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Quickly and easily access common tasks, including product information, registration, settings and more for popular devices such as cell phones, cameras, printers, and mouse, keyboard and webcam products.
Advanced Ergonomic Design: Work in total comfort by using a mouse and keyboard designed to encourage natural wrist and arm alignment. Four Way Scrolling: Scroll four ways for greater efficiency and comfort by using the tilt wheel.

Reduce strain and make time with your computer more enjoyable by using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000, a combination of the most advanced ergonomic designs for a keyboard and mouse.
By resting your arms, wrists, and hands in a more natural position, you reduce pressure on sensitive areas, such as your carpal tunnel, and the potential for injuries resulting from unhealthy posture.
In addition, you can take advantage of technology advancements with this keyboard and mouse set and work from up to 30 feet away from your computer with wireless technology.
For close-in tasks, use the zoom slider located in the middle of the keyboard to easily zoom in and out by touching your finger on it.

Breeze through documents, media files, and web pages easily by using the four-way tilt-scroll wheel on the mouse, aided by the precision and accuracy of industry-leading, high-definition laser technology.

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