spot.
We need to be proud of the fact that Valmiki was perhaps the first great astronomer and that his study of planetary configurations has stood the test of times.
How many people are as Ideal as Rama, forget about it at least as Ideal as Mahatma Gandhi or Sree Ramakrishna or Swami Vivekananda.
In the Swayamvar in Mahabharatha, Arjuna had to hit the eye of the fish rotating above by only looking at the fish’s reflection in a pool of oil below. In other words, the dowry wealth continued to be owned by the wife and not by the husband or his family. The zamindar or the landlord now owned the land, and it was hereditary ie the children of the landlords became the inheritors of the land.
Even after 60 years of independence, we are still unable to uplift the marginalized sections of the society, they are being merely used as vote banks for the political class, and all that gets heard is the mere rhetoric every time an election approaches. The pros and cons of this law can be debated upon, but I am pretty sure that this law, if implemented for a limited time period of say 30 or 50 years would be n times more effective in eradicating the menace of dowry from our society. Even if dowry is made illegal the husband will continue to demand sums from bride’s in-laws to run the new family. Either you yourself or your father must try asking your mother to part away with her mangala Sutra so that you or your father can buy a new car, and do post the results here. Columbus who had set out to discover a sea route to India, thought he had reached India when he touched the west indies island and the american continent, which is why west indies is called so, and the native americans were called Red Indians by him!! In other words, to express a given number, one only had to place the name indicating the order of units between the name of the order of units immediately immediately below it and the one immediately above it.
One of the best books describing these time scales would be the Surya Siddhantha so it is not just 7000yrs for the Ramayana. There are several shlokas in Valmiki Ramayan which indicate that Shri Ram was 25-years-old when he left Ayodhya for exile. Sri Lankans believe this was Ashok Vatika where Ravana had kept Sita as a prisoner (in 5076 BC).
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Bengal to Gujarat, everywhere people believe in the reality of Shri Ram’s existence, particularly in the tribal areas of Himachal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and the North-East. Even the latest computer softwares have corroborated his astronomical calculations, which proves that he did not commit any error. If Yuga purushas have to take Birth they just take, they know when to take birth and what to do. This gave the required financial independence to women who would even manage the income from their agricultural land , etc.
By introducing the permanent settlement, the British enabled the private ownership of land in India.
Male child became an additional source of income, and female child became a financial burden on the family.
But today’s media-effect is slowly giving rise to dowry system though the dowry-seeking people are still not held in good reputation.
To know the exact practices of Indian society you have to add every bit from different sources. Even today in India it’s mostly the son(s) that take care of their aged parents, not their daughters. The wife’s parents can give money in small amounts to the newly wed couple for the 1st 5 years of marriage either yearly or quarterly instead of giving all at the time of marriage. The moment money and wealth enters into the equation beyond voluntary ability it has its ill effects on the family. Why should a husband not get some money from in-laws when the wife will be out of the work for 3-4 years?? That is exactly what is required in order to gain a precise idea of the place-value system, the rule being presented in a natural way and thus appearing self-explanatory.
Also the Kaliyuga has begun in the year 3102B.C which puts us just abour 5000years past the beginning of this Yuga out of the 4,32,000years remaining before we finish the 29th Mahayuga. Most of the festivals celebrated in these areas revolve around the events in the life of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna.
If there were similarities in certain features of Indian people and people from Central Europe, then automatic inference drawn was that the Aryans coming from Europe invaded India and settled here.
All modern day real estate related violence in the country could hence be traced back to this act by the British. This led to the creation of the social problems like female foeticide and an imbalance in male-female ratio in the society, which further led to more crimes on women. After all for a good husband, why should it matter if he owns the property or if his wife does? If daughters get inherited property even son(s) should get the same amount of gold that is given by parents to their daughter during her marriage. Families don’t need outsiders and lawyers to tell them how to run families and manage the economics of marriage and family.
All guys have unmarried not working sisters living with them, or even when the sisters work they dont give ANY money back home if the parents are not well off and puts the entire responsibility on the brother? And law is after all that law, trying to balance things, and in person lives no law will interfere if people are able to sort things among themselves. To put it plainly, the Sanskrit numeral system contained the very key to the discovery of the place-value system. When there could be so much of a correlation with modern science to Vedic Science then that should also apply to the dates of the ramayans too.Please do look into this matter and act as per the results. Brothers must have a right to split the gold given to their sister during marriage by their parents. The facts, events and all other details relating to the life of Shri Ram are the common heritage of all the Indians including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, Muslims, Christians, etc.

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